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How to properly defend in Stealth Canyon?

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  • How to properly defend in Stealth Canyon?

    I got a MvM attack there... I just wasted THREE continues 50 BS each and failed WORSE each try! LOL HOW is this map even possible to do on MvM????? It was a Regrow Assault Moab class and I never even got to the MOABs. I tried Ninjas near start , with an Apprentice, with Glue. Then I tried multiple Engineers which still to me feels like this map is made for engineers. I actually did the best with my multi engineer approach but I guess I needed to mix in other units for more power, way too much still gets past the engineers. I tried using Ice on the first bridge, didnt really help enough, too many Regrows were white or zebra. Glue and Ninjas seem essential on this map just to cope with the speed of the Bloons and the crazy pathing. It does look like with a Range-boosted Village I could place Ninjas and engineers in the middle between bridges and hit both sides of path but I never got that much cash. HELP. I already lost all my cash but what if I get attacked here again sometime? My 2nd city is level 24 and I have "most" of the upgrades I'll tell you if I don't have something but generally assume that I do.

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    I don't see the need to use continues unless a bloonstone festival event was on. :/

    Do you have bloon trap?
    A spike factory in the back helps too.
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      Yes I have Bloon Trap. I was thinking about a Spactory approach. The problem is it's just such an insanely bad combination, this awful map + a regrow assault. Because it's hard to continuously be doing damage when the curve of the paths are SO far apart from each other you know? Any unit can only hit maybe at max like 10-15% of the entire path.


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        Depends on your MK. With high it's easy. One way. Engineer at start and Spike Factory at end. First get Bloon Trap. Then SF to 3/2. Then another one if needed. And then depends on which round moabs comes. If late then when possible replace all SF (and actually everything can be sold) to Ice 3/2 under village x/3. Bomb 2/3 in the middle of that "island" can reach both sides of track (under Village 1/x for sure), that will pop moabs to ceramics and Ice doing the cleanup.


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          My MKs are all rank 3 currently. Thanks though. I'll try that, Engineer at start, Spactory at end, focus Engineer first.


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            hmm i have a chest on that map ddt regorw + im trying to get 2/3 glue to slow all bloons but i do agree thta map is hard