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  • Go beyond impoppable

    Add a new difficulty level that goes beyond impopabble, up to wave 100. Once you played the game for a while impoppable becomes easy. As each of your units alone can pop BFB and ZOMG fast.

    Add custom challenges that limits what kind of heroes can you bring to the battle (like in BTD 5)

    Basically amp up the difficulty.

    EDITED IN: For anyone that wants to say "just stop using trinkets", I did not spend time grinding for good trinkets just to not use them. The game needs a balance where it can present difficulty against items available for use in the game. Meaning while you progress you would still face challenges and continue strategising to win instead of leaving the game play itself while you do something else
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    There’s a hidden achievement you get for going past round 99 so my guess it either you used to be able Tovar’s go round 100 or they’re adding it in the future.

    the other option is to take off all your trinkets since trinkets and other stuff make the game too easy.
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      What is the point of grinding for good trinkets if you are not gonna use them