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Split Personality - Sep 13, 2016

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  • Split Personality - Sep 13, 2016

    Rounds 20-65 with 2 of each: 2/3 Dart Monkeys, Ninjas, Apprentices, 2/4 Ice Monkeys, 2/4 Super Monkeys, and 0/4 Mortars. One Angry Squirrel provided. Black and white bloon ranks are switched. By Original Otaku
    Starting Cash: 6700

    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku
    Split Personality
    Description: Pass Rounds 20-65 on The Great Divide, Medium with towers whose upgrade portraits show a much darker and edgier personality.

    Starting Cash: $6700
    Health: 150
    Rounds: 20-65
    Towers: Dart Monkeys (2/3), Ninjas (4/4), Boomerang Throwers (4/0), Ice Towers (2/4), Wizards (4/4), Super Monkeys (4/4), Mortars (0/4). 2 each.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Track: The Great Divide
    Agents?: Angry Squirrels only, one provided.
    Road Items?: Yes.
    MM Reward: $50
    Test State: Someone teach me how to get lots'o cash early on, farms only gave me ~$5500.

    Bloon Ranks:
    Red: 0
    Blue: 0
    Green: 0
    Yellow: 0
    Pink: 0
    Black: +1 (White)
    White: -1 (Black)
    Lead: 0
    Zebra: 0
    Rainbow: 0
    Ceramic: 0
    MOAB: 0
    BFB: 0
    ZOMG: 0

    Loosely based off my upcoming Wattpad Story Sp|it Persona|ity, but with less torture. Explanation up in the description, and yeah, how do I get cash without injections? I think I didn't farm well...
    Originally posted by Trump Monkey
    Look at what you've done NK! You may say that Flash is dying, but I assure you that it won't actually die. You're just cutting slack on these games, and I seek the need to change that.

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    Beat it on first try. The starting cash seems surprisingly high.


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      NAPS, I lost quite a bit with game overs due to failed luck in the very early 50's, but Once I deiced to use an SSL for 50 by Selling stuff it worked great all I had to do was get my Laser Monkey to another Plasma, and it was pretty straight forward from there only SSL when needed.

      RCD: 6/10 (Harder then I thought it would be, it does require minor luck, and ability usage, but it's not to bad at all once you pass 50, not a 100MM DC, more of an 80-85MM one.)
      Difficulty: 7/10
      Enjoyablity: 6.5/10 (Near Fun.) (Minor luck killed a hair, but it's not bad at all.)
      Overall: 6,65/10 (Nice) (Borderline upper B)
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        NAPS (fast forward quite a bit as it's in the latter parts of the video)


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          10th DC!

          I've learned how to give fewer cash now, sorry if it seemed too easy. (The 60s are still kinda brutal, no?)
          I'm just a who should be working on their homework.

          Originally posted by nanahira
          Pure feathers of whiteness touch the ground; one Holy Seraph coming down, hearing the guidance bell sound - raise a cross for all of the world... Thou, allowed to see due to thy faith, thou may now walk to Eden's gate.

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            NAPS first try. NAPSFRILLS on the other hand... ended up being a lot more complicated after factoring MOAB path randomness.

            This should work for any configuration, took a lot of trial and error to have enough for 60.

            2x 2/1 Apprentices (strong)

            2x Ninjas 1/0 + 1/1

            21 - 1/0 ninja to 1/1
            22 through 27 - 2x 0/3 dart monkeys (Strong)
            28 through 30 - Both dart monkeys to 2/3
            31 through 33 - one ninja to 2/1, other ninja to 1/2
            34 / 35 - 2x ice towers to 2/1
            37 - Both apprentices to 2/2
            38 - 1/2 ninja to 1/3 - NOT 2/3 (else you won't have enough cash later on 60, found this out the hard way)
            39 - 2/1 ninja to 2/2
            40 - 1/3 ninja to 1/4, sabotage
            41 - 2/2 ninja to 2/3 - Again, only upgrade this one ninja to 2/x . Other stays at 1/x.
            43 - Sabotage ceramics
            46 - wait for MOAB to choose side, then add a 0/0 super on that side + use sabotage. I toggled apprentice to first to help proc shards
            47 - App back to strong. 2/3 ninja to 2/4, use sabotage at start
            48 - Both ice towers to 2/3 (upgraded the side without a super first)
            49 - sabotage ceramics, second 0/0 super on other side.
            50 - 2/3 ninja to 2/4 (other should be 1/4 only), sabotage before the round + again during ceramics before 2nd MOAB. Super to 1/0 for 2nd MOAB
            51 - other super to 1/0
            52 - Sabotage when MOABS appear. Upgrade that side's 1/0 Super to 1/1. Toggled to strong to hit 2nd MOAB after breaking first MOAB
            53 - other 1/0 super to 1/1, Sabotage as soon as First moab appears (you want it to get hit by shards), same pattern of toggling the super to strong so it hits the 2nd MOAB ASAP

