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    not a "tower idea" in the sense of a new tower, but rather a rework. Engineer tower, while moderately strong early game, is kind of bland overall, and really irritating when it somehow manages to repeatedly put turrets right where I'm trying to place a tower. My recommendation is to put all of the turret upgrades into one path (removing the annoying random placement mechanic altogether), and all of the utility options in the other. so it might look something like:

    0/0: same
    1/0: place a turret at a point of your choice, has higher rate of fire than the engineer but no pierce yet and a smaller range. Can be relocated by selecting the turret and clicking the "relocate" ability, which would have a cooldown.
    2/0: turret gains improved projectiles, dealing more damage to ceramics, popping frozen, more range, and +1 pierce; engineer gets the same bonuses.
    3/0: turret gains a rocket launcher, allowing it to pop leads and deal slight AOE damage
    4/0: allows placement of a second turret
    0/1: cleansing foam, except as an added effect to the engineer's basic attack
    0/2: build a "track spanner" that puts a platform that can fit any 1 tower directly over the track. treated like a tunnel for bloons, but this could allow you to better use certain high-pierce towers like juggernauts or otherwise just making it easier to fit more towers in a monkey village's range
    0/3: bursting foam shots hit multiple bloons at once, and apply a significant DOT effect to moabs
    0/4: build a "track extender" that looks like a short jut out and back into the original path, increasing the time your towers see every bloon. Alternatively, if that's too complex to make, a simple "backward-facing treadmill" that slows all bloons and moabs by a percentage while they are on a section of track could be a fine equivalent.


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      monkey thrower: throws multply tings when upgraded just like apperentice start with a dart with 1 pierce and the rnage of ninja monkkey $350

      1/x can now throw a boomerang with 3 pierce $400
      2/x can now throw a rapid surkien with 8 pierce and it flies very fast $500
      3/x now sometimes throws a big bomb wich can pop up to 100 bloons deals 2 damage to ceramic and slowly taws out bloons form ice so tehey move slowlier also does x3 damage to moab class $1250
      4/x now has a chance of throwing a seaking rocket with aaround 0,75 x the mass of 4/x motar popping 2 layers in the center (the bigombs range) and 1 layer on rest also dealls x6 damage in the center to moab calss and 3 damage to ceramic in center random bloons are givien bunry stuff and random bloons are stunned (moabclass move slowlier if stunned) has 1K pierce now also throws more then 1 weapon at a time and surikens become seaking surikens when have 2 pierce left $5100
      x/1 extra pierce: now gains extra pierece to his weapons giving +1 pierce to darts +2 pierce to boomerang +2 to surikens +10 to bomb $400
      x/2 extra throwing speed: shoots 5% faster $500
      x/3 now can see camo's have more range shoots another 5% faster and gains masivly pierce to all weapons (darts have now 10 pierce boomerangs 20 and suriken 25) also every 5th shot is a hot shot wich can pop leads and frozen bloons $1250
      x/4 double shot: now throws 3 darts a time 2 boomerangs or 2 surikens also gets an ability: tqack sprayer: shoots darts boomerangs or surikens in 16 directions for 10 seconds boomerngs fly far away from tower and fly onc emore if pierce left cooldwon 30 seconds $3500


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        Leadclad: An air tower that slowly circles its station and fires 4 heavy darts on each side through broadside cannons. Station may be placed on water or land.
        Additional Info: The Leadclad is actually a bloon, similar in design and size to the DDT, but shaped like a normal MOAB and is without a camo look.

        Path 1:
        Upgrade 1: Steam Engine
        Circles around the base much faster
        Upgrade 2: Rapid Fire
        Makes the tower shoot at 1.5 times the normal speed
        Upgrade 3: Dartling Gun
        Adds a forward-firing dartling gun that can aim itself
        Upgrade 4: Bomber
        Rapidly causes explosions at the ship's location that especially hurt MOAB-class bloons

        Path 2:
        Upgrade 1: Cannonballs
        Fires extra-piercing cannonballs that can pop frozen and lead bloons instead of darts
        Upgrade 2: Heavy Fire
        Adds an additional cannon per side
        Upgrade 3: Ultra Violance
        Adds 2 more cannons per side
        Upgrade 4: Missile Lancher
        Fires heat-seeking missiles at two-thirds of the cannon firing rate.

        Third building upgrade:
        Adds an additional 2 cannons per side
        Fourth building upgrade/Premium upgrade:
        Missiles and Bombs fire cluster bombs on explosion and those bombs have sharp fragments flying out of them.


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          New Tower

          Gas Filler

          Design: The Gas Filler wears a full brown bodysuit that covers the entire body with goggles where the eyes are. The monkey also has a yellow gas tank attached to the suit's back. The tube is gray with a yellow and black stripe at the start of it.
          Price is 900

          Attack Method: The Gas Filler attaches tubes to the bloon's side. It then fills air in the bloon, popping one layer. Attacks every 0.15s, and takes 0.79 seconds to pop a bloon

          1-x: Sharp Rocks: The Tube is now filled with eight rocks. When a bloon is popped, the rocks fly out in 1-90 degree angles. (Cost: 700)
          Design: The gas tank has a brown stripe vertically and horizontally.

          2-x: Fast Pop: The Tube is now smaller, allowing it to pop bloons faster (Every 0.37s). (Cost: 1050)
          Design: The bodysuit is now yellow and red, a 50/50 split.

          3-x: Homing Tube: Tubes home in on its target(s). (Cost: 1500)
          Design: The tank's upper half is now blue.

          4-x: Blow Away Button: Occasionally blows bloons away in its radius. (Cost: 3500)
          Design: The tube now has a red button on it.

          x-1: Attachment: Tubes attach longer and pop 2 layers. (Cost: 1100)
          Design: The tube is now yellow and the stripes are red and black.

          x-2: Sharp Eye: The tubes can detect camo bloons. (Cost: 550)
          Design: The tube(s) have eyes on them.

          x-3: Multi Tube: The Gas Filler now has 3 tubes instead of one. (Cost: 3000)
          Design: The tank's lower half is red.

          x-4: Lower Volume: Tubes can now affect MOAB Class Bloons. Rocks will pop inside the MOAB and not spread.
          Damage to MOAB Class Bloons
          MOABs: Makes it take 40% more damage
          BFBs: Makes it take 25% more damage
          ZOMGs: Makes it take 10% more damage
          All effects last for 12 seconds, and it cannot pop that MOAB Class until the duration is over.
          Design: The bodysuit is replaced with a red lab coat. The tank is on his heels.
          Ability: Tosses 50 tubes at nearby bloons, and stick to them for 8 layers. Rocks will have an effect on them as well.
          This is Street Fighter V again.


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            Originally posted by huang123abc View Post
            Archer Monkey

            Price: $700 medium

            Description: Shoots arrows over a long distance. Each arrow can pop up to 5 bloons.

            Attack speed: Same as Tack Shooter

            Projectile speed: Same as Monkey Buccaneer

            Popping power: Each arrow pops 5 bloons

            Range: Same as 0/1 Super Monkey. Arrows will continue on until they either reach their popping limit or go off-screen

            Path 1 Upgrades

            Sneaky Archer: Archer Monkey can detect camo bloons. ($400) Archers are known to sense any target anywhere.

            Long-Distance Targeting: Increases range (same as 0/2 Super Monkey) ($800) Starting to see a pattern with this side. Let's see, how bout skill?

            Multi-Shot: Shoots three arrows at a time! ($1400) Yup, Definitely skill. Pretty cheap, considering the $3100 the Tower costs. 3x Dart works cause it's like $800 when you paid about $700 for the tower.

            Flaming Arrows: Sets bloons on fire, can pop frozen and lead (Fire effect is similar to Burny Stuff) ($1500) That's pretty epic, but a little UP for a fourth tier upgrade :/

            Path 2 Upgrades

            Faster Reload: Shoots arrows faster (same as 2/0 Tack Shooter) ($500) Do you know how fast 2/0 tack shooter fires??? It's freaking OP it should be nerfed. (1/0) would be good for the price.

            Sharp Arrows: Arrows pop up to 8 bloons. ($600) That's... awesome

            Precise Arrows: Arrows pop 2 layers off each bloon, and deal extra damage to ceramics! ($1200) We talking 3 or 4 damage to ceramic? Probably 4 or 5 which would be powerful.

            Arrow Rain Ability: Rains down waves of arrows on nearby bloons (Similar to Rocket Storm, but with arrows instead of rockets.) ($2000) There's a real life weapon just like this called the Hwacha. And instead of rocket storm which would be a kindof ripoff, have it release them in a varying and steady stream as opposed to several bursts. Increase the price to $3500 cause rockets as well costs $8000,
            These seem to be a dime a dozen, but it's always nice to see an Archer idea once in a while.
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              May as well contribute while i'm here...

              Tower: Assault Tower
              Cost: $475
              Description: A Tower specifically designed to house Monkeys that target multiple bloons at once. Starts out with a simple Blowdart monkey that shoots at the first bloon, but must be upgraded to target any other bloon.
              Range: 120 pix (Dart is 90)
              Piercing: 2
              RoF: 24 (Dart is 29)
              Layers: 1
              Targets: none. Main weapon shoots at First bloon.
              Size: Helipad

              Path 1:
              1. Dart Blaster - A Shotgun monkey will blast the closest bloons with a 4 shot spread of darts. Adds a projectile to First weapon. (Parallel shot for First wep. SG has 100 pix reach, 34 RoF & 2 piercing) $650

              2. Pineapple Frags - A Grenadier monkey throws pineapple grenades at the strongest bloon. Increases fire rate of First weapon. (RoF 28. Eight 1pp frags. First wep: RoF 24 > 18) $1000

              3. Trapper - Lays traps around the Tower that hold bloons indefinitely until popped. (disappear after selling. holds 8 bloons & resets after round) $1800

              4. MOAB traps - Traps can now immobilize MOAB class bloons, holding them for 5 seconds. (Max ZOMG. BFBs have 2.5 second stun. Holds 1 per trap & now holds 10 bloons.) $3500

              Path 2:
              1. Lookout Tower - Increases the range of all Monkeys in the Tower. (Range 120 > 155 pix. SG has 100 > 110 reach) $330

              2. Slacker Shot - A rifle-monkey is added to the Tower, popping 3 layers off the last bloon in range. First weapon has an extra piercing. (27 RoF) $750

              3. Upgraded Tech - This tower & all surrounding towers gain Camo detection. Adds a laser weapon that rapidly pops the weakest bloons in range. (4 RoF, 1 layer/pierce. pops frozen) $2100

              4. Arial support ability - All towers have a 20% range boost & the screen is shot up by Sniper drones. Lasts for 8 seconds. $5500
              Ability: Four 2/3 snipers target the First, Last, Weak & Strong bloons. Cooldown: 45 seconds.

              Special Building: Military Armament.
              1. Reduce cost by 5%
              2. Increase Range by 10%
              3. All buffs given to the First weapon from upgrades is increased by 10%
              4. First weapon inflicts poison that pops once every 4 secs.
              X. Increases the cost of Sniper towers by 5%
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