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    Warning: There are some gore and mild language here, I would rate these stories as at least PG-13.
    Deadly Shards:

    Ever wondered why the monkey in the Absolute Zero sprite looks so...intimidating? Like it's going to eat you? Well, this monkey had a long history.

    Long ago, up in the mountains, ice monkeys lived. These monkeys had evolved to cope with the extreme cold. Some regular monkeys, who are from the Monkey Kingdom, like to climb these mountains. Having no idea about the Ice monkeys that lived up the mountains, a young monkey, about the age of 17, decided to climb to the top of the tallest mountain in the monkey world.

    At first, he was hesitant for he did not know if he was going to survive. He asked some of his friends to go with him, but none of the wanted to come, for they were scared. They tried to talk this monkey into not going too. They told him about the legends of the cannibalistic ice monkeys that lived near the top of the mountain.

    This considerably young money did not listen, for his mind was focused on achieving seemingly impossible goals. A very young mind, it was.

    The monkey went to his journey. He crossed a forest, which took him one whole day, just to get to the summit of the mountains. He started his climb and as the elevation rose, he could feel the cold. The monkey put on a light coat, enough protection from the cold.

    He continued to climb. Unfortunately, night was nearing. The young monkey had to find a cave and spend the night there. Luckily, he found a cozy cave. He grabbed matches from his pack and started a fire.

    "It's really cold," he muttered. The monkey took out some canned bananas and started eating dinner, along with other kinds of food, mainly fruits. After eating, the monkey decided to look around the cave before going to sleep.

    He would later regret this decision. After walking a couple of feet into the cave, it was already very dark. He decided to go back to his fire and get a torch. The monkey walked into the cave again and saw a nightmare. There were a couple of skulls, scattered on the ground, as if there were previous monkeys who attempted to climb this mountain before him, but failed.

    "AAAGH!" the monkey screamed in horror.

    This moment he ran back to his fire. He tried to go to sleep, but he couldn't. The image of the skulls scattered on the ground kept creeping into his mind.

    Dawn arrived. With very little sleep, the monkey decided to continue his journey. After about 5 hours of continuous climb, a blizzard started. The monkey had to hurry up and find another cave.

    The monkey tried to run, but the snow was getting thicker and thicker. He was very tired too.

    The blizzard blew harder an harder until the monkey needed to crawl for his life. As if by miracle, a cave was nearby.

    "I just need to...reach that cave," the poor monkey weakly mumbled to himself. He continued to crawl and finally reached the cave. There, he fell asleep immediately, not knowing how he is going to survive this situation.

    A few hours passed by, and the blizzard was still raging. The monkey woke up and started a fire. With his notebook, he wrote what had happened to him the past two days. He thought about some plans too. He thought about giving up and trying to go down the mountain and forget everything that has happened.

    After giving it some time, he decided to continue climbing the moment the sun rises up.

    Morning came quickly and he started his climb. He climbed and climbed until darkness started appearing. The monkey looked for a cave to spend the night in. This time, he couldn't find one.

    He tried to keep looking until he could not see where he was going. As if the situation wasn't bad enough, the monkey saw what he thought was glowing blue eyes floating in mid-air.

    Scared, the monkey started running for his life. Faster and faster. Faster! The beast was at the monkey's tail, and, as if the monkey god was against this poor monkey, he tripped and the beast was on top of him.

    The beast touched him and something beyond the monkeys most terrible nightmares happened. First, ice shards started covering the monkey arms and legs.

    The monkey struggled tried to remove the shards, but he was frozen, not just by the ice, but also with deep, deep fear. He lay there, as the beast slowly and painfully froze his whole body.

    Just before the monkey was completely frozen, he saw the face of the beast. It looked like a monkey's face, but full of savage. It reminded him of the stories about the cannibalistic ice monkeys living up in the mountains.

    Knowing that not only he was going to have his life ended, but also have no trace of his existence left behind, the daring monkey froze with a face completely aghast

    The adventurous monkey was never seen again. Hikers continued to try to get to the top of the mountain, but they got the same faith as this young monkey and were never seen again.

    It is said that whoever tries to climb the tallest mountain, shall never come back down again. No trace of their existence can be found high up in the mountains. It seems as if...they were eaten, completely.

    Now you decide? Do you feel safe using the 0/4 Ice Tower? Knowing that it...attacks its own kind?
    Soulless Terror:

    Do you know how TTs are created? Are they machines given artificial intelligence? Are they monkeys that have equipped a destructive suit? Or are they monkeys, turned into terrors by having their souls taken out of their bodies and then turned into killing machines?

    Well, you are about to find out.

    The very first Tech Terror has a very dark story behind it. You know that place called Bloontonium Lab? You see, that is where the first of this killing machine was created.

    Some years ago, the military was trying to find more powerful elements that will help them fight back the invading bloons. Finally, they found a perfect subject--bloontonium. It was very powerful, too powerful that it could be devastating if the wrong hands got to it.

    After extended use of this destructive matter, the supplies of bloontonium is running low. They had to mine it and many monkeys lost their lives during the process.

    One day, a very intelligent scientist, named Dr. Clark Monkenheimer, proposed the idea of making synthetic bloontonium.

    At first, the government was against it because they knew that with the power of creating their own bloontonium, the power can take over their minds and be hungry for more.

    In a meeting, Dr. Clark, King Damarcus and the generals of the military had a debate about what they should do.

    "Generals," the king said, "do you think that we should allow synthesis of bloontonium?"

    "No sir," General Arthur, renowned for leading some of the greatest victories of the monkey kingdom, responded, "it is too dangerous."

    "But there is no other choice," Dr. Clark pressed, "we can't win this war unless we make good use of this bloontonium. This powerful chemical. This chemical that is the key to our victory. Are you fine with seeing your men die in battle, when you know that the pain can be stopped with bloontonium?"

    "We are pained," General George replied, "but how can we control the production?"

    "I will take care of that," the scientist reassured, "do not worry, I have complete control over the chemical."

    The king and the generals gave it some thought and afterwards, allowed synthesis of bloontonium.

    Dr. Clark went into his lab and requested for an expansion. He demanded a new area, which will later be called Bloontonium Lab, to be built for the soul purpose of producing bloontonium and for conducting experiments using bloontonium applied on weapons.

    After many attempts, the doctor was successful in applying bloontonium to every weapon available. Due to his success, the monkeys finally won the great war.

    Although the war was finished, Dr. Clark did not stop producing bloontonium. He was asked by the king and the military to stop, but he continued to produce bloontonium-enhanced weaponry, secretly.

    He built a lab of his own, where he massed produced bloontonium and invented new weapons that utilized the powerful chemical.

    Day and night he spent creating these weapons. Then, a dark, evil thought came to him.

    "What if...I can apply this bloontonium to enhance monkeys' strength?" Clark thought to himself. There was the start of an evil era.

    He secretly tried to recruit some monkeys to help out in his lab, with his main purpose of using one of them as a specimen for his experiments. He was able to recruit 2 monkeys, one named Frank and the other Liam.

    Frank was a poor monkey, trying to find a job to earn quick money. Liam was a regular monkey, with wild dreams. When Dr. Clark tried to recruit him for the job, he answered, "Sure, why not, maybe we can try applying bloontonium to monkeys too?"

