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BATTD Update 1.6 - Patch Notes!

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  • BATTD Update 1.6 - Patch Notes!

    General Changes
    • New Adventure: From The Heart
      • Ricardio is causing trouble in the Ice Kingdom in a brand new, 3 map adventure
      • This adventure will unlock after completing the adventure Loch’d and Loaded on any difficulty
    • Martian Games Milestone Rewards
      • Get extra crystals for reaching milestone rounds
      • Milestone rewards are given every 5 rounds after Round 10
      • You’ll earn rewards the first time you reach the milestone round regardless whether you captured the throne or not.
      • Each milestone can be earned once per Games and reset with each new Martian Games.
    • Wish orbs will now be opened in order of rarity, starting with the rarest.
      • Added a counter to show how many wish orbs you have left to open.
    • Performance improvements

    Balance Changes
    • Allies
      • Hunson Abadeer’s MOAB suck attack now consumes 10 of his pierce limit per MOAB. Fully upgraded, he can suck 2 MOAB class bloons per attack.

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed incorrect player names appearing in Martian Games
    • Fixed crash attempting to sign into an NK account
    • Fixed an issue where players were not given the correct amount of crystals after returning to the game
    • Improved wording when the Martian Games end during a capture attempt
    • Fixed crash with the Fire Eyes power
    • Fixed UI locking up when reaching round 100
    • Fixed visual issue with Reconditioning Chamber’s electrified floors
    • Fixed issue where Flame Princess would fire backwards
    • Fixed incorrect placement areas in Reconditioning Chamber

    Let us know your feedback in the comments below and happy gaming, Adventurers!
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    Performance improvements and milestones yeet

    does that include superceramics? More ramping?
    I saw a button that said edit post signature so I did.

    I forgot I have a Youtube channel:


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      Performance improvements?
      No, it's actually worse.
      I'm using a Huawei mate 20 x, which is a very high spec phone and even on low levels, it's lagging sometimes. Just pressing on a character and switching to another (on a map) makes the game lag a bit.
      Performance was never the best in this game, but before it would only start to lag on extreme and impopabble, on later levels, now it's happening even on bronze.


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        Thank you for not allowing android accounts to be link on Steam Battd because there is alot of cheaters in android.

        I would like to suggest that in next update, Dont allow android and pc users to compete in martian games because it is very is to cheat in android.