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  • If this becomes paid, then either BTD4M or BTD5M should be free. Maybe BTD4M since it is the most "outdated" but interesting.
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    • HTML5 or Flash?


      • Originally posted by manav View Post
        HTML5 or Flash?
        Not Flash for sure, NK has most recently resorted to Unity.
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        Originally posted by PsoGnar
        The only thing I'm sure of her ability to haunt me in my dreams; and it must be so routine, because all in all it seems so far away to be so close, I want you to know
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        • Would BTD battles become obsolete and outdated then? Or would they update it with newer visuals?


          • Bloons TD Battles Mobile is still alive and going strong through its recent updates. [Although, Flash version of Battles is pretty much dead] So, I'd say the answer to your question is a resounding no.
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