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BATTD Update 1.6.2 - Patch Notes!

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  • BATTD Update 1.6.2 - Patch Notes!

    General Changes
    • All main characters can now be unlocked by completing their adventure on any difficulty. This does not apply to “alt” characters like Warrior PB or Juggernaut Max.
    • The adventures Apple Thief, Pirate In Peril, and Winter is Coming must now be completed on Normal difficulty before the harder difficulties are unlocked. Later adventures do not have this restriction.
    • Animation performance improvements - animations will now switch to a more efficient system when there is a lot of objects on screen.
    • Added support for future events

    Balance Changes
    • Sam
      • Base attack now lasts for 10 seconds and increases its damage the longer it stays on a single target
    • Supermonkey
      • Sun God damage increased to 12 from 8
      • Laser Eyes changed to 1 projectile with base damage 2 rather than 2 projectiles with base damage 1 (no visual difference)
    • Juggernaut Max
      • Keep Rolling MOAB damage increased to 150 from 100
      • Great Balls of Fire MOAB damage increased to 18dmg/s from 8dmg/s
      • Spiky Chaos does an additional 5 damage per hit to MOABs
      • Gains +17 damage to Fortified bloons at 10 stars

    • 4D sword now has a cooldown on its delete effect of 7 seconds.
    • MOAP now gives 1 + 1 per 4 stars damage.
    • Silver Tipped Stakes can now be equipped to any dart user, not just Hunter Marceline.

    • Missile (and attacks like it) can no longer trigger special effects from other items (for example the insta-kill effect of the 4D sword)
    • Ice Bull now slows MOABs when it collides with them
    • Dark Temple Idol now gives +5 damage instead of +2
    • Rainicornicopia now affects all bloons, including the BAD
    • Elemental Staff rarity changed to Super Rare from Epic
    • Demonic Wishing Eye activated ability is now a regular attack with a 12 second cooldown
    • Box of Dirt now has an additional attack that spawns spiky plants on the track.
    • COBRA Monkey Stim upgrade now reduces the cooldown of activated abilities as well as powers
    • Abraham Lincoln’s Penny no longer restarts the round. It now restores all lives to full and destroys all bloons on screen.
    • Time Travel Machine can no longer stack. It will only trigger once no matter how many characters have it equipped.

    • Billy attack speed increased to 0.5 from 0.25
    • Billy’s Hero’s Haste upgrade cost changed to $600. It now increases his attack speed to 1 (formerly 0.5).
    • Billy’s Hero’s Might cost increased to $700. It now increases his damage to 4 (formerly 2).
    • Billy’s axe is now bigger
    • COBRA Attrition damage increased to 5dmg/s from 1dmg/s
    • Water Nymph now gives a visual indicator to characters she is buffing

    • Cold Spell now freezes MOABs too. Freeze duration increased to 6 seconds.
    • Decorpsinator serum now spawns Mr Cremepuff with a base attack speed of 2 instead of 1.
    • Nightosphere Amulet MOAB damage decreased to 80 from 100
    • Party Time attack speed boost reduced to 80% from 100%

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed incorrect text in Peppermint Butler’s upgrade descriptions
    • Fixed bug where Vorpal Hand did not allow DDT popping
    • Fixed bloons on Winter Is Coming adventure moving too fast
    • Fixed News popup showing immediately after tutorial
    • Fixed issue with call out speech bubbles on world map not showing Apple Thief.
    • Fixed Martian Trader not rolling items for sale correctly
    • Fixed Carl The Gem laser visual effects
    • Fixed Martian Games leaderboard showing an incorrect time if near the end of the games
    • Fixed Crash with Max’s Dartnado ability
    • Fixed issue with Elder Plop’s Scepter slimes not applying effect correctly

    Be sure to let us know your feedback in the comments below!

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    RIP 4D sword, you will be missed.


    • Salmon
      Salmon commented
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      Did it cross into another dimension? O-O

    • ACX9000
      ACX9000 commented
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      Finn would like to send his regards.

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    I love the balance changes! Keep it up! I do have some suggestions:

    1. After reaching the 30 orb limit in a map, have higher tier orbs that would have dropped, bump out lower tier orbs instead of just turning them into in game cash or lives

    2. Make juggernaut Max be allowed to use the stone of ancient knowledge trinket that's exclusive to Max.

    3. Allow a freeplay option past round 75 so we can test our towers actual strength outside of the random down sides of the martian games.

    4. Buff the allies of warrior pb to do more damage. She's otherwise not really viable

    5. Add an additional bonus to the royal medal for heroic bravery trinket (it's the same rarity as the power ring of damage, but only awards the damage if in range of pb. Making it just worse)

    6. the Trident trinket only giving 4 pierce (a kind of underwhelming stat to begin with) and nothing else should either be bumped down to rare quality, or buffed in some other way.

    7. Beauteous Wings is the only item in the game that still gives a % based range increase that was normalized to flat ranges a few patches ago.

    8. The Brain Food trinket only gives upgrade costs a 5% discount and is the same rarity as Magic Spanner which gives upgrades AND placement a 5% discount (something seems unequal here). Side note: Mind Games has a similar effect, giving upgrades (not placement) a 5% discount, however, requires to be near a female character. But it does make allies 5% cheaper so it has a unique quality in that so I don't think it's as necessary to change.

    9. Black Bow Tie is the Male equivalent to the Cursed Ice Ring, however, is rare quality and the ice ring is super rare quality. The black bow tie gives 2 more range than the cursed ice ring, although doesn't give its bonuses to a specific character like the ice ring does. I don't feel like -2 range but also being able to benefit 1 specific character constitutes an entire rarity level over the black bow tie.

    10. Pink Sweater and Protection Gem both are the same rarity and do the exact same thing (protect from all negative effects. However, pink sweater is exclusive to Finn and Protection Gem is not.

    11. Pirate Hat and Power Ring of Pierce both are the same rarity and do the same thing, however pirate hat gives an extra 2 pierce to captain cassie. Making it just better.

    12. Not sure what rarity the martian items are in regards to the other rarity tiers, but the Martian Tracking Device has the exact same effect and properties as the epic tier Glasses of Nerdicon, but just 1 less range. Not sure if intended to copy this item but thought I'd point it out anyway.
    Last edited by TigBottom; 15-10-19, 09:09 AM. Reason: I noticed more items that I think need to be changed.