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Pretty Little Liars - Jun 18, 2017

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  • Pretty Little Liars - Jun 18, 2017

    Rounds 26 - 50 on Runway Medium with two Snipers, Ice Monkeys, Glue Gunners, and Apprentices. No upgrade limits. By lla26
    Starting Cash: 5000
    Original Suggestion:
    Originally posted by lla26 View Post
    At this point, I'm going to suggest new DCs while editing older pending ones.

    Pretty Little Liars

    Runway Medium from rounds 26-50. 2 of each.

    Starting Cash: $5000
    Starting Lives: 150
    Start Round: 26
    End Round: 50
    Max No. of Towers: N/A
    Max Per Class: 2
    Difficulty/Mode: Medium
    Track: Runway
    Available Towers/Upgrades: Sniper Monkey, Ice Tower, Glue Gunner, Monkey Apprentice. All 4/4.
    Available Agents: All allowed, none provided
    Bloon Ranks: All normal

    Tested, although I barely survived. Not that hard actually - ice shards are useful for catching leaks such as MOAB children and a 2/3 sniper set to first for other leaks such as 47. I think it's 60-90MM.

    Theme is hotkeys based off the 4 main characters: Hanna, Aria, Spencer, and Emily.
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    149th. And tradition, as usual...
    (Couldn't find a good video, so...)
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    What an epic fail of a quote:
    Originally posted by Original Otaku
    If you see the challenge made by the notable users incogneato, sniper 355, The Supermonkey (formerly JamesNg2), lla26, Gamzdude, or Superbloons321 (formerly Simone Esposito), you better run for your life.


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      I'm just curious to whether you beat this when the r46 MOAB took the short or long path.

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        2/0 glue strong (very bottom)
        2x 2/0 apprentices

        27 - 0/0 sniper (Strong)
        28 - sniper to 1/1
        31 - 1/0 glue (Last)
        32 - Both apps to 2/1. Toggle sniper to First when needed to catch leaks.
        33 - sniper to 1/2, Toggle to first (back to Strong for 34)
        35 - toggle sniper to first for pinks
        37 - Sniper to 1/3 ASAP, then other glue to 2/0. Toggle sniper to first to catch leaks + at end after breaking all camos to blues.
        38 - Set bottom app to Strong, sniper toggling between strong and first to take out regens. I didn't fast forward at all.
        39 - Sniper back to Strong, sniper to 2/3. Toggle it to first if needed, should be OK when you get 2/x upgrade.
        40 - Set both glues to Strong. 2/1 ice (short path)
        42 - top apprentice to 2/2
        43 - Second 2/1 sniper (strong) + second 2/1 ice (left path)
        45 - Sniper to 3/1
        46 - Toggle 2/3 sniper to First so 3/1 can clear out full ceramics. Worked on both paths for me.
        47 - 2/3 sniper back to strong to start. Other apprentice to 2/2. Toggle 2/3 sniper to first when only camos are left
        49 - Both glue gunners to 2/2, then upgrade short path ice to 2/3 ASAP. Toggle 2/3 sniper to first to catch anything that gets past shards.
        50 - 2/3 Ice to 2/4. During round, upgrade left path ice to 2/3. Toggle 2/3 sniper to First for MOABs. Use absolute zero on short path MOAB's children if needed

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          NAPSFRI tried without selling, and even with only minor selling no go, so had to sell, other wise I found it to hairy. and NLL was to much Sniper toggling and some minor luck so did not bother there either.

          RCD: 4.75/10
          Rating:6.5/10 (Short & Sweet, and pretty good theme.)
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            Fun challenge, but I really didn't like how it relied on Ice Shards timing luck and MOAB path luck.

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              Originally posted by AFN7 View Post
              Fun challenge, but I really didn't like how it relied on Ice Shards timing luck and MOAB path luck.
              Incogneato said that there is no MOAB path luck.
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                Originally posted by Albert3105 View Post

                Incogneato said that there is no MOAB path luck.
                I tried doing it myself.

                Nevertheless, I have found incogneato's guides to be helpful when I can't be bothered to figure for myself.
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                  NAPSFRIS, fun challenge.

                  difficulty: 4.5/10
                  Enjoyability: 7/10
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                    NAPSFRIS. Tried three times for NLL. Got all the way to 40 then ice missed a ceramic. CBA to try again.
                    Difficulty: 5.5/10 - Not that hard, need to be careful for some of the early rounds and on 50 if you don't pay attention. NLL needs the patient of a saint.

                    Originally posted by My Evil Clone
                    I.E Incogneato
                    Fun: 6.5/10 - Not bad, and it was nice and short.
                    Total: 12/20 - Above Average.
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                    Driven: Yes

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                      RCD: 4/10
                      Difficulty: 3.44/10
                      Enjoyment: 4.4/10
                      Final Verdict: 5.6/10 (Decent, B)

                      Driven Progress: 8/90
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