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    How do you guys fare with killing end boss on your own in nightmare when the other players leave the game?

    im level 96 and even with 10*3 Black Shockfield with High Damage Ammo and using Hold the Line, it'll take me 5mins to kill Savage Devestator in constant steam of fire. If it's savage necrosis, I literally got no chance and end up quitting.

    i also have 10*3 mixmaster, tempest, hard thorn and 6*3 hornet and hiks sniper ALL black of course, but none of them really allow me to solo bosses in nightmare in terms of able to kill them quickly!


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      Patience is the key to beating bosses in NM. Cryogenic turret or two doesn't hurt either Strategy is probably the most important... like hide behind a car


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        I use a Fully-Cored [BLACK] 12/4 Proposition: Deadly, Overclocked, Pinpoint, Adaptive

        It is what I use all the time on my Lvl.100 Medic [Yes, medic]. Cryogenic Grenades and Turrets are very useful for me, as you can probably imagine. My gun is obviously not practical to use, but it gets the job done nicely every time.
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          I use a 12/4 Torment (Deadly, Overclocked, Adaptive, Biosynthesis, 2 base cores) on my assault, which should be level 100 very soon. Quite a fun weapon to use, and especially helpful for power leveling! Especially at the end of boosted Meltdown games, when I take down a Savage Devastator in seconds!