    When Liam said this, Clark knew that he found the perfect specimen. While the two poor monkeys made artificial bloontonium, Dr. Clark set to work on his most evil creation. He was constructing a robot, based on a monkey's body framework. The only difference is, this monkey had it's arm interchangeable with plasma blasters, that will be powered and enhanced by bloontonium. He called his creation, "Technological Terror."

    After 4 months of hard work, Clark finished his creation. He was planning to give it artificial intelligence, but it was out of his capabilities to create A.I. He searched and searched for a way, until he finally found one. It is inside one of the book for forbidden spells, from the ancient library of monkey wizards.

    It read, "To make an inanimate object that will be able to talk, there is one key ingredient--a real monkey's blood and soul.

    On a day where it was Liam's day off, Dr. Clark decided to put his evil plan into action. He tranquilized Frank and put him down in a bed. He tied up Frank's arms and legs so that he wouldn't be able to struggle.

    Clark injected a needle near Frank's heart, enough to not kill him and activated his blood-extracting machine. After about 25 minutes of blood extracting, Frank woke up.

    Upon realizing what was going on, he tried to struggle. Having his extremities tied up, the miserable monkey wasn't able to do anything but scream. Scream in agony and pleads to have his life spared. But Clark didn't feel any pity for his subject. He actually enjoyed the screams.

    "Oh please, please," Frank pleaded, "I'm not going to tell anyone about this if you let me go. I just wanted to help my family get some money. My wife and kids are starving."

    "Oh, you're not going to tell anyone," the doctor said, wickedly, "you aren't leaving this place alive."

    "PLEASE, MAKE IT STOP!" the monkey said.

    "It will, once I collect all of your blood," Clark answered.

    "AGH! AGH! AGH! YOU SOULLESS B*ST***!!!!!" Frank screamed helplessly.

    The doctor ignored the screams, as if he was used to it. After a full hour of pleads and agony, the process was finally over. Dr Clark was able to extract all of Frank's blood. He proceeded to inject the blood into his work. But then, the blood container exploded.

    "AAAAAAAGH!!!" the doctor angrily screamed. "You useless piece of c***," Clark said to the dead body. He untied Frank and threw the body down near a dark wall.

    The doctor spent the whole day fixing his work. "I guess I'll have to use the other one," Clark said, "I'll make sure it'll be a success tomorrow."

    The next day, Liam went straight the lab. When he arrived, he saw his boss, standing in the middle of the lab. The other thing he saw made the his fur stand up. There were blood stains everywhere. The wall, the floor the ceiling, as if the doctor murdered someone.

    "What have you done?" Liam asked, "why are there blood stains all over the place?!"

    "Oh, my apologies, I was conducting an experiment when things...went wrong," the doctor replied casually. "You need not to worry," please come here for a second," the doctor continued.

    Liam started walk away from the doctor and began running. But he tripped over something, he stood up and looked on the floor. What he saw scared him to death. It was a dead body, of his workmate, Frank. Dried blood stiffened his fur and anger was visible in his face.

    "You sick b****," Liam said, "did you kill Frank?!?!"

    "Well, yes," the doctor replied coolly, "I needed to do it for my experiment."

    "So, your experiments include murder, is that it?" Liam furiously asked, "I'm going to kill you!!!" Liam charged the doctor, but the doctor was prepared. He whipped his taser out and electrified Liam.

    Afterwards, he proceeded to the blood-extracting process. Like yesterday, he tied his specimen up and injected his blood-extracting needle to the monkey's body. This time Liam woke up quicker. With his right arm untied, he punched the doctor and Clark fell. Clark, prepared as always, fired a pistol and impaled Clarks extremities.

    "Ah, you're quite the stubborn one, aren't you," the doctor evilly chuckled.

    "Let me go!!" Liam demanded.

    "Or what? What are you going to do?" the doctor replied arrogantly.

    "I swear, I'm going to kill you no matter what. Even if I die here, you will receive punishment from the Sun God. No matter what, I will get revenge, for myself and for Frank," Liam threatened.

    The doctor just chuckled and with Liam's final words, turned his machine off and injected the blood to his robot. This time he was successful. The machine moved and started talking.

    "What did I tell you doctor? Your turn to die," the robot said, as if Liam was still living inside the robot and trying to find revenge.

    "I created you, you must obey me," the doctor idiotically said.

    The robot fired a plasma beam towards the doctor. Clark had uncanny agility though, he was faster than a mosquito. He ran for his life, while also firing a machine gun towards his own creation. Too bad he made the robot with almost indestructible Titanium alloy.

    The Terror fired and fired plasma beams towards the doctor, with his prey barely dodging them. Within minutes the lab was destroyed and the doctor tried to run away from the robot through the city. The Terror followed the doctor, killing innocent monkeys in the way. Where it passed through, it left destruction behind.

    The doctor ran towards the Castle and asked for help. The Terror fired more plasma beams to Clark, but missed and instead destroyed the castle's gate. This alarmed the castle guards and infantry men started attacking the robot. But their efforts were worthless. The Terror just killed everyone who tried to attack it. The doctor tried to run towards the forest now.

    The robot followed behind and finally hit the doctor.

    "GAH!" the doctor painfully screamed.

    The Terror only incinerated one of the doctor's arms though. With blood from his arm dripping, Clark continued to the forest. He tried to hide, trying to control the agony he was in. He wasn't able to hide for long, for the Terror just kept destroying the forest until it found Clark.

    The robot chased Clark towards the edge of a cliff and there, the doctor pleaded for his life, like how Frank and Liam did.

    "Please, don't kill me. I-I-I'll give anything you want," the doctor said as if the Terror was going to spare him.

    "Hmm, what is this? Now the evil doctor is pleading for his life? How ironic," the robot laughed.

    "C-c-c'mon, we can conquer the kingdom together," the doctor said.

    "Don't be stupid," the Terror said, with hatred raging in its words.

    Not wanting to be killed by his own creation, the doctor jumped. But the Terror also fired a plasma blast that scorched Clark's body on the way down.

    But this did not satisfy the Technological Terror. Not only was it driven by the thirst for revenge, but it was also driven by hate. By evil. By its original purpose.

    The Terror came back to the city. It started killing every single monkey it saw. It could hear pleads from monkeys to spare their lives but all it was thinking was that seeing crimson everywhere was pleasing to its artificial eyes. It attacked the castle, too.

    He killed every guard, including the elites that have trained for years in order to protect the king. When it reached the king. He strangled him and lifted him up.

    "What do you want from me?!" King Damarcus demanded.

    Without realizing it, the Terror was already battling the four greatest generals that ever lived. He was battling Bloonjitzu Masters and Glaive Lords. An ambush!

    The Terror jumped out the window and started heading for the forest. It was battling four monkeys at once, who are almost at his level of destructiveness.

    Outnumbered, the Terror hid in a cave in the forest, where the Masters and the Lords couldn't find him. With his body worn out from battle, the Terror hid in the cave for years.

    Legends say that the terror is still around. It kills innocent monkeys that wander into its cave, just for its entertainment. Now that you have read this, what do you think of using this Terror? This monster created for the soul purpose of destroying not bloons, but other monkeys?

