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  • Monkey Adventures: A BTD Fanfiction

    Hey guys! So this will be a fanfiction that I write in my free time. Chapters may be sparse, but here's what I got for the prologue.

    The story goes something like this: Once, there were two gods: the Sun God and the Cloud God. They created their respective races of creature. The Sun God modeled Monkeys after his and his sister's image. Strong but smart and knew how to use weaponry. The Cloud God found this incredibly vain and created her species, the Bloon, out of the cooked sap of the rubber tree and ceramics from clay she found in the ocean. However, there was one problem. These Bloons had no ability to reproduce, as the rubber sap was long dead and the clay had no soul to begin with. So she allowed the Bloons to suck up the Monkeys and use their souls to split into two. The Sun God, angered, killed the Cloud God in a fit of rage. But the Bloons remained, and throughout several wars, have tried to destroy all the monkeys. The Monkeys fought back, always succeeding, but the Bloons would not get destroyed. We are just another line of defense. We are the Apprentices.

    The Sun and Cloud Gods had magic, and both Monkeys and Bloons are able to tap into that magic. For the longest time, the wind magic of the Cloud God was guarded by the Bloons; all that could be learned was the fire magic of the Sun God. But one day, a strong fire mage had become curious and headed up to Lightning Scar, where the wind magic resides, destroyed the Deadly Master of Air known as Vortex, and claimed the Scroll of the Tempest Tornado as his reward. But and soon as he read it, he became crazy. Insane. He tried to kill his apprentice, who had not yet learned the slightest trace of fire magic, but Pyaan, as he was called, pried the Scroll from the mage's now-glowing hands and ran as far as he could. Now, he lives in a house in Lightning Scar, sacrificing towers who come near. He goes by one name: The Wizard Lord.

    Pyaan still lives with us in the Temple. His wisdom is what keeps us together in our darkest times. He has never touched fire magic; he knows the mere words of the spells could make him just as crazed as the Wizard Lord, and he advises us to choose our path in life. We learn from him not to seek to become the strongest wizard; rather, to further our learning in one magic for our entire lives, discovering more of the magics as we go. We will forever stay Apprentices; we always have something new to learn. But learning too much can drive one insane, as the Wizard Lord quite clearly showed.

    I've been raised in this temple for years and I know my place. When I left my family to learn the mystic arts, I wanted to grow strong. Wanted to gain absolute power from the mystic arts. I was young at the time, very confident. But Pyaan enlightened me, and even if I am still quite young and headstrong, I know where I stand in this heirarchy of mages. But tonight I was feeling absolutely restless. I felt as if I was being watched, something was looking at me. I couldn't quite place what the problem was, but I knew something was up. I climbed out of my bed, fearing something that I knew logically could not exist. Why was I doing this? I had to talk to Pyaan. Even if he scolded me and made me cry, I would at least have the answer that there was nothing there. As I got closer to the door of Pyaan's quarters, I heard his voice, conversing with another voice, quite raspy, that I had never heard before.

    "I understand your views on the nature of magic," Pyaan began, "but your sense led you here. You see them, correct?"

    "Everywhere," the other voice said. I took a peek through a crack in the door. The raspy old man was wearing white cloth with a hood and red accents. "I went down to Monkey City, and everywhere one could look, a bloon was there. Nobody could see them; they were all oblivious to the danger they were in."

    "I believe I have seen a few. My sense is not as good as yours, considering that is the only magic you Ninjas train in. But I have seen enough to believe." I was freaking out. What I felt was watching me was an army of bloons, throughout the Temple and the city and even the dojo on the other end of town. Pyaan continued. "They seemed to have a pattern on them, did they not?"

    "Yes," said the man who was quite obviously a ninja. "Seemed to have camouflage on them. Same kind that we equip our dartling gunners with."

    Pyaan cleared his throat. "I believe we need to warn the rest. The Bloons were never destroyed. And they are worse than ever."
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      If only i have time to make stories....but school ;-;

      BTW nice story

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        Can't wait till the actual story starts


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          Originally posted by Loopiloop View Post
          Can't wait till the actual story starts
          You're so lucky I decided to check into this community. I rarely ever do anymore. Glad you like it, but I don't think I'll be doing much more of it...Check the date.


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            Originally posted by Fortanono View Post

            You're so lucky I decided to check into this community. I rarely ever do anymore. Glad you like it, but I don't think I'll be doing much more of it...Check the date.
            That's sad 😢


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              Originally posted by Loopiloop View Post

              That's sad 😢
              I agree I like reading fan fictions of Bloons.
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                This is really interesting man! Good work. If you ever need someone to help edit... Hit me up! I'm looking for an editing partner as well.