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Cunetry Century: Second Stage - Sep 13, 2017

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  • Cunetry Century: Second Stage - Sep 13, 2017

    Rounds 25 - 53 on Bloon Circles Hard with a Sniper, Ice Tower, and Apprentice. No upgrade limits. By Original Otaku
    Starting Cash: 2500
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku View Post
    Guess who's back!?

    Cunetry Century: Second Stage ~ Apprism
    Description: 25-52 on Bloon Circles, Hard with an Ice Tower, an Apprentice, and a Sniper. By Original Otaku

    Starting Cash: $2500
    Lives: 100
    Rounds: 25-53
    Towers: Ice Tower, Apprentice, Sniper. All 4/4, 1 of each.
    Difficulty: Hard
    Track: Bloon Circles
    Agents?: Yes; but none provided.
    Road Items?: No.
    MM Reward: $110
    Test State: Tested NAPS-74LL.

    ~ Bloon Ranks Unchanged ~


    Based on the upcoming live event Cunetry☆Stage 2kaime by pomme'tto that was just annnounced yesterday. This is meant to be some sort of sequel to Cunetry Century (12/01/17), with a different track. Don't worry; it still has a tough start and an ending that requires your old enemy - you guessed it - sell+rebuy. I originally wanted to go to 25-55, but 54 seemed really luck-based. It's possible though, and so is 55; but no thank you, I don't want another Yatta~! - I want another Cunetry Century.

    ((The image says 53 because I tested it up to that point; then scrapped it due to luck issues again. You could end up with more cash because of having to reload the game when testing 52 and that ability bug.))
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    *clears throat*:

    yeah yeah i get it only otaku will post stuff like this, go shove the dust in my face and move on

    Wait... I forgot to edit the end round to 52...
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      NAPS, only 46 can be considered "LB" if it takes top path.

      RCD: 5/10 (75MM)
      Rating: 6.25/10 (-.25 a point due to how 46 can be.)
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        Can 53 be done without bird spam? I'm so close but not quite otherwise.


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          NAPS, A bit sloppy.

          46 is possible without phoenix. You need 2/3 wizard, 3/2 sniper and 2/4 ice. When MOAB breaks use AZ on ceramics.

          difficulty: 5/10
          Enjoyability: 6/10
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            Originally posted by sniper 355 View Post
            NAPS, A bit sloppy.

            46 is possible without phoenix. You need 2/3 wizard, 3/2 sniper and 2/4 ice. When MOAB breaks use AZ on ceramics.

            difficulty: 5/10
            Enjoyability: 6/10
            I found on 46 a 2/3 sniper will break the Moab just short of the last circle. a 3/2 wizard in the circle will blow the ceramics back.