    This beast created by an evil monkey who enjoyed hearing the screams of helpless dying monkeys? Do you feel safe? Knowing that it's out there, just waiting for you to wander into its cave?
    Bionic Murderer:

    Ever wondered how the first Bionic Boomer was born, or created? Were there amputees from the wars that volunteered to get a prosthetic, bionic arm? Or did a monkey have his whole arm cut off just to get that “upgrade”? A dark story will tell us.

    Remember our good old friend, Dr. Clark Monkenheimer? The evil man that created the first Technological Terror? Well, as it turns out, he had a son named Matthew Monkenheimer. He was the one who created the first Bionic Boomer. Yes, that’s right, created.

    Matthew was in the army when he heard that his father was killed by a Terror. Upon hearing about this, he was absolutely devastated. He always knew that his father had a bit of an evil side, but he was still a good father.

    When Matthew was young, his father taught him many things about the monkey world, and many other things. He was proud of his dad. When he was in early years of high school, the great Bloon War started. His father, being part of the military, was called to duty. Clark was called to help invent better weapons and better vehicles. He also served as a strategist.

    Matthew knows that his father was the one to give the idea of bloontonium synthesis and that he was the head supervisor of the process. What he did not know is that his father’s thirst for power led him to applying bloontonium not only to the most powerful weapons, but also to monkeys.

    Matthew, full of rage and despair both at the same time, went to the castle and tried to talk with the king. He stormed through the castle guards and went straight to the king’s room.

    “King Damarcus, is it true that my father was killed?” Matthew demanded.

    “Well, yes,” the king replied, “it is quite true.”

    “Who killed him?!” Matthew asked hotly.

    “His own creation, the Techno-Terror,” the king replied calmly.

    “What? What creation? What are you talking about?” Matthew curiously asked.

    “You don’t know what your father did after the war?”

    “No, sir. I have absolutely no idea since I lost contact with him. I was in the army, training.”

    “Ah, I see, you served in the war. Thank you for your service to the monkey kingdom. Anyway, here’s the story.

    “Your father, who turned out to be an evil genius, created a terrible machine that has the ability to talk and think, like a monkey. Your father used gruesome methods in order to accomplish this creation.

    “He killed two innocent monkeys, named Frank and Liam, for the sake of giving his robot an ability to think. He read about the process in ancient book. Clark, your father, used Liam’s blood to ultimately make a sentient robot.

    “The robot turned out to contain Liam’s desire for vengeance, so he chased your father down into the forest. The robot, or as your father called it, “The Terror”, finally cornered your father. Clark had two choices, either he was going to die from jumping off a cliff, or die from the Terror’s plasma blast. Either way, it was certain death.

    “Your father chose to jump, not wanting to be killed by his most precious work. The Terror still fired a beam while Clark was falling down, so we don’t have any remains of his body.”

    “I see. Father is such a prideful man. I knew that he has a bit of an evil side in him, but I didn’t know that he would try to build a terrorizing robot to try to cause a massacre,” Matthew said, “where is the Terror now?”

    “After he killed Clark, the Terror massacred monkeys inside the city. He barraged through the castle and tried to kill me too. Thanks to the four generals that I am still here. Those four heroes fought the Terror and drove him into the forest.

    “We don’t know where he really is, but we think that he is hiding somewhere in the forest, possibly a cave. There have been some reports from the past few days that indicate that some monkeys went missing when they went into that forest. We think that the robot is the one who is responsible for that.”

    “Ah, well, I see,” this was Matthew’s short reply.

    “What are you going to do now?” the king asked curiously.

    “I will destroy that Terror,” Matthew confidently said, “not necessarily to avenge my father, but to end this madness.”

    “No!” king Damarcus replied, with a mix of anger and worry in his words, “it is far too dangerous to face the Terror, you cannot go alone. I would advise you to take my generals with you, but they are too busy at the moment.”

    “My apologies, you majesty, but I have to do this,” Matthew firmly replied, “I need to correct my father’s mistakes. Besides, I have my best buddy with me.”

    “Are you sure about this?” King Damarcus worriedly asked.

    “Yes, sir, for the kingdom and my father,” Matthew answered.

    Matthew went back to Camp Monkeyberg, where he was assigned at the moment. The camp was near the forests and is a main research facility. He was greeted by his fellows and his superiors. His best friend, Miles, welcomed him too.

    He proceeded to his quarter, and Miles tagged along with him.

    “Hey man, what happened?” Miles asked.

    “The king told me what happened to my dad, how he was killed by this “Terror”, a murderer robot he created that is now hiding in the forests.”

    “Wow, that’s a lot of things going on man,” Miles said, “whatcha planning to do now?”

    “I’m going to end this madness and destroy that Terror, for the sake of the Monkey Kingdom.”

    “Whoa, whoa, dude. You can’t do that!” Miles replied.

    “Why not? I’ve trained for almost a whole year, so I think I can handle it.”

    “Still man, it’s too dangerous, you can’t go alone!” Miles pressed.

    “Are you implying that you want to come and help me?” Matthew said.

    “Well, yeah, I guess. You helped me in the war; now, it’s my turn to pay you back.”

    “Alright man, thanks,” Matthew said, “We should take a rest, we’re going to leave early tomorrow.”

    Dawn came and Matthew was already wide awake.

    “Hey, Miles, wake up,” Matthew whispered, cautious not to wake others up.

    “Hmm? It’s already morning?” Miles sleepily questioned.

    “Yeah, hurry up, we have to leave while the others aren’t awake yet.”

    Miles, trained to act fast, jumped off his bed and dressed as fast as a teenage monkey late for class.

    Matthew and Miles got out of the base and sneaked into the forest. They started looking for caves that looked big enough for a mass-murdering robot to fit in. They checked more than 20 caves, but they weren’t able to find the Terror.

    Darkness was falling, but the two didn’t want to give up. They searched and searched until they were very tired of walking and had to eventually start a fire. The two looked for a clearing and they found one easily.

    Miles started kindling the fire while Matthew gathered more sticks and branches for fuel. Using his portable light, Matthew ventured into the forest once again. He gathered twigs until his arm couldn’t carry one more and headed back to Miles.

    On the way back, Matthew saw what he thought was floating green eyes. He thought it was just a wolf and walked faster to his campsite. He was just forcing a more terrible thought away from his head though.

    “Hey dude, I think you gathered more than necessary,” Miles greeted jokingly.

    “Well, we’re gonna stay out here for a while, aren’t we?” Matthew chuckled, “Dude, I think I saw the terror roaming around while I was looking for fallen branches.”

    Miles spat out the water he was drinking in surprise and said, “What the hell man?! Are you serious? Now that b**** appears at night? You gotta be kidding me.”

    “Or was it a wolf’s?”

    “DUDE! Don’t scare me like that!”

    “Haha, sorry man. But seriously, we have to be careful around here. Even though we’re not sure if what I saw was the Terror, there are wolves here. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the Terror can’t sneak up on us.

    “I guess. c’mon, what’d you bring for dinner?”

    “Got me some canned fruits and some barbecued chicken. What ‘bout you?”

    “I got some grilled pork, with some bananas.”

    “Alright then, let’s eat!” Matthew cheerfully said, but with a trace of fear in his words.

    After eating they set up their own tents and tried to sleep. But they couldn’t. They could feel something or someone was watching them.

