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    I have reason to believe that the targeting priority for the Cleric's Cleanse skill is bugged. Frequently I've noticed she doesn't always cleanse the hero with the lowest HP, and nobody had debuffs or status ailments at the time. I've even seen her cast it on herself or others when they have full or almost full hp when someone else is under half life or even almost dead. This is happening way too often and has even lost me a PvP duel or two. It's possible that I'm mistaken and most of the times there was a debuff on the character she's healing at full hp, but I can think of at least two specific instances when it seemed her target priority was off, to say the least. So far I've seen nothing odd about any of her other heals, and I have zero complaints about the Druid's healing priorities as well--she's been flawless for me (up through present at least).

    Edit: I'm now 100% sure it's bugged. I was in a PVP match and I was dumping tons of damage and a DoT and an armor down on the enemy team's frontliner. Their cleric gets a turn with cleanse and I facepalmed at not spreading out my armor down and DoT... but it used cleanse on a full HP hero who had no ailments or anything. Completely healthy. With the sub 50% hp and ailed ally right next to them. >_> I know it's not just manual heal targeting either. Similar things have happened to me in and out of PVP when I don't touch my own heal priorities once, though it's mostly noticeable vs the wizard's chosen since that's when my Cleric is most taxed.

    P.S. if it makes any difference, I'm always running at least one other single target heal alongside cleanse--either quick heal, powerful heal, or both.

    Edit 2: Cleanse even disobeys my manual targeting for heals if someone has an ailment or debuff. There's a small chance this is intended, but unless you're fast-forwarding in battle, I don't think it should be.

    Edit 3: Cleanse is also able to heal un-healable targets. It can heal walls in tower defense, which aren't supposed to be able to be healed.
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      Hi all,

      Here are a few translation mistakes (or improvements) for the French version :

      Mistake : Paladin Holy Smite skill : "Light Damage" translated to "Dégats Légers" instead of "Dégâts de Lumière"

      Suggestions :

      - Swashbuckler would sound better as Mousquetaire (way beter than fier-à-bras that talks to noone)
      - Spellsword is translated to Épée Magique: it does not sound good, Guerrier Mage would suit way better.
      - Gardienne de la Forêt for Ranger does not sound good as well. Rôdeuse is the dedicated word.
      - Fou Furieux would sound better as Berserker.

      Also on the victory Screen, when you click on the items you won in the chest, the name of the item (in yellow colour, either scroll, weapon, armor or monster) is badly displayed. The label does not seem to be encoded in utf-8 as accentuated characters are missing.


      Tour de Sorciers is incorrect : Tour du Sorcier is correct

      Typo :
      In French there is a space before the ":" and "!" characters

      Astuce: is wrong
      Astuce : is correct

      Au combat! is wrong
      Au combat ! is correct
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        Encontrei um erro no PVP contra o jogador, quando está no meio da partida, ocorre um "erro de sincronização do jogo", fazendo eu perder automaticamente. Engraçado que no PVP contra o "escolhido do Mago", o jogo segue normal.

        I found an error in the PVP against the player, when it is in the middle of the match, a "game synchronization error" occurs, causing me to lose automatically. Funny that in PVP against the "Sorcerer's Chosen", the game follows normal.


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          Orlando Neto, In Sorcerer's Chosen, it is not online thus no desync possible. When facing real players online it can occur, I experienced ita few times too. It probably comes from a time out.This is not really a bug.


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            Not sure if it is a bug but Boss Portal looks closed/inactive for me. Asked in the guild and no one answer. Whats going on?


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              The event is closed for now .


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                The Spiked Bladesman doesn't reflect any damage, unlike the spear wall, despite them both saying the same thing for "reflects damage to melee attackers".
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                  Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
                  The Spiked Bladesman doesn't reflect any damage, unlike the spear wall, despite them both saying the same thing for "reflects damage to melee attackers".
                  I've literally just tested it in my own tower to be sure and it does reflect for me. Are you sure you weren't using a ranged attack that looks like melee, like the Barbarian's Leaping Strike?