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  • Freeplay?

    Does this game have freeplay mode? I have seen mentioned in a few threads here but I have never encountered it in game, always being taken to the loot collection screen after the last round.

    If this game does have freeplay, how do i unlock it?

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    It doesn't look it officially has a freeplay mode.

    However, though it might be a bug, you are forced to play freeplay (or quit) after beating the bloon beacon.


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      I see, every time I beat the bloon becon map iIhave just gotten the rewards and been sent to the map,

      Hopefully that bug happens to me soon, I want to see beyond round 75


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        Then maybe it's just me. I stopped playng beacon for that reason, so I don't know if it fixed itself, or is still buggy, but when I play(-ed) it and finished it, I was not given any reward, but instead I was forced to continue playing round by round.

        Now that you mention it, maybe I should try looking how round 100 look like...


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          Do let me know how it goes if it happens to you

          Edit: I find it somewhat interesting that rounds beyond 75 may be present in a playable state even though you are not intebded to be able to play them....
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            Okay, but today I'm in work, so at soonest I will be able to check this out tomorrow.


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              Ok, I just tried this, and it seems no rounds past round 75 are programmed. When you destroy BAD at round 75, the play button stops working. You csn press it, and it doesn't respond.

              Screens tomorrow.