    “Please tell me that I’m the only one who feels like someone is watching us,” Miles said.

    “No, unfortunately, you’re not the only one,” Matthew answered.

    “What are we going to do? It’s too dark to try to found our way out of here. Besides, the Terror might be out there too. The wolves are probably roaming around also. I don’t want to die here, man,” Miles replied back, full of fear and anxiousness.

    “Here’s what we have to do,” Matthew replied, as if he has a clear plan in mind, “we’re going take turns watching for each other, while the other person sleeps. This way we can get some rest, and we can be a little safer.”

    “Who’s going to start? I can, if you want me to,” Miles said bravely.

    “Nah, you get some rest first, it was my idea anyway.”

    “Alright man, be safe out there.”

    “Alright, we’re going to switch in the next hour, get some sleep.”

    Miles slept while Matthew risked his life watching out for his best friend. The hour came and they switched.

    “Get some rest, brave boy,” Miles said, sleepily.

    This time, Miles saw green eyes floating in mid-air. They disappeared the second Miles saw them, as if this creature, or thing, or whatever the heck it was, was trying to sneak up on Miles. Another hour passed, and it was Matthew’s turn again.

    Before allowing Matthew to take his place, Miles told his friend about what he saw earlier.

    “I think I saw what you were talking about, floating green eyes. They really crept the hell out of me. But as soon as I saw them, they disappeared.”

    “Alright, dude. There is something out there. Better take a rest, we’re starting early tomorrow.”

    “No, I’m not going back to sleep. I’m not going to let you face whatever the hell it is out there, Matt. We’ve been through hell before, the war, but this still gives me the creeps.”

    “You have to have rest, dude. It’s fine, I can handle it.”

    “No, no. It isn’t fine! C’mon man, you know how it feels to be all alone, helpless while something powerful out there is just hunting you down. I don’t want you to suffer while I take a rest inside this tent.”
    “Your call, don’t blame me if you piss your pants,” Matthew chuckled. About 30 minutes of sleepy duty, the floating eyes appeared once again. The two could hear bushes and twigs being stepped on by something heavy.

    “F*** THIS, MAN!!” Miles exploded in fury and fear, “WHATEVER THE HELL YOU ARE, JUST FREAKING SHOW YOURSELF!!”

    The monster did so. It was as dark as the night, with glowing green eyes and “arms.” Its body, now visible due to faint green its eyes give off, appeared to be beaten up, perhaps from battles. The Terror of the night attacked Miles, but Miles had exceptional reflexes and agility. He easily dodged the Terror’s plasma blast.

    The robot kept firing and its beams illuminated the forest. Matthew whipped his boomer out and threw it to the monster as hard as he can.

    *CLANK!!!* the boomerang hit the Terror. But due to having a body made of Titanium, the boomerang did nothing but make a loud clank. The night was no longer quiet. Both Matthew and Miles threw boomerangs towards the robot while running away from it.

    *CLANK! CLANK! CLANK!* The Terror was unaffected by the wooden weapons and kept pursuing its preys. It fired beams of green bloontonium again and again towards Matthew and Miles the same way the two hurled their boomerangs towards it. The two continued running away for their lives hopelessly.

    As if the situation wasn’t bad enough, Matthew trips on a rock that seems like it was placed there by the devil itself.

    “GAAH!” Matthew screamed.

    “Matthew!!” Miles called, as he saw his friend’s doom.

    “GO!” Matthew yelled, “Don’t wait for me. I can handle this.”

    “No. I’m not going anywhere,” Miles said in a solid voice.

    Miles ran back and as the Terror was closing in on Matthew, he threw a boomerang coated with thermite. The boomerang hit the Terror’s solid armor and it seared through. The Terror felt to pain but the boomerang did a bit of damage. The Terror slowed down a little, but it continued chasing Matthew and Miles.

    Finally, the Terror reached Matthew as Miles was helping his friend back on his feet. The Terror laughed an evil chuckle and said, “Imbeciles! Death is inevitable now. I am created to bring upon terror to this foolish world. You cannot run anymore!”
    Miles threw another thermite-coated boomerang to the robot but the Terror fired a pulse of green plasma that burned that boomerang to nothing.

    “Now which one of you wants to die first?” the Terror evilly asked and looked at the injured Matthew. “Ah, you look like you’re troubled. Are you trembling from fear, puny monkey? Are you scared of dying? Why it’ll be quick and easy, don’t worry. I shall end your miserable life!”

    Miles hurried up and tried to help Matthew up. But, the evil robot knew that the two were still going to try to escape despite the impossibility. The Terror switched its right arm to its hand rather that its blaster and grabbed Miles.

    “Fool!” the Terror mocked, “You think you’re going to escape from me, alive? Hah, how stupid can you be?” The Terror then hurled Miles to the ground, several feet away from Matthew. Miles, unable to move, watched his friend’s doom. The Terror walked back to Matthew and started speaking, “Are you ready for your death? Monkeys are such weaklings. Look at you, trying to go to my territory thinking that you’re not going to die!”

    The Terror got a closer grabbed Matthew by the neck and further inspected his face. “Ah, the looks on helpless monkeys that I’m about to kill are so lovely.”

    “Put me down!” Matthew demanded and threw a punch to the Terror’s eyes.

    “What are you going to do if I don’t?” the Terror chuckled. The chuckle then turned into a laugh; a laugh so evil it drove monkeys crazy for they knew that this was the evilest laugh they will ever hear. A laugh from a mass murderer created for the sole purpose of causing destruction and pain.

    The Terror noticed something odd. “Why your face looks familiar to me,” it muttered. The robot thought back and tried to figure out how and why Matthew looks familiar to it. “Are you a descendant of someone I killed before? Hmm, too bad I murdered so many monkeys I lost track of who you look like!” the Terror exclaimed.

    “You heartless bastard,” Matthew said, “you were the one who killed my father!!!!!!” Matthew yelled at the top of his lungs.

    “Your father? Hmm,” the Terror thought about who Matthew could be and then he reached a conclusion after observing Matthew’s complexion carefully.
    “AH! I got it! Are you Doctor Clark’s son?” the robot asked, almost teasing.

    “Yes, you soulless murderer,” Matthew replied, rage building up inside him, “You’re gonna pay.”

    “And just how are you going to make me pay?” the Terror chuckled to itself, “You’re weak, you’re a fool, just like your idiotic father! Oh, how fun this will be. Knowing that you’re a son of an evil man that I have killed, your death should be quite a pleasing one.”

    Miles started getting up and readying his boomerangs. He had a rib broken from when the Terror hurled him to the tree, but his spirit was giving him strength. He couldn’t just watch his friend die.

    The Terror continued speaking to Matthew.
    “Let’s see,” the Terror muttered to himself, “I know!”

    “You know what?” Matthew taunted.

    “I know how I should end your miserable life!” the Terror exclaimed happily, “First, I should cut off your limbs and then stab your body again and again until you die from the unbearable pain! Oh, the excitement of tearing you apart! We should start so I’ll have time for your friend too.”

    “What kind of a sick f*** are you? You enjoy hearing people’s agonies? What the f***?!” Matthew sputtered out.

    “Well, your father made me, so you might as well blame that fool,” the Terror spat back.

