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Killing bosses in nightmare

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  • Killing bosses in nightmare

    How do you guys fare with killing end boss on your own in nightmare when the other players leave the game?

    im level 96 and even with 10*3 Black Shockfield with High Damage Ammo and using Hold the Line, it'll take me 5mins to kill Savage Devestator in constant stream of fire. If it's savage necrosis, I literally got no chance and end up quitting.

    i also have 10*3 mixmaster, tempest, hard thorn and 6*3 hornet and hiks sniper ALL black of course, but none of them really allow me to solo bosses in nightmare in terms of able to kill them quickly and if there is no car to hide behind then I got no chance in killing the boss before I die (even with my 95% armour resistance)

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    same here, level100 mixmaster && shockfield both black... sav dev can take for ever especially the last 2 bits of its health lol
    yes bosses are harder on mobile version.... without any more chance of black box keys or cores. they have re-defined the word rare lol


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      I recently fully upgraded a black tempest and it barely scratches savage dev in nightmare and if I hit a necrosis, it just eats lead and then me


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        its good for crowd ctrl but without pierce crap @ boss killing. tempest was my main gun upto the higher lvls. i now mainly use black mixmaster for most things and black shockfield for speed and some bosses.


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          I can not upgrade


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            Yup, I dropped 30mill fully upgrading my tempest and it's not as good as my RED Jupiter for crowd control and worse than my BLACK Hard Thorn or Hornet *7 for bosses

            I wanna know how some players are reducing the hp on bosses so fast, where you can see the health bar go down before you eyes, lol. My 10* BLACK shocky doesn't even do that!

            @Hany - howcome you can't upgrade?


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              The only ones worth using in NM for bosses is Stripper or Hornet. Unless you spend some coin on premium weapons you just have to run around for 15 minutes if you get left alone in a NM match. Sometime ago I got the Plasma Arc premium weapon and it beats all... damage is 120k per second with OC and Deadly. Throw in Skeletonized as it has -48% weight penalty.


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                I wonder if people hack; as I saw a guy with a BLACK shocky 4*10 and the health bar went down crazy fast on even elite savage dev!

                Somewhat good to hear that it's not just me struggling to solo NM then, unless pay for premium weapons. However, also gutted as I thought by hitting almost lvl100 and fully upgraded BLACK weapons I could hold my own, but evidently still need people to not drop out of games 😜


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                  i don't quit once the match starts. However, I've been disconnected countless times.