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    Originally posted by Aaron View Post

    I haven't said that. Please note if you needed to used a specialty to test.

    I've made some changes to this one now.
    Thanks a lot for both the clarification and change.
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      Probably needs a rewards increase too.
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      Originally posted by AnthonysToolBox
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        finished NAPS on the nerfed version, and here's a guide:

        2 1/0 spactories
        2 2/0 ice towers
        1/0 farm
        1/1 sniper strong
        farm to 2/0
        spactories to 1/2 -> 3/2
        on 47 sell farm and sniper. Buy 3/0 dartling and 2/1 dartling
        aim just above the spactories so it will hit maximum damage on both paths
        on 50 look where the second MOAB spawns. On that path, upgrade the spactory to 4/2 on 52 (you might need to sell dartling)
        on 54 sell things except ice to get a second 4/2 spactory
        rebuy 2/0 farm
        rebuy 3/0 dartling
        on 63 sell farm, buy a 2/3 dartling.
        on 64 sell a dartling for a 0/4 ace, use ability
        65 should be fine, but buy something else to be safe

        difficulty: 5.5/10 (80 MM)
        Enjoyability: 4/10 (point off for ripping off another DC)
        I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
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