    By this time, the Terror knew that he couldn’t waste any more of his. Dawn was nearing and people were going to wake up and hear the screams from the forest. So, the Terror started his plan. It threw Matthew to the ground, immobilizing the poor monkey. He switched his right arm back to his Plasma Blaster and fired a pulse directed towards Matthew’s right hand.

    “GAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! YOU F*****G B******D!!!” Matthew screamed in pain.

    “Hmm? Why did you stop screaming? Continue for my pleasure!!” the Terror roared and fired another pulse to Matthew’s right arm, just above the incinerated hand.

    “GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! What the f***, just kill me already!!!” Matthew yelled again hopelessly.

    Blood was gushing out of Matthew’s arms and the evil Terror was watching its prey’s agony in pleasure. The Terror chuckled so evilly that Matthew couldn’t think at all. He just wanted to die. ‘Death would be much better than this hell,’ he thought.

    As all these gore and terror was happening, Miles was slowly recovering from the injury he suffered earlier. He rose up, albeit very weakly, and prepared to fight the Terror even if it would probably cost him his own life. He would rather die fighting than suffering a pitiful, helpless death.

    The Terror readied its plasma blaster at Matthew’s face as he was getting ready to end the almost one-sided battle. Focused on the evils he was planning, the robot didn’t notice that Miles was already back on his feet and is ready to fight back.


    Miles had apparently brought some glaives with him, along with the standard issue boomerangs they were given. The Terror spun back to figure out where the wind-breaking sound came from, only to get hit directly in his synthetic right eye.

    Miles hurried up to his friend, making use of the time he has bought.

    YOU IMPERTINENT FOOL! YOU’LL PAY FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE!! The Terror screamed out in fury towards Miles, but his handicap had made his judgment of depth grow very poor. He was firing plasma blasts aimlessly, causing the forest to be illuminated despite the fact that it was a dark night and huge trees surrounded them.

    Miles carried Matthew and ran towards the camp. He remembers every passage, every trail, everything they had passed by earlier as if his mind was a steel trap that forgets nothing.

    “Hang in there, Matt. I’m getting us out of here,” Miles muttered, trying to reassure his friend.

    “Thanks….dude”, Matthew weakly replied. His right arm was so charred that it was unrecognizable and the fact that there was blood, both fresh and dry, covered what remained of his arm would make most people look away in pity and secret disgust.

    Miles continued running while the Terror chased after them. For some reason though, the Terror stopped pursuing the two after some minutes of running. It was unclear what his purpose was for doing so, because he could’ve just ended their lives right there and then. He couldn’t have been tired from running or the fight, nor could he have felt pity for them.

    Despite the Terror stopping the chase, Miles continued running until they reached camp Monkeyberg. It was almost dawn when they arrived and Matthew seemed to be half dead. He was in a deep slumber when Miles took him to the camp’s infirmary.

    Before reaching the infirmary though, an army officer spotted them.

    ‘He must be a high ranked officer to be waking up this early’, Miles thought.

    The soldier looked like an older monkey, about the age of 45. He had a long, gray beard and his moustache and sideburns covered his face. He was pretty tall and he looked like a soldier that would be carrying a high rank.

    “Hey soldier, what are ya doing walkin’ ‘round early in the morning?” the older monkey questioned Miles. Shouldn’t ya be sleepin’ yer but off right now?”

    “Sir, as much as I respect your authority, I’m sorry to say that I am in a great hurry and I have no time to talk,” Miles bravely answered, not wanting to anger the elder soldier.

    “Hold on, soldier, I ain’t done talkin’”, the elder monkey said in authoritative voice, then he saw that Miles was carrying another monkey in his back. “What the hell happened to yer friend back there?! His arms are all burnt and he looks like he’s been badly beaten up!”

    “Sir, please, I need to hurry and get help,” Miles pleaded.

    The older monkey understood Miles’s situation and escorted him to the infirmary. The infirmary wasn’t that big since the camp wasn’t that impressive either. It only had 4 small beds for the monkeys to rest on and it didn’t have many medical equipment either.

    Fortunately, they had an experienced doctor in the infirmary that took care of Matthew. While the doctor was tending to Matthew’s wounds, the officer, who turned out to be a monkey named Lieutenant Colonel Douglass, questioned Miles about what happened to Matthew.

    “Now soldier, will ya tell me what happened to yer friend back?” the colonel queried Miles.

    “It’s a long story sir, but in short, we battled the Terror in the forest and got badly beaten. He’s Matthew, the son of the Terror’s creator, Dr. Clark Monkenheimer and he wanted to avenge the death of his father and stop the Terror’s evildoings”, Miles answered

    “I see…wanting to avenge his father, huh?” was the colonel’s reply, as if he wasn’t completely convinced by Miles’s story, “Tell me, what happened to his arm.”

    “Well sir, during the battle, the Terror mercilessly tortured Matthew purely for its pleasure. He ruthlessly fired its beams of bloontonium again and again towards Matt’s right arm, that’s why it’s so damn burnt.”

    “My god, you two have faced some beast,” was the monkey’s reply, “Well what’re you gonna do now?”

    “I don’t know sir. I honestly have no idea how the hell we’re gonna take that demon down. I’ve heard that a barrage of Glaive Lords and Bloonjitzu Masters were the ones who drove the Terror away to the forest, but I don’t know if they’re gonna help us this time.”

    “Aw heck, stop callin’ me sir, will ya? Just call me Doug, short for Douglass. I’m Lt. Colonel Douglass of the Boomer Battalion, now what’s yer name, young lad?”

    “I’m Miles McBoom sir, Master Sergeant from the Boomerang Battalion of the Monkey Army. Pleased to meet you sir,” Miles replied, stood up and saluted, then sat back down again.

    The lieutenant colonel chuckled lightly and returned the salute. The two continued their conversation until the doctor came out of the room where Matthew was and called the two monkeys. Worried about his friend, Miles immediately stood up once he saw the doctor.

    “How’s Matt, doc?” Miles automatically asked.

    “Well, I have a good news and a bad news,” the doctor replied, “The good news is we were able to save a small part of your friend’s upper arm.”

    “What’s the bad news?” Miles cut the doctor off, still worried about Matthew.

    “The bad news is that your friend needs to recover for at least a week. He will be weak for some time and be will need to get used to throwing boomerangs with his left arm if he wants to continue fighting,” the doctor explained.

    As soon as the doctor finished talking, Matthew walked out limping.

    “What do you think you’re doing, young man?!” the doctor said in surprise.

    “Ngnghh…oww!!....I’m just…getting up,” was poor Matthew’s reply, “Thanks…for keepin’ me alive, Miles.”

    “It’s what friends do, isn’t it?” replied Miles, “Shouldn’t you be resting though? The doctor just told us that you need to recover from your injury.”

    “Bah! To hell with resting! You know damn well I can’t give up now. I have to find a way to defeat that demonic robot my father created.”

    “Dude, calm down a bit. We both know we’ve experienced a lot of nasty crap last night, but you have to think a little and not just try to attack and attack aimlessly. You should already know that we don’t stand a chance against that bastard,” Miles worriedly replied.

