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    SP Meltdown
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      After ~100 tries...

      Solo Pods
      Dark Halo


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        I want to remind everyone that on there's a SAS 4 speedrun page on there :/ IDK why you guys decided now that it would be a good time to make a speedrun leaderboard on here when you could've done research first before deciding that but who cares what I say cause I'm a "scrub" level 41 player :/


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          Ok, well, firstly we didn't 'decide now that its a good time to make a leaderboard on here'. This was made a year ago and was based on an even older post on the previous NK forums >.>

          Helps to do some research before posting, mr sheppard.

          Secondly I have all but completely quit NK, aside from logging into SAS 4 sometimes (I still like the game. but theres nothing left for me in forums/website as of now). So while I have added the scores posted above, I apologise for the fact it is unlikely I will ever update it again unless specifically requested by someone who can contact me.

          So yeah.. go ahead and use that other speedrun page if u want... and good luck
          BTD5 rank: 86. BMC cities: 40/32. SAS 4 total lvl: 960. NK rank: 50. A ghost of my former self-I pretty much quit forums but can still be found on discord, tag: LordofKaon#3201


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            Single Player Pods 0:40

            Gotta say, I'm impressed with 4 seconds faster....not sure I could do it.