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BATTD Update 1.3.3 - Patch Notes!

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  • BATTD Update 1.3.3 - Patch Notes!

    There are quite a few changes in this patch, so let's take a look!

    General Changes
    • Added option to quickly shard a wish orb without opening it. Shard values are equal to an item of the same rarity as the wish orb. This option appears to players who are rank 10 or above.
    • Sharding the first item from a wish orb will now automatically dismiss the other two items.

    Balance Changes
    • General
      • It is no longer possible to stack bloon status effects (you cannot freeze a bloon that was already frozen etc.)
    • Vampire Hunter Marceline
      • Marceline can now aim and shoot through most objects

    Bug Fixes
    • Implemented a number of in-game performance improvements
    • Fixed hotkey not collecting BMO’s cash (Targeting hotkey - desktop only)
    • Fixed crash using Cassie’s MOAB takedown ability
    • Fixed missing ally names
    • Fixed visual issue in Pep But’s Lab
    • Fixed seasonal items appearing in Choose Goose’s store out of season
    • Fixed crash with Crystal Copy Finn appearing out of range of the path
    • Fixed Wolf Pack power not working on Enchiridion Map
    • Fixed wish orbs not opening after crafting unless on the world screen
    • Fixed lack of feedback when trying to remove obstacles without enough cash
    • Fixed minor UI issues
    • Fixed Frozen Throwing Knives appearing out of Supermonkey’s laser whips
    • Fixed Magic Coin Purse not working when equipped to Marceline
    • Fixed Gemma the Gemstone and Carl the Gem not applying their damage boost
    • Minor text fixes
    • Fixed Frozen Throwing Knives not inheriting damage type from equipped tower.
    • Fixed graphical issue on Supermonkey’s laser eye projectile
    • Fixed graphical effect on Billy’s Giant Gem power
    • Fixed incorrect damage amount from Abracadaniel’s Wand
    • Fixed UI issue with game ending while placing a tower
    • Fixed Blessed Dart effect not working when equipped to Commander Cassie
    • Fixed summoned towers impacting quests

    As always, your feedback is welcome
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  • #2
    Quick sharding is by far one of the best features added to the game imo, I love it!

    Now if we could just get freeplay or some new difficulty level beyond impoppable. I'd pay for it!