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Too frustrating ... hit wave 22 in Apoc and got nothing

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  • Too frustrating ... hit wave 22 in Apoc and got nothing

    I was with ThailandGuy and I even got about 8-10 strongboxes, which included a Nano. 30+ minutes wasted, with no medals obtained and no scorepoint in this week's championship. I am asking for a remedy to be provided.

    I just had Mission Summary: Level Failed show up. Lag was extreme in the later levels and somehow I didn't get any reward for this.
    As someone who has paid for this game, this is a massive disappointment. The lag is ridiculous and it impedes moving forward in the game.

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    stop lagging, get better pc

    sas discriminates against junk pcs. sas is also a dead game. stop playing it as well...


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      Stop crying. This real frustration.
      Yesterday I played 5 games. And what was the RNG? 4x dm bloaters, 4x dm shielders and other fast dm crap and as a bonus, great bosses dm necro or extra fast necro. Super great combination in a public lobby for the assault. And as an extra bonus in a only game without dms my partner was on the verge of a crash, so we have committed suicide in 43 wave. Buy a better computer.


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        Honestly if a remedy were provided it should be to make this game not crap lol. Since that's not going to happen, well...expect nothing.


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          I believe this bug is common, very. Happens to me personally at least 1-3 times per Virus Samples event, and rarely on Apocalypse.

          Hey, look on the bright side, I lost a 2000 score on Vaccine once
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