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Why is this game so much better than BTD6?

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  • Why is this game so much better than BTD6?

    BATTD is a lot better than BTD6.

    Features in BATTD that were not in BTD6:
    50 Maps - BTD6 only has about 20 maps.
    A Story - No other bloons game has an actual story (let alone one with VOICE ACTING).
    Weapons - Being able to equip your towers with specific weapons adds SO MUCH POTENTIAL to the game that could have been in the other ones. And there are 200+ of them, which makes it even better.
    50 towers - BTD6 has 19 towers. Where are those extra 31 towers?!?!?! What's better is that these towers include the COBRA, something that people have wanted in a bloons game ever since it came in BTD battles.
    30 powers - There are only 12 in BTD6. That's an extra 18 powers!
    Trinkets - Not only can towers be given specific weapons, but they can be directly boosted with trinkets. What's more, the conditions of these trinkets are much more complex and strategic than any monkey knowledge, specialty building, or lab research.
    The Upgrade system - This new upgrade system is superior to any other bloons upgrade system (even the one in BTD6) in SO MANY WAYS!!!

    I think this game could actually pass as BTD7.

    When you were making BTD6, where was this stuff? The games were released within like 3 months of each other (in the US). It would usually take years to develop a new bloons game. For this reason, some of the stuff that is in BATTD has to have existed during the process of making BTD6. Why not just add some of that stuff to BTD6 (especially the story with VOICE ACTING)? Why didn't you delay the release of BTD6 a bit to develop some of this stuff into the game? Why are these two games separate? I understand if you wanted to make something different from the one with Adventure Time in it, but then why is this game so much better than BTD6?

    It would actually be completely fine that these games are separate, except BTD6 costs $4.99, and BATTD is FREE. That means anybody who bought BTD6 just wasted $4.99 because they could have just waited and got a better game for FREE.
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    3D MOABs. That’s all.
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      I kinda agree and disagree with you, Ptolemy.

      First of all, BTD 6 is also a solid game that fixed lots of issues BTD 5 had. If we would not like BTD games, we probably wouldn't be here (yeah, I'm intentionally ignoring SAS). Most of NK Bloons games are short living (like BMC or BSM) except for the main line, so I'm pretty sure BTD 6 will be getting updates in years (like BTD 5 was getting).

      The only reason of why BATTD is better than BTD 6 is that BATTD adds something that is not present in BTD 6 - customization. For a similar reason people liked BMC - because it was a SimCity with towers being limit resourced. You must also remember that while BTD 6 is a main line game, BATTD is a spin-off, so NK was able to experiment with it a little by adding stuff that main line game would never receive because it would stop looking like a main line game but rather like a fan made game (because BATTD does look like a fan made game).

      Personally I would love to see some customization added to BTD 6 (for example some weapons to Heroes), but I doubt this ever will happen.


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        Granted, BTD6 or BAT wasn't designed to be more better than the other. Anywhere where there's discussion about BTD games, I see people say BTD6 is better than BAT and sometimes the other way around.

        Which at the end of the day I think suggests both development teams did a good job making the games, if they're being compared in such ways.It's perfectly fine to like one game more than the other, they both offer unique things that only they have. And that's something to be celebrated.


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          they should make it a pc game as well


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            I think it would be cool to add more difficulties to BAT with somewhat similar difficulty tree as BTD6 and also daily challenges. BAT is probably the easiest BTD game once you get really far into the game because there is no restrictions and the characters will continually grow conspicuously stronger constantly for a while.


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              NinjaKiwi does this all the time

              Their free to play games are much better and are more updated with content from their pay to play games. Same thing with BTD5 and BTD Battles. People spend more time playing BTD Battles because it has a lot more to offer and abandon BTD5.

              If I knew about Bloons Adventure Time before buying BTD6 I would have never bought BTD6