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BATTD Update 1.4 - Patch Notes!

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  • BATTD Update 1.4 - Patch Notes!

    The next update just landed, and is available to download. The patch notes (written by Sam) is:

    General Changes
    • New Adventure: Sweet and Sour
      • Attention Adventurers! Lemongrab is up to his old tricks and is using the Bloon invasion as a distraction while he invades the Candy Kingdom. Put a stop to his plans in a brand new, 4 map adventure! You can find this new challenge in the Candy Kingdom after completing the Lemongrabbed adventure.
    • Brand new ally, the Monkey Farmer, has been added to the Store! Place him in a game to automatically collect any dropped loot so you'll never miss out!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed Wolf Pack and Fire Wolves powers not working correctly on multi path maps.
    • Fixed Warrior Bubblegum’s Candy Copters not attacking bloons correctly
    • Fixed unclear text regarding Cosmic Essence
    • Fixed Ad rerolling not working correctly
    • Fixed Sam’s Lightning attack audio issue
    • Fixed Tuxedo Jake’s range boost not applying correctly
    • Fixed Ball Blam Burglerber and Cryojet affecting DDTs incorrectly
    • Fixed Jake Suit conflicting with some items
    • Fixed lock when accepting save conflicts
    • Fixed UI issues in Choose Goose’s store

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    I got so hyped about the Monkey Farmer then I saw "added to the Store". Did you really have to price it at $2.99? I would have probably already broken down and shelled out a buck but i'll never throw down 3 on it.