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Does anyone else prefer the left upgrade path for every single tower?

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    More patterns:

    Sub – Left = detection; Right = popping power
    Dartling – Left = laser-like features; Right = gatling-like features
    Ninja – Left = martial arts upgrades; Right = guerilla warfare upgrades
    Tack – Left = spraying; Right = spreading
    Glue – Left = glue offense; Right = glue effect
    Super – Left = towards the supernatural; Right = towards the technology
    Buccaneer – Left = towards Navy; Right = towards piratry
    Ice – Left = makes tower effects colder; Right = towards ice solid properties
    If I can complete any Daily Challenge NAPS, then it should be extremely easy to complete.


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      Anyone wonder why a lot of Right-side upgrades either doesn't upgrade the tower, or triples one of it's stats?
      Mortar battery triples the fire rate
      BADS shoot 3 missiles instead of 1
      Glue-hose triples fire rate
      Triple darts.
      SAR sniper triples fire rate
      Bloonchipper triples fire rate. (I'm seeing a pattern)

      And not a single left-side upgrade triples ANYTHING!
      (Technically the Sun god triples the projectiles, but increases pierce & halves fire-rate)
      Favorite Tower: SPIKE FACTORY!


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        I tend to prefer the side without the ability.


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          Originally posted by Omni314 View Post
          I tend to prefer the side without the ability.
          Do you use the abilities?
          There's times I can't do without them.