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BTD 4 - Anyone else still like this? Do you connect OK?

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  • BTD 4 - Anyone else still like this? Do you connect OK?

    I'm just curious. I like the graphics a lot. And it's fun to go back now and again to see if I've improved after playing BTD 5.

    I've bought tracks from the other BTD4 (extension or something?), but the 2 games won't connect to the server and neither recognizes me anymore, so the new tracks aren't available.

    Almost forgot ... I can't get at least one original track to run. I'm wondering if anyone *knows* something before I write to Support. Like, is BTD 4 and its companion not supported anymore?

    Thanks for reading this.

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    yes, I play BTD 4 right now. Looks like the lag will make me play it for several more days. I play to get the last achievement I miss in the game, so I have to reach round 100 on apocalypse, but it takes horribly long time. I started something like 32 hours ago, I reached round 86 now, but the last two rounds took 10 hours. I won't be at home for the next 40 hours and hope round 100 will be reached by then.

    Has anyone else encountered the same?
    Is it possible to contact ninjakiwi-support to get the achievement?

    I am sure, my setup/towerplacement is good enough to make it, but I doubt my PC will survive it. ;-(

    If you have any advice, please awnser. Thanks in advance.


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      I made it yesterday! Took three and a half days and made me learn something: If you minimize the tab, then flash becomes faster. With open window, I made three levels in something like 16 hours, with the tab minimized, I made 8 rounds in 10 hours.


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        Hey LT, that's great! If you have Windows I have one tip that may help you out. Whenever you feel the lag refresh the page. That resets the "plugin container" process to a lower number, as well as the Flash Player itself, and the lag will probably go away. You can use the Processes tab of your Windows Task Manager to watch the numbers for yourself. I keep my Task Mgr minimized in the task bar so I can watch. Good luck!


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          Thanks Jibbu,
          I have a mac and use safari browser, refreshing the page results in reloading the game totally, so any progress would be lost.

          And since I finally did it, it doesn't matter anymore.


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            Haven't played BTD4 in a while, so just wondering: What's the best strategy? Is it just spamming sun gods?
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              Man, I went back to BTD 4 a few weeks ago, and I was amazed how different it is to BTD 5! Just take 1 example: the gatling gunner...


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                The game itself is awesome. It has new towers, new everything. I challenge you to beat Round 250.

                Additions include the BFB, a single chain of upgrades, and the awesome noob trap tower, the Monkey Apprentice.
                This is like Street Fighter V for PS2 again.


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                  I played it, I feel like the towers in the game are a bit more unbalanced than in BTD5. I was gonna make a video on doing the hardest challenge but gave up on that...
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                    I played BTD4 when i was in 3rd-4th grade. I usually played it after a long test, where we can sent to the computer lab if we're done of testing.

                    Now, it looks like BTD4 seems to be even worse for late game due to this lag and dead pixels. Still love my Tempest Wizards.