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  • All Epic Trinkets Ranked

    I decided to make this thread to give players an idea on which trinkets to keep. Some of these I don't have a lot of experience with, so I might change these as time goes on but overall this should give a general idea on which trinkets to shard and what not.

    Accurate as of version 1.3

    S+ (likely going to be nerfed, too powerful):
    Baker's Shard (10/10)

    Want to make any character shoot like a machine gun? This is the trinket for you! Unfortunately it bugs out when used on already fast firing characters like Supermonkey or Finn.

    Magic Coin Purse (9/10)

    Currently, the +300 starting cash actually stacks when equipped to multiple characters despite the description saying otherwise. Either way, an instant 60 level ups with this trinket can help you out significantly if you don't have many stat boosting trinkets.

    Googoomamameter (9/10)

    This item was changed in the 1.4.1 update to give +3 damage instead of double. However, it still serves its spot in the S tier for doing its main job. Due to the major overhaul with many of the upgrades, it's hard to tell whether or not the trinket is better or worse than it was originally.

    Cryojet (9/10)

    Basically an extension of the Arctic Wind that also affects MOAB-classes. Badass? Check. Stackable? Well with Ice King, yes as well.

    Stone of Ancient Knowledge (8.5/10)

    Max is already powerful enough as he is, add an extra dart with this trinket for his biggest bang for his buck!

    Crystal Mergence of Destruction (8.5/10)

    Useful early on to add that little extra push to MOAB-class bloons early on in the game, doesn't fare too well later on when Future Crystals become the more preferable choice but still worth considering.

    Future Crystal (8/10)

    When equipped on a level 1 hero, you're already taking off 22% of the MOAB-classes' health which is already significant enough on its own.

    Banana Replicator (8/10)

    Global monkey town for your tower? Sign me up!
    Demon Heart (7.5/10)

    Extra damage is always good, even better with Marceline or Demon Heart Sword.

    Doom Gauntlets (7.5/10)

    Shield bloons holding you down? Not with this trinket! This also provides a decent attack speed and pierce boost.

    Soul Stone (7/10)

    In most cases, Magic Coin Purse is better since the cheapest upgrade is usually less than $300.

    Glasses of Nerdicon (6.5/10)

    Camo detection and extra range. Can be useful but not high priority.

    Vorpal Hand (6.5/10)

    Need easy lead popping power? Look no further. Need ceramic crushing power? You got it. Outside of that though this trinket isn't too exciting.

    Gemma the Gemstone (6.5/10-8/10)

    On its own, it increases your character's attack speed by 20% and when equipped on Princess Bubblegum, allows her to place more characters with upgrades and abilities. Combine with Carl the Gem for the best results.

    Carl the Gem (6/10-8/10)

    On its own, it doesn't do anything other than increase your character's attack speed by 20%. When coupled with Gemma the Gemstone however they may end up being the bread winners for your team.
    Cosmic Gauntlets (6/10)

    If you love abilities then this trinket is for you. Even if you're not using abilities, this provides a 16-25% attack speed boost, which might be enough to hold you over until more powerful trinkets.

    Crystal Gem Apple (6/10)

    Has a decent stun, although with fast damaging heroes it won't matter too much unless they're equipped with it.

    Dragon Eyes (6/10)

    This trinket gives your character camo detection, and it does extra damage to camo bloons as well, which may give you an edge over those pesky DDTs.

    Bubblegum's Hair, Baby Blanket, and Rock Shirt (6/10)

    I'm grouping all these together because they are basically the same trinket - same boosts and requires a character nearby to get stronger effects. Other trinkets that are more common get the job done better than these.

    Gauntlet of the Hero (5.5/10)

    As this is an ability trinket, it doesn't have that many uses especially with a 3-minute cooldown. It can serve as your panic button when you need it. Just don't expect it to be readily available.

    Jetpack (5.5/10)

    A trinket that allows placement anywhere on the map is always a nice thing to have. However it has no other benefits.

    Candy Dive Suit (5.5/10)

    Mostly used for the Lemongrab adventure, unless there's a lot of water with not that many good land spots for your towers don't use this trinket.

    Mask of Shadows (5/10)

    Rating mostly depends on what upgrades you have on Sai, so I'm sticking with a neutral rating on this one.

    Time Travel Machine (5/10)

    Might be useful earlier on when some adventures are more challenging, but this experience is short-lived. Grab it only if you're really struggling to complete that one level. And only that one.

    R/C Plane (5/10)

    This was one of the worst trinkets before 1.4.1, the extra attack speed, pierce increased, and radial attack really helped it.
    Rainicornicopia (4/10)

    A trinket that will handicap you earlier on due to the lack of cash, however at higher stars cash is not much of an issue.

    Hambo (3.5/10)

    Only useful in the Wizard Battle and only Marceline can equip it. Very situational. The buffs really didn't help it that much.
    D (Could use a buff/rework):
    Glaive of the Ancients (2.5/10)

    Basically works like the Glaive Lord's rotating glaives from BTD5. Underwhelming for those who are familiar with it.

    Lamb Relic (2.5/10)

    The spirits are weak and don't do a lot of damage come late game. Need more info on this.

    Elemental Staff (2.5/10)

    Before 1.0.4 update, this trinket used to affect MOAB-class bloons, which made it completely busted since it affected BADs too, but is no longer the case. The burn and glue effects aren't that strong on the normal bloons.

    Dark Temple Idol (2/10)

    They say a polished turd is still a turd (refraining from swears). That's exactly what this item is. Not to mention you can't use this trinket until you get Supermonkey to level 7.
    F (Desperately needs a buff):

    Elder Plop's Scepter (1.5/10)

    Very weak attack that doesn't have any other benefits. Moving on.
    My suggestion for buffing: Add +15% attack speed

    Demonic Wishing Eye (1/10)

    The summons aren't that good, and to make matters worse it relies on an ability. It turns a handful of bloons nearby into Gunters with like 1 pierce.
    My suggestion for buffing:Increase the pierce on the Gunters
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