    It was obvious that Matthew had experienced some mental shock and couldn’t think clearly after his gruesome battle with the Terror. Although, instead of experiencing trauma, he seems to be going under a desperate “do or die” situation.

    “You need to rest, young man, whether you like it or not. It’s for your own good,” the doctor pressed.

    “Fine, whatever. If resting is what will get you off my back, I’ll do it,” replied Matthew, a little angry now.

    “Good, Miles, help your friend back to your quarters,” the doctor commanded.

    “Yes, sir,” was Miles short reply.

    The two headed back to their small rooms and left the doctor with the Lieutenant Colonel. Once they’ve arrived to their quarters, Matthew laid on his bed and Miles kept watch from across Matthew’s room, where his own bed is located.

    “Hey, Matt, whatcha planning to do?” Miles asked.

    “About what?” was Matthew’s odd response.

    “About the Terror, of course,” Miles spat back, “Aren’t you going to get your revenge? You were so eager to do so back in the hospital.”

    “Oh yeah, huh,” Matthew responded weakly.

    Miles didn’t press Matthew for an answer because he thought his friend was tired, but he was curious about what he was going to do. His friend’s sudden change of attitude must be worrying and confusing Miles.

    Little did he know that Matthew already had a plan. Once Miles left for training the next day, Matthew set off to work. His plan was to get a prosthetic arm and then modify it so that he can move as if it was an actual arm.

    After getting his prosthesis, he would confront the Terror one last time and end hopefully end all this madness. He went to meet the doctor and talked about the prosthesis two days after the encounter with the Terror, just enough time for his right arm to get healed.

    “So you want to get a prosthetic arm replacement then?” the doctor that took care of Matthew the day before asked him.

    “Yes, doctor,” Matthew replied shortly.

    “Alright then, I’ll get you one. Let me measure your left arm so I can see what the right size would be for you.”

    The doctor stood up and made various measurements with Matthew’s left arm. He wrote down the information he needed and left the room to go get the prosthesis. Matthew remained in the small room and waited for the doctor.

    The room was quite small, but it provided adequate supplies and apparatus for handicapped people like Matthew. There was a small desk and chair that acts as the doctor’s information center and a low table where patients would lie to be analyzed.

    After about five minutes, the doctor came back with a metal arm for Matthew.

    “Soldier, this is the only one we have at the moment that suits, are you okay with it?” the doctor asked Matthew after showing him the arm.

    “Can I try it out?” Matthew queried.

    The doctor told him how to put the arm on and Matthew sung it around to check its weight.

    “What’s it made out of?” Matthew asked because he was shocked of how light it was.

    “It is made from Titanium alloy which makes it very durable and strong despite being considerably lightweight.”

    “Thank you doctor, err, I’ve never really asked for your name, now have I?” Matthew said.

    “You’re very welcome, young lad and I am Warrant Officer Augustus of the Boomer Battalion and I serve as a doctor, as you already know.”

    “Pleased to meet you sir, I am Master Sergeant Matthew Monkenheimer of the Boomer Battalion. Thank you for all your help,” Matthew respectfully replied.

    “As I have said, you’re very welcome, Matthew. You should rest up now, so that you can recover from your injuries.”

    Matthew left ignoring the doctor’s words and proceeded with his plans. He did take the rest of the day resting, but he continued contemplating with his plans to destroy the Terror.

    Three days after the incident, Matthew was still gloomy and he barely talked Miles. Miles continued with his usual life in the army, but he was still worried about his best friend. Matthew spent the next four days training during the day and modifying his new arm so that he can move it like an actual hand during the night. He kept his prosthesis hidden and worked when no one, especially Miles, could see him.

    One day, after finally finishing enhancing his metallic arm, he disappeared. Early in the morning, when everyone’s daily routine in the Boomer Battalion started, Miles went to check on Matthew and noticed that he was gone. He asked both the lieutenant colonel and the doctor about Matthew’s whereabouts but both of them were also clueless.

    Miles also questioned the two if anything unusual happened to Matthew the past few days and when the doctor told him about the metallic arm Matthew asked for, he instantly knew what happened to his best friend.


    “Son, calm down,” Lt. Colonel Doug said.


    “What are you talking about young lad?” the doctor worriedly asked.

    “I think I know where Matthew is. If my intuition is correct, he should be at the forest where the Terror is hiding!” Miles roared.

    “Okay son, we get it,” Lt. Col. Douglass calmly replied, “We’ll try to help your friend.”

    Meanwhile, Matthew was already halfway through his trek to the Terror’s territory. The way towards the Terror was still very fresh in his mind. He knew every twist, turn and any obstacles or dangers that may hinder him from reaching his newfound nemesis.

    After about half an hour, Matthew arrived at the spot where they encountered the Terror for the very first time. The clearing was still freshly devastated. Trees were charred and some were falling. The ground was black and burnt and one of the trees was still stained with Matthew’s blood.

    ‘I’m coming for you, you bastard,’ Matthew thought to himself, ‘I’m gonna kill―no, I’m gonna exterminate you!!’

    “You demonic piece of sh*t, come out!” Matthew roared at the top of his lungs.

    Nothing. No movement occurred at all. The whole forest remained as a library. Birds chirped, the winds blew, but it remained tranquil as if it was a calm before a storm. Then, all of a sudden, a dark, metallic body popped out from behind a tree.

    “Well, if it isn’t the son of the demon that created me,” the Terror greeted Matthew casually as if nothing had happened between them before.

    “Yes, welcome. Welcome yourself to your death!” Matthew angrily replied and flung a glaive towards his opponent.”

    The Terror skillfully dodged and replied, “Ah, I see. Well, then let’s dance.”

    The evil robot fired plasma beams towards Matthew as the young monkey continued to throw glaives with his powerful metal prosthesis.


    The glaives flew again and again past the Terror’s head, each one closer to hitting him from the previous one.

    *CLANK!* finally, one glaive hit its mark and dinged the metal demon. Matthew was smart enough to bring Glaives that were covered in thermite so that they can actually damage the Terror.

    “GAH! You vile monkey! I’m going to kill you!!” the Terror growled as it jumped and ran towards Matthew with its fist.

    *GRRRIIINNNDD* Matthew used his right hand to stop the Terror’s deadly punch just in time. He then pushed the Terror away from him as hard as he can and grabbed a glaive from his pack and threw it to the Terror.

    “GAAHH!” the Terror screamed as the glaive hit his only good eye.

    The Terror was now completely blind and it fired plasma beams aimlessly out of pure rage once again.

    As the Terror ran amok blindly, Matthew grabbed the opportunity and threw as many glaives as he can towards the Terror, mainly its neck so that its head would be decapitated from its body.

    ‘The body can’t work without the mind,’ Matthew thought.

    After rigorously barraging the evil demon with a storm of glaives, the fight was finally over. The Terror’s head fell off its body and rolled on the ground.

    “Wrong…choice…you…imbe–“ the Terror’s last words were cut off by one last glaive from Matthew.

    “Perish in hell, you vile demon,” Matthew wearily cursed.

    The battle wasn’t very long, but it did tire Matthew out. After defeating the Terror, he laid down under a tree for a couple of minutes before starting the trip back to camp. Something unexpected occurred the moment Matthew stood up.

