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    I wish this game is still in development, and so some new stuff can still be added to it. If so, I would wish for:

    1. A Tracks Center where all the tracks in the game are available, so if we want to play a specific map, we don't have to go from one place to another hoping that the map will be there.

    2. During the game show all the current stats (damage, pierce, range and speed) of a tower (including bonuses from the other towers and equipment). I think the best place for that would be the upgrades tree.

    3. For the paid towers, show what abilities they have. Before I will purchase them I would like to know what am I purchasing. Also it wouldn't really hurt decreasing their price (I mean the lower the price, the more people will purchase them).

    4. Make a sandbox where we can test all the towers and their equipment. I think the Tracks Center would be a good place for that.

    5. Make a collection page where all of our cards are stored. For example today I found out that I have a Wizard Lord ally only after I unlocked Sam.. Also make a gallery of cards and perhaps a list of which card is equipped to whom. When you have so many characters, it is really hard to find to whom we equipped a given card.

    6. Please make that we will start the game with the Powers list hidden.

    7. Add more achievements and fix the ones currently in the game.

    Thank you for considering these .

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    You can see all the items and allies in the game from the "Collections" screen. It's at the top left of the character info screen.


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      Some great ideas I'll share these with the team and see what they think. I personally agree with #6.


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        I want saving! This is 2018, being unable to save your game is honestly unacceptable


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          Originally posted by CriminalTurkey View Post
          I want saving! This is 2018, being unable to save your game is honestly unacceptable

          The game froze and I had to quit. If there were saves, I probably would reload the recent round and continue...


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            A random thought, gods of NK please don't hate me...

            Considering that we can bring to the field a lot of allies, why to limit the amount of characters available to 10? I think in the long run it doesn't really matter if we can have 10 characters or 15 characters... There are some characters I probably will never use (water ones), but I would like to have them in my party in case I will play a water based track.

            Long story short, please remove the party limit. Give two characters some strong cards, and they're better than the rest of the party combined.


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              After playing a while I wished for a second equipment slot that we could switch between. One slot (for all characters at once) would be for default equips, and another for experiments. Equipping cards back and forth is a nightmare here. Especially that we don't know what other characters have (but we can't equip a card that is already equipped to someone else).

              Also I beg you, give us the ability to see what a card does on the equipments screen. For now we can't see what it does when we touch the card. We have to press Info button each single time.


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                A purchase option for a higher game speed tier than 2x and removal of state transition advertisements could be nice.


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                  I think that if removing the party limit lessens the balance of the game, (Though it certainly would make it more fun.) the best solution would be to be able to have multiple party setups saved, that you can scroll through and select which one you want per map. This would also allow us to use different cards on different towers without switching them one by one.

                  Also, I second that not being able to easily see weapon information is annoying, as well as easy unequips. (To my knowledge)

                  The thing that makes this game less repayable for me is how easy it is for me to use a slightly altered version of the same strategy every time. And why would I change it? To experiment, I swap weapons 1 by 1 and upgrade paths are nearly non existent.
                  There's less experimenting to be done especially with limiting each character with a full upgrade path to one each. I've played this game quite a lot, but I feel that once I'm done with it, I'm probably done for good, unlike BTD6.
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                    I have a new idea. Maybe there could be events during certain holidays that drop level up essence. Holidays events last for one week and all have various level up essence with a 50% chance of spawning in all Extreme loots and 100% chance on Impoppable loots. Only 1 level up essence per loot bag.

                    Halloween has chances for Red, Candy, and Potion.

                    Thanksgiving has chances for Bananas, Anchor, and Meatball.

                    Christmas has chances for Firewood, Bananas, and Cosmic Essence.

                    Chinese New Year has chances for Dynamite, Sushi, and Red.

                    Easter has chances for Candy, Fan Fiction, and Idols.

                    Independence Day has chances for Dynamites, Idols, and Anchors.

                    Last but not least, July 14 can be the BAT anniversary event and every level up essence is possible.
                    Of course each holiday will have more than just level up essence chance, but this could be a part of each event.


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                      Beacon could use some flexibility, give the players the choice of difficulty on X map.

                      The Monkey God does exist, I shall offer banana sacrifices and to NK if my wallet permit.
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                        I have an idea how to have gems, coins, and shard exchange system could work. Have another stand next to Choose Goose and have it be the monkey merchant from BMC and have the trade rate 80% efficient, meaning that you lose the things if you do it back and forth. Also set a cap on how many of the things you could get by trading each day, like you can only trade for up to 500 gems per day then you can no longer trade for that. The more things you trade relative to the percentage of the max, the higher the cap it is after a certain point, because you will level up friendship with the merchant. This could be a way for people to get rid of unused coins and trade it for gems.


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                          new difficulty level, later on impopable becomes easy