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BTD5 - Hacker/Cheater Report Thread [And NO Discussion]

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    Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
    It's a bug. Usually this happens when you're on a lower quality than the host.
    Oh wait... he might've been on a different map too. Looking at the tower placements it looks like he was put on Alpine Lake instead.
    No, because he let me place towers other than banana farm. If this is not hacking I apologize for this, it looked like hacking to me. However, this is not a discussion thread though, you should not be posting here for any reason other than reporting a hacker. On that note...

    1) xmad80
    2) R_B_D
    3) money hack


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      1. DomFTW
      2. MasterGrafiti
      3. if you notice, he rose from level 25 to level 32 in lees than an houer. In addition, he earned more than 2500 awesome in 10 minutes - something makes no sense here. I hope you'll look into this and take care of it.


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        1. Auradion
        2. MasterGrafiti
        3. the same thing. he rose from level 17 to level 28 in less than two hours. he earned more than 2,000 awesome in less than 1 hour. i hope you'll look into this and take care of it,thanks.

        Additionally, theres's someone else i suspect - i'm not sure about it ( so i hope you check it out) - his name: Gorilla 21