            54 - Sabotage MOABs
            55 - sabotage before last ceramic rush (#4)
            56 - sabotage when MOAB appears
            57 - sabotage when the 2nd pair of MOABS appears
            58 - wait for first MOAB to appear. Upgrade that side's super to 2/1. Toggled again from strong to first. Sabotage used ASAP
            59 - Other super to 2/1. Sabotage when camoleads appear
            60 - Switch both Apprentices and darts to First. Wait for BFB to choose side. Upgrade that side's apprentice to 2/3 ASAP. Sabotage when the anti-monkey circle on the BFB is about halfway visible. Don't sabotage too early, else it will wear off when the MOABs break.

            *I placed squirrel here just in case but it had 0 pops

            61 - Use sabotage again when up
            62 - 2/2 apprentice to 2/3, sabotage when available
            63 - sabotage used on 3rd rush
            64 - sabotage at start
            65 - one Apprentice to 2/4. Sabotage when MOABs appear, and again when BFBs break. Phoenix used when only BFBs are left.

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              I just don't even.

              Difficulty: 9/10
              Enjoyability: 6/10
              Originality: 5/10
              Total: 6.2/10
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                *dies on 46*
                tfw you're bad at your own DC because you never tested it.
                I'm just a who should be working on their homework.

                Originally posted by nanahira
                Pure feathers of whiteness touch the ground; one Holy Seraph coming down, hearing the guidance bell sound - raise a cross for all of the world... Thou, allowed to see due to thy faith, thou may now walk to Eden's gate.

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                  Ty Incogneato for the guide, with N A P S F R I L L S as result .
                  ​Ps.... I read 3 times Ninja's to 2-4 LOL

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                    Nice challenge. NAPSFRIS. 2 lives lost.
                    Difficulty:6.5/10 - First, I lost on 63. I had a decent defense but I didn't think I needed to SSL. Second try, passed. Used a LOT of SSL and still lost two lives in 57.
                    Fun: 6/10 - I don't really like this track. Not too bad. Twice is a couple of days is a bit much though.
                    Total: 12.5/20 - Above Average

                    No Pic., Forgot to take again.
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                      Ninja 3/1
                      Ninja 2/1
                      Two apprentices 2/0 (strong)
                      Dart monkey 2/3
                      Ninja to 4/1
                      Dart monkey 2/3
                      Ninja to 4/2
                      Ninja to 2/4
                      Two super monkeys 0/0 (strong, switch between strong and first when needed in rounds: 52, 53, 54, 61, set to first on BFBs in round 65)
                      Ice tower 2/3 (left)
                      Ice tower 2/3
                      Super monkey to 2/0 (left)
                      Super monkey to 2/0
                      Both apprentices to 2/2
                      Apprentice to 2/3 (during round 60, on the side that BFB chose)
                      Apprentice to 2/3
                      Both ice towers to 2/4
                      Both super monkeys to 2/2
                      Use sabotage supply lines in rounds: 43 (on ceramics), 46, 50 (on the first MOAB if chose left path, on ceramics before the second MOAB if the first MOAB chose right path), 52 (on MOABs), 54 (on MOABs), 57 (on the second pair of MOABs), 60 (just after starting the round), 63 (on the third ceramic rush when it's close to ice towers; start round 64 immediately), 65 (on MOABs)
                      Use absolute zero ability in rounds: 63 (two times: on the first ceramic rush when it's close to the ice towers, then on the second ceramic rush when it's close to the ice towers), 64 (if needed), 65 (two times: on the children of the first three MOABs from the first BFB, then on the children of first three MOABs from the second BFB)