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[SUGGESTION] Spiked Wall Machine Buffs

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  • [SUGGESTION] Spiked Wall Machine Buffs

    Yep. I'm sure that most people know that they're white hot trash, simply due to their pity health and resistances.

    So here I have a solution to make them viable.

    ....just simply add resistances to them. Maybe the health of the iron wall could be decreased a bit to compensate for it, but still.

    Here are my ideas, so tell me if this is too much:

    Spear Wall
    30% Ice
    10% Poison
    20% Light
    80% Shadow

    Iron Wall
    Armor resist is the same
    20% Fire
    40% Lightning
    30% Poison
    55% Light
    80% Shadow

    Razor Wall
    Armor resist is the same
    Fire resist is the same
    Ice resist is the same
    60% Lightning
    Poison resist is the same
    40% Light
    80% Shadow
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    Alright, added razor wall now.
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      Why wouldn't a wall have 100% poison resistance as is doesn't breathe?


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        Max resists are 80%, so it's not like setting it to 100% would make a difference. Also acid is classified as poison damage, so there's that too.
        Makes me think, they could be immune to debuffs too since it doesn't make much sense for abilities like Victory or Death to downgrade it.
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          Bom, eu gostei da idéia do Buff, mas eu tenho mais um que deveria entrar na lista.

          "Aquela muralha de arame farpado": deveria aplicar 50% de dano baseado no golpe do oponente que golpeia, incluindo também danos de distância, como magias.

          Mas nem todos deveriam ter buff, mas também não necessita ter nerf, porém poderia encarecer um pouco eles.

          1- Aquele robô Super raro que atrair golpes - Deveriam cobrar o dobro dos outros componentes também, mas permanecer a quantia de metal, incluir a cobrança de "nucleo vazio" para evitar SPAM de grafitar eles.

          2- Aquele ultimo ogro de metal no nivel epico - ter um aumento de 20% de cada componente cobrado.

          3- Aquela maquina de congelar - deveriam cobrar de 3 ou 4 nucleo vazio, já que é poderoso demais o poder de congelar e deixar a merce de ataques em longas rodadas sem poder se defender.

          Mas para não ser injusto, também deveriam diminuir o preço de uma das maquinas, que é muito absurdo a quantia de material comparado com as outras maquinas:

          Bombardeio: diminuir pela metade a cobrança de Nucleo Vazio.

          ... E acho que é só.

          Well, I liked the idea of ​​Buff, but I have one more that should be on the list.

          "That wall of barbed wire": should apply 50% damage based on the strike of the striking opponent, including also distance damage, such as spells.

          But not everyone should have buff, but also does not need to have nerf, but could make them a little more expensive.

          1- That super rare robot that attracts scams - Should charge twice as much of the other components as well, but remain the amount of metal, include the "empty core" charge to prevent SPAM from graphing them.

          2 - That last metal ogre at the epic level - have a 20% increase of each component charged.

          3- That machine to freeze - should charge 3 or 4 nucleo empty, since it is too powerful the power to freeze and leave the merce of attacks in long rounds without being able to defend itself.

          But not to be unfair, should also decrease the price of one of the machines, which is very absurd the amount of material compared to other machines:

          Bombardment: decrease in half the collection of Nucleo Voz.

          ... And I think that's it.
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