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  • Rank the Terrains

    You can rank them in terms of difficulty or how much you like them

    I think I like the Hills terrain the most, those maps are kinda fun and the restriction/favoritism for towers isn't awful either

    Volcano is by far the toughest I don't think anyone could disagree with that, some of those maps have interesting patterns though

    Heavy Forest is probably #2 toughest due to the structure of the maps and the prohibition on Farms

    Mountain/Cave probably #3 hardest again due to no Farms and the structure of Cave is absurd

    Badlands or Desert might tie for #4/5 hardest, Desert map structures are not awful but no Spactories or Glue is bad. Badlands ban Farms again, cheap Engineer is kinda nice though but some Badlands map patterns are kinda tricky obviously worst being Stealth Canyon

    Forest is not too bad overall except on CT's, I can pretty much cope with Forest maps usually

    Arid Grasslands and Grasslands are literally the exact same in terms of restrictions/favoritisms but obviously they have different kinds of maps. I don't recall its name but the one Arid Grasslands map which has two separate exits and the entrance is a cave is quite hard, all others pretty easy I think and obviously Grasslands maps are considered THE easiest in the entire game possibly exception UO

    The Glacier maps are not awful but 88 is hard, the restrictions are not too bad either I don't think and having cheap Ice is awesome

    High Desert is a brutal terrain in terms of restrictions, even worse than Desert. Only terrain worse than High Desert in terms of restrictions is probably Volcano. Despite this, the nature of the maps in High Desert are fairly easy with a lot of loops jagged tracks and intersections

    Lake terrain generally is considered easy for most folks possible exception Parabola map

    River terrain generally considered easy for most folks, I mean cheap Farm is just lol, even if having spots to place units can be difficult/annoying

    Jungle terrain I'd say is fairly medium difficulty, some of them can cause problems but overall not bad really, no Wizards isn't the end of the world, cheap Glue is nice

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    Volcano tile is easy (farm quickly)
    some Desert/Badlads is the hardest tile


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      Originally posted by Pirat View Post
      Volcano tile is easy (farm quickly)
      I hope you mean River otherwise there is something i don't know about Volcano terrains and farming.

      I like Jungle&Snow the most. Then River because of easy farming. Then Grass.
      And i don't like all farm restricted ... okey, from those, Hills and Forrest ones are more favorite comparing to others.

      That's more for CT. For tiles, i don't like water&Volcano ones, cleared those in the last place. All other tiles terrain doesn't matter.


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        Volcano tile is easy


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          Ez volcano, badlands are harder


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            Which terrains are hard is the most affected by the strategy and after that but much less by knowledge levels and as booth things matter quite much per person there is never an answer that fits for all when it comes to which terrain is harder would be ahrder or easier than which other terrains.

            By the way along time ago i made an vote which is the hardest tile (not terrain) but sadly forgot to decide if its for CTs or other tile types but for those who are interested: