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    How about a storm tower, which would act somewhat like a water version of a glue gunner or bloonchipper?

    Base: Launches a stream of water that doesn't pop bloons, but will push them backwards around the length of a BFB (removing ice and glue in the process). Has 1.1x the range of a glue gunner, shoots 40% slower that a dart monkey, and has a pierce of 3. The tower cannot hit camo blooons or MOAB-class bloons. (Cost: 425)

    1-x Bigger Hoses: The streams of water will have double pierce, and the tower will shoot 33% faster. (Cost: 550)

    2-x High-Pressure Stream: The streams of water will also pop one layer off the bloons. This can pop leads, as well as MOAB-class bloons (though it still won't push them back). (Cost: 700)

    3-x Triple Hose: The tower will attack 200% faster, and the tower's range will be increased by 15%. (Cost: 2300)

    4-x Tidal Wave: The tower will launch a large wave (around the size of a tornado) every 2.5 seconds, which has a pierce of 50. The tidal wave stuns bloons, pops two layers off them, and knocks them back a small distance (around the distance of a pink bloon). The tower will also get a 10% range increase. (Cost: 3000)

    x-1 Longer Sights: The tower has 20% extra range. (Cost: 375)

    x-2 Bloon Dampen: Bloons hit by the streams will move 20% slower for 5 seconds. (Cost: 450)

    x-3 Whirlpool: Creates a whirlpool on the road every 6 seconds, which has the size of a 0-1 bomb tower explosion and lasts 3 seconds itself. The whirlpool pulls up to 80 nearby bloons to the center at the speed of 5x a red bloon, damaging them once per second. Bloons will try to escape the whirlpool, however. Regen bloons will not regenerate while in the whirlpool. (Cost: 1500)

    x-4 Bloon Vortex: The tower can now affect MOAB-class bloons, but the streams and whirlpool will have a 75%/82.5%/90% reduced pushback effect on MOABS/BFBS/ZOMGS. In addition, when the tower attacks a MOAB-class bloon, there is a cooldown equal to the current attack speed of the tower placed on the MOAB for that attack (During this cooldown, other x-4 storm towers cannot push the MOAB. There are two separate cooldowns for both attacks). The tower also gains an ability with a 50 second cooldown: places a large vortex (25% larger than a 4-x mortar explosion) in a desired location on the track. Any bloons in range are pulled towards the center of the vortex at the speed of 10x a red bloon for 6 seconds, during which time they are popped twice a second. Any MOAB class bloons in range take 10x damage from this ability, but will still have the reduced pushback applied to them. After the ability expires, any bloons in range are sent towards the start of the track, with bloons closer to the center moving farther towards the start. (Cost: 20000)


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      i have an idea of a tower a laser gun it are 2 towers placed with a laster between them a medium range to check if there is a laser tower nearby to make a laser with only 1 tower needs to see a tower (1/0 villa range upgrade) and pops bloons per second has 1K popping power and does 1 damage to moabs per second and cost 375 on medium and thwnen you get to place 2 towers

      left path:
      1. extra range adds 10% more range 100$
      2. more range adds another 10% range 150$
      3. pops bloons every 0,5 seconds instead of 1 second 500$
      4. now has a chance to stun bloons after touch also bloons move slowlier after their stun (saneme as perma forst 0/1 ice upgrade does) 1000$
      right path:
      1. now can make a 2nd laser if a tird tower is in range $300
      2. now can make hotter laser to pop leads and deal 2 damagge to moab class $500
      3. now adds a single laser shooting gun to the tower wich shoots a single laser form 1/0 supermonkey at half speed of 1/0 supermonkey $1500
      4. now can make a 3rd laser if poss and an ability eich allows the tower to make lasers with all towers in range for 30 seconds and a cooldwon of 45 seconds $1500

      NOTE: only 1 tower needs to see the second tower if 1 tower can see another but th eother cant see it sno problem the firstone will still make a laser

      and another idea: a speiccial agent: a bloontrap
      has an rbe of 300 and if empty or 250 rbe left can suck a moab at the cost of the whole trap a bfb needs 1450 rbe so thats 5 traps and a zomg is too big for this the 5 traps must be placed nearby all in rnage of the first trap the bfb touches if not enough rbe left for moab or bfb it doesnt damagae the trap if 1 rbe left can suck a rainbow but not a ceramic anymore ceramic needs 10+ rbe