    It was an event so evil and uncanny that anyone who saw it happen would be bewitched and paralyzed by the terror they would experience. No one really knew how the Terror became sentient and no one was crazy enough to try and find out. Unfortunately, Matthew would be the first and the only person to find out.

    As soon as Matthew stood up, he looked at the Terror’s lifeless body and saw something unusual. Despite being “dead” the Terror’s body glowed green. The curious monkey walked up to it and as he grew closer and close, the light changed from a light green color of bloontonium to a darker, hue and finally changed into bloody red.

    When Matthew was right next to the body, something strange rose up from it. It looked like it was some sort of red gas but it also seemed to have the characteristics of a living being. The Terror’s head suddenly spoke and said, “Heh…augh…thanks for freeing me…too bad….you’re gonna–“

    “Huh, what? I’M GONA WHAT?!” Matthew screamed out loud timorously.

    The red gas went into Matthew and took over control of his mind. He looked the same outside, but his brain is now full of sadistic and evil thoughts that once filled the Terror’s mind.

    As it turns out, this red gas was the source of the Terror’s depravity. It’s like a sentient, volatile material that makes any living thing it possesses become a devil. No one in the monkey kingdom knows how or when it was formed, but rumor has it that a Satanic God exists as a counterpart to the Sun God, who people think is the source of all the evil in the world.

    Inside Matthew’s mind, he was fighting an uphill battle once again.

    ‘Get out of my head, whatever you are!’ Matthew yelled, if that’s even the right word.

    ‘Foolish monkey, what are you going to do if I don’t?’ a deep voice taunted, ‘I suppose you already know that that was a rhetorical question.’

    ‘What the hell are you? Show yourself!’ the poor monkey demanded.

    ‘Why, I’m you, you imbecile!’ the voice said.

    ‘No way, why are these thoughts in my head?!’

    ‘What thoughts? As I have said, I am you. Those are yours!’

    ‘WHAT?!?! What are you talking about?! Explain yourself!’ Matthew furiously asked the mysterious voice.

    ‘You see, I am what drives you inferior monkeys. I’m the cause of chaos, riots and everything you fear. I am what makes everyone different. I am you, I am everyone. I am fear. I am everything.’

    ‘So in other words, you’re the cause of evil in this world? Why do you need to occupy my body or someone else’s if you’re so powerful?’

    ‘Yes, you are right. I am the devil that drives your actions. But you see, it takes too much energy for my whole body to exist in your pitiful world. It would destroy everything, it might even cost me my own demise.’

    ‘But isn’t that what your purpose is? To destroy things? After all, you said you’re the source of all evil,’ Matthew questioned the voice.

    ‘Enough talk for now, you should see what my power can do,’ the voice said and chuckled evilly.

    While Matthew was being controlled by an evil monster, Miles was preparing to go on a trip to the Terror’s territory. The Lt. Col. And the doctor tried to stop him, but he was stubborn and argued with them to let him go.

    “I have to save my friend!” Miles yelled.

    “Son, listen, I know how you feel, but it’s just too dangerous!” Douglass pleaded.

    “Listen to us, Miles, the Terror is too strong!” the doctor explained.

    “What do you want me to do? Just stand here and wait for my friend hopelessly?”

    As Miles said this, Matthew arrived at the camp. He was still arguing with the voice inside his head and screaming silently for help, but he didn’t notice that the demon was controlling him and was walking his body back to the camp. Little did he know that he was about to experience another living nightmare.

    As he entered the camp, he went straight to his quarter and laid down to rest for a bit. After a couple of minutes, Miles came rushing in, glad to see his friend safe.

    “Matt! Glad to see you’re safe, dude.”

    ‘Hmm, I wonder what your reaction would be, if I killed your friend right here,’ the voice mused.

    ‘Don’t you dare lay a hand on him you sick f**k!’ Matthew bellowed.

    ‘Or what? You think you can tell me what to do? You can’t even control your own body!’ the voice smirked.

    “Yeah, no need to worry about me,” Matthew replied coldly to Miles.

    “Did you actually face the Terror?”

    “Yeah, I killed the bastard,” Matthew replied sharply.

    “Dude, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting like a damn jerk since we faced the Terror. What the hell is wrong with you?”

    “What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? You can’t expect your fri—err, I mean me, to follow every word you tell me do you?”

    “What? What the hell are you talking about?”

    “This, is what I’m talking about,” Matthew said as he punched his friend right in the stomach.

    “Auughh! What the hell!?” Miles said in pain while he was trying to keep his balance

    Matthew then kicked Miles down to the ground and if it wasn’t for the doctor and Douglass rushing in, he would’ve ended his friend’s life right there.

    ‘No, stop. STOP IT!!! GET THE F**K OUT OF MY HEAD!!!’ Matthew screamed quietly inside his head.

    ‘Can’t do anything about, can you, you little fool?’ was the voice’s taunting reply.

    “Miles, are you okay?!” the doctor worriedly asked as he saw Miles on the ground

    “Y-yeah…augh…I’m fine,” Miles said as he spat blood out of his mouth.

    “While the doctor took care of poor Miles, the Lt. Col. confronted Matthew.

    “What do you think you’re doing son!?”

    “Get out of my way, old man!” Matthew said as he shoved Lt. Col. Douglass out of his way.

    The older monkey grabbed Matthew’s hand and tried to stop him but Matthew threw a punch with his right arm which made his superior drop down to the ground.

    “Nooo! Sir, are you okay?!” Miles said.

    “Yes, son, no need to worry ‘bout me. Your friend, something happened to him. I can’t explain it, but he ain’t himself.”

    The doctor carried both monkeys on his shoulder and carried them to the infirmary to give them first aid.

    There, they formulated a plan on how to stop Matthew’s possible carnage.

    “What do you think happened to yer friend?” the old monkey asked.

    “I’m not entirely sure sir, but I think it has something to do with the Terror. That bastard must’ve done something to mess up Matt’s brain.”

    “Well, then, what do you suppose we do with him?”

    “I don’t know sir, but we have to get to him. I’m gonna try to talk to him once more and if he doesn’t listen…let’s just that he does.”

    “Are you sure about this?”

    “There’s no other choice, is there?” Miles said confidently.

    Just before the three parted their ways, a soldier came in panting with news about Matthew.

    “Sir! Sir! A soldier named Matthew, a Master Sergeant, has attacked two of our men!”

    “What the hell?!” was the Lieutenant Colonel’s immediate response, “Let’s go boys!”

    ‘I don’t believe it, Matthew would never do such a thing!’ Miles thought.

    When they reached Matthew, he was strangling a soldier midair with his metal arm.

    “Help, please!” the soldier pleaded as the party came to Matthew.

    “Matthew put him down now!” the Lt. Col. commanded.

    “Shut up you old fool!” Matthew screamed.

    ‘No, stop. Stop it. Don’t you dare hurt my friends. Just f***ing kill me!! Get out of my freaking head!!’

    ‘I’m getting tired of your crap, you idiotic piece of s***. Hmm, I guess I’ll just kill everyone here.’

    ‘No, please don’t! No more, just stop!!!’ Matthew screamed without anyone hearing.

    Matthew threw a glaive to one of the soldiers and killed him right away. He jumped up and threw the monkey he was just holding to the ground and ended his life also. He ran away, storming people with a storm of glaives as he passed through.

