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  • BATTD Bugs

    Since I found some, so instead of spamming the other topic...

    1. The Beacon doesn't give (or show giving) rewards upon completing the track if the game decided that it want us to play freeplay. What's more it still shows that a beacon is on that track if we will lose freeplay.

    2. During the freeplay the autostart button doesn't work, and we have to start each round manually.

    3. A softlock related to the Time Travel Machine. I lost the game during freeplay, the time rewinded to the start and froze. I was unable to start a round, and clicking "Play" button did nothing.

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    1. The game froze, and I was unable to continue. If it were freeplay, then I would understand, but I was at the end of Impoppable...

    2. At the bottom there is a ceramic bloon upside down, and it actually is that man in black with an axe.

    3. There is a ghost head on the ZOMG...

    I'm pretty sure I did these (and probably some more) achievements, and yet...


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      Thanks for reporting these. Getting them checked out


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        Originally posted by Sam View Post
        Thanks for reporting these. Getting them checked out
        Please fix the beacon. After reaching the final round the game stops and runs freeplay,


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          You might want to check if Holly-Jolly Sweater even works. I didn't notice any extra cash from it.


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            After finishing Impoppable Difficulty my normal non-MOAB bloons disappeared. They are there but invisible. Happened for the second time (first time I reloaded the game, and it worked until I finished a second Impoppable):


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              Some other bugs:

              1. The "Discard" button for daily quests doesn't work. I think it actually never worked...

              2. Normal female looking Marceline somethimes glitches and doesn't pop bloons at all. She only pushes them back. In my today's game she was playing with blue bloon...

              3. She often also doesn't see bloons when she's set to pursue them. I have to switch back to finger move, move her to the start of the track, and then again change the attack type to pursuit. Too bad she sometimes stops attacking (when in pursuit mode) in the middle of the track too. Generally I don't use her at all, because she causes the game to never end.


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                Two more bugs I forgot about:

                1. When we are changing devices and using save from the cloud, the game will endlessly load. I have to exit the game, and load it aain to play the game.

                2. The Polymorph ability of Sam of Ninja Kiwi has a small bug. When it will turn a damaged MOAB class bloon into an animal, and it will return it to normal, the bloon is no longer damaged (it is when it comes to its HP, but its appearance is as if it wasn't damaged).


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                  Another bug, this time with Cassie: I bought Bloontonium Tips and Cruise Missle. Yet, the missles can't destroy zebra bloons (probably black and/or purple bloons too) despite Bloontonium tips allowing them doing so.


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                    Also Cassie's missles target camo bloons, yet they do not damage them.


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                      Super Monkey's laser eyes hits purple balloons (purple bloon correctly blocks plasma eyes). Laser whip also hits purple bloons, don't know if intended or otherwise.


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                        Originally posted by Nemomon View Post
                        Some other bugs:

                        Normal female looking Marceline somethimes glitches and doesn't pop bloons at all. She only pushes them back. In my today's game she was playing with blue bloon...
                        I believe its a bug/quirk with telekinesis, in that telekinesis has a longer range than her melee, and it recharges faster than the pushback effect. Simply not using telekinesis resolves the issue. (or not setting her to chase)

                        I'd also note that she doesn't detect camo, so naturally doesn't chase those, not sure if that might be why you have a chasing issue.

                        I'd note though that Marceline is one of the stronger heroes if you can cover her weaknesses, being a melee chaser, meaning all the sweet melee trinkets work with her, and she works very well in maps with alternating disjointed lanes.


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                          When you destroy BAD using the two headed elephant, you do not get the wish orb.


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                            Shoko sometimes turns bloons completely invincible to almost everything. Laser eye super monkey can't hurt them, upgraded Max can't hurt them, Jake can swallow them but spits them out unharmed. Bloon trap still destroys them though. Seems to happen specifically only to metal and ceramic balloons.
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                              Two Hunson Abadeer can both soul suck almost all MOAB class bloons outside of DDT (which only gets successfully sucked once), thereby 1-shotting every MOAB class bloon outside of DDT. I assume the interaction with DDT is working correctly, and the interaction with every other MOAB class bloon isn't.

                              EDIT: Hunson Abadeer by itself can 2-shot a BAD, doesn't need to be doubled, though doubled makes it faster, naturally.

                              EDIT 2: My mistake, it 1-shot outright. Needs a nerf/fix.
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