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        another tower idea a towert that can give money the base is a bloon factory that can produce red bloons tot pop beware this can lose some lifes but to be hoonest red bloons are EZ to pop so free money has the same speed of a spike factory also range is same and cost 1K when all normal bloons are popped tower stops producing bloons an dleftover bloons will get popped

        lefit sdie:
        1. can now produce blue bloons too $500
        2. can now produce green bloons too $650
        3. can now produce yellow and pink bloons too also lets you set the amount in % of wich bloon you want the most $1K
        4. bloons will become regrow when they regrow they still give more cash $900
        right side:
        1. shoots faster (simulair to spikefacotry) $650
        2. shoots even faster (simulair to spikefactory) $800
        3. adds 0/0 glue on the bloons that last 0,25 the time of 0/0 glue and they can still be glued by glue gunners $400
        4. the glu enow last 0,35 the time of 0/0 glue and adds an ability whic sprays down the track with bloons 45 seconds cooldwon $1500

        NOTE: use this tower only if your defense is strong enough to pop many of these EZ bloons otherwise this tower can kill you


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          hole: a monkey who digged a hole to destroy a bloon chaugt in it it needs a whole minute to pop the bloon other bloons move 10% slowlier if moved over a full hole can not sucvk a moab and cost 500 (or less if it is a road item)

          left path
          1. deeper hole hole is much deeper means you can suck up 3 bloons in it now monkey still takes 1 minute per bloon $650
          2. longer hole can now suck another 3 bloons and bloons move slowlie ron a longer path $800
          3. even bigger hole hole can now suck up an entirely moab if hole is empty and can suckup 10 bloons now takes triple time for moab $5000
          4. en more bnbigger hole can suck up a bfb or 2 moabs+3 bloons or just 25 bloons takes 5x time for bfb so 5 minutes $22K
          right path:
          1. faster popping now pops the bloons twice as fast meaning the hole is emptier fsaster $600
          2. even faster popping now 3x faster so takes only 10 seconds to pop bloon $700
          3. triple shot now shoots 3 shots at a time meaning it damages 3 bloons at same time or just 1 bloon 3x faster $1500
          4. now slows down bloons faster if moving over a full hole + an ability wich pops the bloons inemediatly for 30 seconds cooldwon is 60 seconds also pops bloons 1 seocnd faster $4000


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            monkey glue road item fomr btd4
            monkey ice road item that freezes 20 bloons with 0/0 ice ability $15
            monkey stun road item that stuns bloons in radius first bloon that touches the stun bomb will let it explode $30
            wall a high wall raod item that stops bloon forces them to fly higher to fly over the wall for all normal bloon they take 0,1 sec ceramic takes 0,2 sec leads take 0,5 sec moab 1 sec bfb 2,5 sec and zomg 3,25 sec wall disapears at end of round $50 walls that are placed next to each other doesnt do anything as in the bloons are still high in the air
            teleporter road item teleports 50 bloons back to start no moab class $25

            and a monkey: the monkey random: its like a dart monkey but shoots random a projectile from a monkey so one time it can shoot a glob of glue but other time an ice blob or tacks dpedning on speed it sometimes shoots 2 darts like if it shoots a dart from supermonkey $1K
            1. all shots are not 1/x from all towers also increases range if a towers has a rnage upgrade $500
            2. all shots are now 2x and increases range if a tower has a range upgrade now $750
            3. all shots are now 3/x $1,5K
            4. all shots are now 4/x (if shoots a temple blob it shoots only a single temple blob with no extras ) $3K
            1. all shots are now x/1 range iis increases if a tower has a range upgrade $500
            2. all shots are now x/2 range increased if a tower has a range upgrade $750
            3. all shots are now x/3 $1,5K
            4. all shots are now x/4 acitvating ability: activates a random ability if for example boomer ability the whole tower shoots faster

            note: if camo detection caant see camo bloons but can pop them if apperentice shoots all spells in 1 shot if flame shoots flame for 1 sec if speed or rnage upgrade the whole tower gets a rnage upgrade pernament or speed upgrade so x/3 gets a speed upgrade as in that is what the boomers do