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Option to save CT progress

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  • Web Option to save CT progress

    I feel that there here should be an option to save your CT progress. This is so that if you crash, disconnect, etc., then you won't have to go through the pain of getting up to that round again. However, to prevent exploiting this I have a few more details:
    1. If you die you lose your save.
    2. If you have a save, you can't do anything else other than playing CT.
    3. Everytime you load up a save, you'll lose 5% of your cash. (this is to prevent people from closing right before they die)

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    Yes I agree, except for the last part, no offence, but it is pretty useless, 5% can be generated pretty fast using supply drops or banana research facility (for example, you have 80000, you loose 4000, just wait a bit and you will have that back)

    Getting to high rounds are boring!


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      That last part is to prevent people from closing BMC right before they die from getting an advantage, although there probably are better methods.


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        Nice, i didnt know that