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Bloons Adventure Time TD Bug Report Thread

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  • Bloons Adventure Time TD Bug Report Thread

    Now that the game has globally launched, we'll be using this thread for people to report bugs or any other issues when playing through the game.

    If there's issues involving account data or something along those lines. Please submit a ticket to us via our support website ( so we can resolve the issue. Any game breaking exploits are also better sent to us on the support site instead of being posted on here, for the obvious issues it would cause posting it in a public place.

    Make sure you're on the most recent version of the game as well, to ensure reports are accurate instead of reporting things that were fixed in a recent update.

    Please use this thread to report issues only, do not have general discussions about the bugs/issues because those will likely be deleted to prevent clutter on the thread. If someone posted a bug report, and you wanted to add more details to it (More detailed steps to replicate it, etc) That's fine but please keep it to just that.

    If the bug you reported isn't on here, that could be because of a few reasons. The bug was already fixed in the most recent patch, it's not fully verified to be a bug at the time. Or what you reported is not a bug, and just a regular feature of the game.

    Be sure to also check the list below before making a report to see if it's already known or not. This list will be updated as bugs are fixed and new ones are discovered.

    Known Issues:

    Character/Ally Issues

    1.When Jake is in the radius of Tuxedo Jake, he is able to gain access to upgrades that aren't currently available to him. (Ie: A level one Jake can buy harmful to swallow, when that's supposed to be a level three upgrade when near Tuxedo Jake)

    Trinkets/Weapons Issues

    1.The ability on Unimaginably Amazing Sword when equipped on Finn, using it will sometimes have the sword appear in the middle of the screen instead of on Finn.

    Map Issues

    1.On certain maps, like the Bridge and Tower map, you are able to place towers in walls or other spots that weren't intended.

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    Ive found a few bugs
    1 the dragon tooth dart weapon doesnt work properly it should add 4 dmg and it doesnt i have it equipped to max and he pops one layer at a time even with the triple dart upgrade
    2 the crystal apple trinket is suposed to stop a moab until it takes 200 dmg i get the crystal animation over the moab but it does not stop or slow down on any moab type
    3 the glaive trinket gives u 3 circling glaives but if the hit lead or even a tangable map object like a house the glaives dissapear and dont even re appear in another game u have to unequip and re equip the trinket
    4 randomly ill have all the bloons go invisible for the rest of a map my towers still attack but u cant see the bloons
    5 i get sound glitches were sounds from the game like FP's fire crackle sound continues even to the map screen and you have ro restart the game for it to go away
    6 only had it once but randomly i was not able to place towers and everytime i let go of the screen the tower would jump to the bottom left of the screen even going into the drag and lock place ttpe didnt foc it had to restart the game
    7 the quest timers dont actually track the time till the next quest correctly ive had it stuck in 23 hours foe multiple hours
    8 not really a bug but if u use marceling with telekinesis tou can easily make an regrow farm that last forever as well as if u have a few leads left at thw end of the round she will infinitly push them back and you can farm BMO and cobra for as long as u want possible infinite money

    Edit not sure if a bug or just very low chance but ive used the tandem war elephants wish ability about 20 times and ive never gotten a wish orb from it

    i would appreciate it if you could look into these thanks
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      Bound by Word...not working too good if Bubblegum has range trinkets and Finn is outside original least i think that's the case...because if princess is very close that upgrade starts to work


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        I have a similar glitch with Max where I have the snake dart and equipped the heart gauntlets but the +1 Damage doesn’t apply.

        Also with Sai I gave her the crystal apple but that causes her dart not to work which is frustrating.


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          * Lemonhope - Encore upgrade which should give option to choose another character to boost not working...still one character only boost
          * Crystal Gem Apple - "Repetition is mother of all learning" doesn't stops anything.

          P.S. Not a glitch it only me or it looks like middlefinger ... for weapon it actually makes


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            I have a couple of bugs
            Both bugs are due to different Jakes

            Normal Jake 3 star: If anything blocks any part of his attack range the 'Axe' Attack doesn't do anything. I have tested on over 10 different maps with the Jewelled Cabasas equipped. I haven't testet without the Cabasas though, but I have changed most other factors.

            Procedure for tests: I placed down Jake as my first Character and upgraded the "Axe Hand" as the first thing. The slap and poke attacks works, but the Axe Swipe has no effect.

            My second bug is a range bug that I have found while wanting to try to maximize the range of my characters.
            I noticed that often my towers didn't actually have as long range as the range circle said they had.

            I have tested it under many circumstances, and I have cornered it down to Tuxedo Jake (3 star) .
            When Tuxedo Jake is involved with his "Turn it up!" range boost ability plus the range bonus from "The lovers"-Instrument. The towers show the full range with all bonuses, but they don't actually shoot that far.
            It is very consistantly a ring in the outer area of their range where they don't attack the bloons in range.

            I have tested it with:
            Max, Ice King, PB, Flame P, Sam, Super Monkey and more.

            I have tested it many times now on many maps and difficulties, and he only has the following equipment:
            Weapon: The lovers
            Allies: BMO
            Trinkets: Monkey King's Robe


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              Ice Kings lightning will always target the strongest bloons regardless of the targeting.
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                * Completed Quests doesn't manifests by number on icon (like it is with character's new stuff, achievments done, etc)


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                  Even though zebras can rank up into leads the game still thinks leads = zebras for strong targeting.
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                    I found a bug after this Epic Orb sale commenced. Captain Cassie's main cannon can't deal any damage to bloons for the first 2 or 3 shots on the same bloon after upgrading the Heavy Duty Ammo in the first map of Underwater City. This makes it so hard to use Captain Cassie in the first few rounds.

                    And also, the spelling for "permanently" is spelt wrongly in Princess Bubblegum's Royal Promise upgrade. It's spelt as "permanantly". Just a small mistake
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                      Maja doesn't seem to do anything. I've tried using her a few times, on different maps (I have tried her as an ally for Warrior Bubblegum) and she never does any damage, it stays on 0.

                      Also, I've been able to get a bloon "Stuck" and be able to permanently cash farm using BMO. Sam with Student of Ice, she was unable to pop the bloon but able to freeze it and push it back, so it never made progress to another character.


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                        So i have a lv 4 marceline but if i put her in range pf tuxedo jake with the orchestra upgrade it allows me to unlock pyrokenesis which is a lv 7 upgrade


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                          While i was playing this game, it was out of the game. Then i opened it and pressed the play button, it was played approximately 3-5 sec. It was also out of the game. I tried to start it many times but it still became the same.


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                            FB (5th lvl) upgrade +1 gave +2 ally...not that i'm complaining ... but for example two additional Lemonhopes are too op for this price imho

                            And there is visual bag with moab type bloon flying (more like but it's only visual) away...not sure which character or upgrage is doing it...few days ago there wasn't such bag...and it must be some influence from character (or upgrade) because flying angle changes a bit


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                              I used a mushroom bomb during round 75 of roughhouser village to kill the remaining bloons and moabs to win the round. This resulted in the game acting like there was a round another round after the final round and would not allow me to hit play or complete the level resulting in me exiting the game and not retaining the progress of completing it