    ‘Kill, kill, kill!!’ was what was inside his head.

    “Let’s go, we can’t let him kill more monkeys!” Miles yelled.

    Matthew didn’t get very far before Miles reached him again.

    “Matthew stop! We don’t want to hurt you, but if you continue doing this, we’re gonna have to use force.”

    “Shut up, you weakling!” Matthew commanded.

    ‘No, Miles, get out of here!’ Matthew said inside his head.

    ‘You shut up too!’ the voice told Matt.

    ‘Or what? You can’t do anything to me either can you?’

    ‘GAH! Shut up or I’ll kill your friend!’

    Matthew threw a glaive towards Miles which barely missed the mark.

    “Son, I’m sorry to say this, but I don’t think yer friend will listen to us,” Douglass said.

    “Matthew! I know you’re there man. Please, fight through; I know you can do this!”

    “RAAAGGGHHH!!!” Matthew roared as his true self surfaced.

    ‘FOOL! Get back down there!’ the voice barked.

    “Miles! Just kill―”

    “Shut up!” an evil voice said.

    “Miles help….please….just end…my life,” Matthew said softly.

    “MWAHAHAHA! Your friend’s gone!! And you’re next. You’re all going to die!! Fools!!” the evil voice roared and fully took over Matthew’s body.

    “Matthew!!!” Miles cried as he tried to reach for Matthew.

    “No, son, he’ll kill ya!!” the Lt. Col. grabbed Miles, “Doctor help me!”

    The doctor came and helped hold off Miles.

    “No! LET GO OF ME!!” Miles pleaded.

    “Son, son! He’ll just kill ya! We have to end his life now for the sake of the kingdom. Yer friend said it himself!”

    “No, you can’t, you…you can’t just do that! Please let me try one more time.”

    “It’s too dangerous, lad, I can’t let ya,” Douglass said, “Doctor!”

    As soon as he heard the Lt. Col., Augustus jumped up and threw a glaive to Matthew. Distracted by the real Matthew, the evil voice was unable to react fast enough and got hit with a glaive on the head. The glaive opened a gush on Matthew’s head and blood flowed down his face.

    “Thank…you,” Matthew said with a bloody mouth as he dropped down on the ground.

    “Matthew!!!” Miles screamed as he pushed the older monkey away and ran towards his friend.

    “Hey, dude. Don’t worry…augh…it was…for the best,” Matthew said as his pulse stopped beating.

    “No. NO!! I CAN’T END HERE, NO! MY VESSEL!” the voice yelled in terror.

    ‘Heh, not so immortal after all, are ya?’ Matthew sharply remarked as his brain shut down. Those were his true, final words.

    Matthew’s body was carried away and was taken to a morgue in the city. When his parents heard of his unfortunate death, the same feelings of depression that struck Miles affected them. It was after all, an event that no one could have predicted. At least the evil demon that plagued the monkeys for hundreds of years is now gone.

    After a few days of funeral, Matthew was buried at a cemetery reserved for monkeys who served in the military, along with those he had killed. His tomb read:
    Matthew Monkenheimer
    24 Years Old
    “An honorable monkey who died an unfortunate death that purged the world of evil.”

    Miles continued with his life in the Boomer Battalion but now he doesn’t have Matthew with him. He promised to himself that he would make anyone who dare to harm the lives of the innocent pay for their actions. He trained every day in order to prepare himself for any possible events similar to what just occurred to him in the future.

    The world is now at peace, but evil cannot be fully purged. That is why Miles swore to watch over the monkey kingdom, for the sake of the citizens. Who knows what will happen in the future? The only way we can find out is to wait and hope for the best to come.

    NOTE: This "series" is discontinued, I solely wanted to share the stories I wrote a few years ago. Thank you for reading, and I hope you liked them.

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      Nice stories. Try a story for....a monkey pirate.


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        Ho-ho-ho-holy shuckle, this is awesome!

        Mind if you make stories for Left Path upgrades as well?
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          As a creepypasta fanatic I appreciate and enjoy these, thank you Richard!


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            CWJD : Thanks man, unfortunately I made this over 2 years ago, so I won't be making any more of them. I just wanted to share them with people who may come here on the new forums.

            Crushbeast : Hi Crush! I haven't seen you in a while, how are you? I'm glad you enjoyed these stories.


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              Originally posted by RICHARDARC18 View Post

              Crushbeast : Hi Crush! I haven't seen you in a while, how are you? I'm glad you enjoyed these stories.
              I'm great thanks. A lot's happened over the past 8 years since I joined Ninja Kiwi, mainly life though. I have retained some hours that were taken from me whilst I was at college but I work full time now so I can't devote endless hours to NK unfortunately. I really do miss playing BTD3 on my school computers back in the day, memories of NK I will never forget anyway, I'm not all that invested in NK games anymore as I always enjoy playing on my PS4 and Wii U a lot more than playing SAS 4 or battles, but I do play BTD5 and SAS 3 here and there

              Anyone remember Mochi Coins?


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                Aw pewp...great stories nonetheless!
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                  Nitpicking here, but the terror can't be made of titanium and have plasma weaponry, it would melt, as even the coldest if plasma is thousands of ° Celsius, and the melting point of titanium is about 1600° C.
                  Just private message me if you need something, I'll respond. I haven't visited this linked page in months, but there are cool people to see there, maybe, I wouldn't know.


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                    Originally posted by Deathsax View Post
                    Nitpicking here, but the terror can't be made of titanium and have plasma weaponry, it would melt, as even the coldest if plasma is thousands of ° Celsius, and the melting point of titanium is about 1600° C.
                    Well, today I learned. However, I'm not going to change the story that I wrote 2.5 years ago, I'd prefer to "preserve it" (I wanna read this in the future and think about what the heck was going on in my mind when I just started high school).

                    Anyway, I'm rambling, thanks for the note.


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                      Yeah it's cool, just for future reference, if you make more stories(which you should, these were good) about the terror, use metals like tungsten, or some alloys, they have higher melting points, but then again, you don't have to be hyper realistic.
                      Just private message me if you need something, I'll respond. I haven't visited this linked page in months, but there are cool people to see there, maybe, I wouldn't know.


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                        2 Things-
                        1. Thats incredibly messed up. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
                        2. Where do you get these ideas?


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                          Originally posted by Tack Shooter View Post
                          2 Things-
                          1. Thats incredibly messed up. THINK ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
                          2. Where do you get these ideas?
                          I used to think they were somewhat messed up, but there are a lot of stories (shows, anime, games, etc) that have much more "messed up" stories, which are actually very interesting. Sorry if the stories made you feel uncomfortable, I did have a warning on the very top.

                          I got the idea one day when I saw the 4/x sprite and thought "Wow, that thing looks pretty creepy," at which point ideas just flowed through my head and I started writing and looking for other sprites that may look too aggressive (given the nature of BTD5) until I got burnt out after the third story.

                          Now that I think about it, I ='m pretty sure I had a story about the things Monkey Temple sacrifices went through before they're killed to erect a Temple for the Sun God.


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                            Poor little monkeys... I always think of them as having nice background stories... not quite like these savage ones
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                              I wish there'd be a poll there so that people could give good ratings to this fanfic!

                              I think those stories are really good.
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