General Changes
  • The Monkey Farmer can now always be used in Martian Games, even when one of the rules is “No Allies”.
  • Improved wording on Martian Games popup when returning to the game to make it clearer how long you held the throne for.
  • Removed “All” tab from collections screen for performance reasons.
  • Multiple performance improvements.
Balance Changes
  • There is now a cap on the number of Wish Orbs (30), Coins (3000), and Gems (100) that can be spawned in a single game from items such as the Thought Cannon Wand and Treasure Chest Keys. Once the cap is reached, these items will only spawn in-game cash or lives for the rest of that game.
  • The Nightosphere Amulet cloud can no longer see camo bloons.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed “Let The Games Begin” quest not completing properly
  • Fixed issue where an incorrect number of Martian Crystals were awarded after returning to the game
  • Fixed crash when using Raser, Splodey Darts and Sacred Spring Scarf at the same time
  • Fixed crash with Juggernaut Max using Bananarangs
  • Fixed crash in tutorial
  • Fixed Usurper achievement completing prematurely
  • Fixed bloons not being targetable after they leave a tunnel
  • Fixed Dimensional Disruptor power sometimes not firing
  • Fixed crash with Sai’s Mask of Shadows
  • Fixed crash during zombie bloon revivals
  • Fixed issue with wish orbs not being seeded correctly across platforms
  • Fixed padlock icons not showing on locked maps
  • Fixed collections screen showing some weapons incorrectly
  • Fixed allies upgrade buttons not showing background image
  • Fixed crash when using the environmental power on Super Monkey Villa
  • Fixed visual issue when opening a chest from completed quests
  • Fixed Betty Grof's attack speed getting slower with upgrades instead of faster

Happy gaming, Ninjas!