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  • ice 2-3 will take MOABs out if there are bloons near it.
    three of them,one on the first turn and two on the second turn.

    spike some money near the end so you can sell it and build another one...repeat.


    • It's been a while, but generally speaking combining 2-3 village + ice (2|3 or 3|2 both work, but 2|3 cause lag + pop way faster, but have higher chances of leaking) + MOAB shredr will usually take care of everything. Stag beetle is a split-course so you can figure out how best to either consolidate on a single path, or split up your forces in the early-middle portion. As for ZOMG, I think if you put it nearer the end, the spikes should build up enough to take care of it (last I remembered, it was what I did).

      As for farming, engineers usually the lowest-cost method on non-farm tiles, alternatives being 3|2 village and snipers (if there are any others, I've forgotten them).

      Also dependent on what level you are, how many towers you have available, and monkey knowledge.

      Lol these forums are kinda dead aren't they.


      • Was just wondering why do we get 11 Bloontonium Generators of which 9 produce Bloontonium? Are the extra 2 just for decoration?
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