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BATTD Update 1.5 - Patch Notes!

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  • BATTD Update 1.5 - Patch Notes!

    General Changes
    • New Game Mode: Martian Games!
      • Access the Martian Games through Magic Man’s house, just below the Haunted Swamp. You need to be Rank 10 or higher to enter the games. Compete against other players to reach the highest round and claim the Martian Throne. Hold the throne to generate Martian Crystals that can be traded for rewards including premium characters and past event prizes. Crazy new rules every few days that will require you to think up exciting new strategies.
    • 26 brand new items, including 10 exclusive Martian items only available through the Martian Games. The other 16 will appear in wish orbs as normal.
    • New Quests and Achievements related to the Martian Games

    Balance Changes
    • Tuxedo Jake
      • Base cost reduced from $1100 to $600
      • Royalties cost reduced from $3800 to $500
      • Musician cost reduced from $2300 to $1150
      • Musician drops 6 cash bundles instead of 5
      • Superstar now requires both Musician and Royalties upgrades
      • Superstar now drops 6 mega bundles of $250 each
    • Commander Cassie
      • Bloontonium Tips now gives +1 damage in addition to its other effects
      • Mounted Mauler damage increased from 60 to 70
    • Juggernaut Max
      • Base Range increased from 40 to 45

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed crash when selling Marceline in her bat form
    • Fixed Dirt Beer Guy’s thorns not being able to pop camo
    • Fixed Dirt Beer Guy text error
    • Fixed Captain Cassie’s MOAB takedown not working on DDTs
    • Fixed Soul Stone trinket not working with other cost reduction effects
    • Fixed Lumpy Space Princess not being able to stun bloons
    • Fixed Commander Cassie’s darts not taking boosts from damage items
    • Fixed C4 Charlie’s MOAB Assassin ability being able to hit multiple MOABs per shot
    • Fixed Candy Dive Suit not working correctly on Wizard Royale map

    Good luck, Adventurers, and happy gaming!

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      Yeah, this game is awesome!

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    Is there ramping in Martian games? Will there be superceramics?
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