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Thoughts on some needed balance changes

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  • Thoughts on some needed balance changes

    I posted these in the 1.6.2 patch notes post but thought I'd make a new topic to see the community's thoughts. First of all this isn't me complaining about the game in anyway in fact this is hands down my favorite bloons game, I simply want to give my opinion on things I'd like to see addressed in future patches.

    But here's are some suggestions/things I noticed.

    1. After reaching the 30 orb limit in a map, have higher tier orbs that would have dropped, bump out lower tier orbs instead of just turning them into in game cash or lives

    2. Make juggernaut Max be allowed to use the stone of ancient knowledge trinket that's exclusive to Max.

    3. Allow a freeplay option past round 75 so we can test our towers actual strength outside of the random down sides of the martian games.

    4. Buff the allies of warrior pb to do more damage. She's otherwise not really viable. (the only thing that makes her decent is the ability to increase everyone's allies so you can place more tech terrors and lemonhopes)

    5. Add an additional bonus to the royal medal for heroic bravery trinket (it's the same rarity as the power ring of damage, but only awards the damage if in range of pb. Making it just worse)

    6. the Trident trinket only giving 4 pierce (a kind of underwhelming stat to begin with) and nothing else should either be bumped down to rare quality, or buffed in some other way.

    7. Beauteous Wings is the only item in the game that still gives a % based range increase that was normalized to flat ranges a few patches ago.

    8. The Brain Food trinket only gives upgrade costs a 5% discount and is the same rarity as Magic Spanner which gives upgrades AND placement a 5% discount (something seems unequal here). Side note: Mind Games has a similar effect, giving upgrades (not placement) a 5% discount, however, requires to be near a female character. But it does make allies 5% cheaper so it has a unique quality in that so I don't think it's as necessary to change.

    9. Black Bow Tie is the Male equivalent to the Cursed Ice Ring, however, is rare quality and the ice ring is super rare quality. The black bow tie gives 2 more range than the cursed ice ring, although doesn't give its bonuses to a specific character like the ice ring does. I don't feel like -2 range but also being able to benefit 1 specific character constitutes an entire rarity level over the black bow tie.

    10. Pink Sweater and Protection Gem both are the same rarity and do the exact same thing (protect from all negative effects. However, pink sweater is exclusive to Finn and Protection Gem is not.

    11. Pirate Hat and Power Ring of Pierce both are the same rarity and do the same thing, however pirate hat gives an extra 2 pierce to captain cassie. Making it just better.

    12. Not sure what rarity the martian items are in regards to the other rarity tiers, but the Martian Tracking Device has the exact same effect and properties as the epic tier Glasses of Nerdicon, but just 1 less range. Not sure if intended to copy this item but thought I'd point it out anyway.

    let me know what you guys think.

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    This is a nice but im not sure if adding more over powered things like a pink sweater will be good for new players.. Also im new k


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      Please make Orgalorg worth his value, maybe like an activated ability where he turns into his umbrella form and eats all the Bloons on the map and damages Moab class. He is not worth the investment.

      also if he could say “wenk” that would be great.

      also the fact that Billy’s gauntlet doesn’t damage DDTs is kind of lame, it shouldn’t be epic or it should be buffed a bit. I sold it because of how disappointed I was with it.