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    Well, only the second city has them.
    There is more than just that one track that's Mobile exclusive. I believe there's three for Grass, and two for each: Mountains, Desert, Forest, and Heavy Forest.

    I think these ones are more interesting than the Mobile ones. Not to mention the Special Missions!
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    Originally posted by Junior Monkey;n138814
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      Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
      While the bloonstones formula for volcanoes is correct, this is not the case with caves.

      Cash bonus is caves is 200 + 25 * difficulty, regardless of hardcore and logistical boots.
      Bloonstone bonus with caves: Still need looking, I have a 440 XP tile with 13 bloonstones and a 500XP with reward 2218 (matches difficulty 53) with logistical boots and 15 bloonstones. I've got a few more on an alt account with lower difficulty, but they're not in reach yet.

      2218-693(normal tile reward) = 1525 cash bonus from cave
      ‚ÄčThere is something I want to know, you know how there is a start with +x cash for 10 bloonstones, where x is an integer divisible by fifty, I noticed it is different for different city levels, it used to be 450, then 500, then 550.


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        Hi this game is super hard I'm new any tips?


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          I have found this for the blow up images:

          I know the dimensions are not perfect but is better than nothing right?


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            I'm really afraid this is necrobumping, but do any of you have the files of what the monkeys look like in bloons monkey city? I've been trying to find images of the monkeys, but I normally get 0-0 towers with a few exceptions. A big thank you if someone replies!