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mobile-BTD Battles - Hacker/Cheater Report Thread

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  • My user: DEUS VULT
    Suspected hacker/cheater: Bella Bonea

    Many MOAB and at least three ZOMG passed through Bella Bonea. I lost my last life when no bloons passed on my side.


    ETA link to screen shots:


    • that is the battle this guy had a regrow farm up for like the whole game yet he never died. I kinda want my medds back but at least want him in the hacker pool because he bm'ed me in the end


      • My user: DEUS VULT
        Suspected cheater/hacker: Kcrinox10

        1:39 into the game, round 6, multiple fast disconnects/connection broken. Following that, dozens of bloons pass while lives meter flashes over the next 6 minutes, but only 2 lives lost.



        • Username: Falconx
          Potential Hacker: Beni861998

          The game just gets really weird around 7:30 min mark. He starts to have bad connection issues and the game almost ended just before he reconnected, then some more connection issues. I decide to rush him after seeing he is struggling with the natural bloons. Send in a big sized rush consisting of a Moab and regrow rainbows. Combine that with the natural balloons and I see him leak massively but he loses no lives. I probably wouldn't be all that suspicious and think it was just lag if he had already lost lives earlier. At the time he had little defense and unless he built more stuff that I couldn't see then I struggle to see how he could live through that.

          I'm relatively new to the game and I'm not sure if these things are common or not, but would like it to get checked out if possible.


          • 1. Wesmemsha26
            2. Trevor1547

            There are times that Bloons go through and his lives don't go down but it isn't obvious until he gets down to 104. That's where he stays the remainder of the game. I hit the "report player" button. I have gotten accustomed to hitting it after every game in which I suspect hacking because there is no way to specifically search or report a player anywhere else. I searched through more of his games and found its a pretty common occurrence for him. I wish there was a report player button on the replays, would probably make everyone's job easier.


            • My Name: drudru444
              Offender's name: player (unfortunately)
              multiple bionic boomers and Glave lords on round 6 or something like that, pretty blatant.


              • My username: Sara
                Theirs: MrBeAN
                They disconnected and reconnected, had no towers to target camos. I sent camos, life bar flickered but no lives lost. Then they wanted to replay me?!? lol!
                Check out the replay!


                • Offender-Player7715459
                  Evidence - watch video, happens at 6:55-7:03

                  Lose lives for no reason.


                  • Potential hacker : Goldrush YT
                    Myself : Boosted Bonobo
                    Evidence :
                    Short summary : I believe the hack the accused was using was probably some sort of HP Locked hack. You can see him taking damage from the animation but his HP is not going down.
                    Amount of medallions lost : 10k
                    Help would be greatly appreciated thanks!


                    • 1. Wachy
                      2. Disconnects and reconnects multiple times in the beginning of the game. He did not place any tower and would just let Bloons pass through with no effort. He did not take any damage from any Bloons.
                      I lost a thousand medallions
                      Thank you!!


                      • Subject Name: Drachenfeuer

                        My Name: follout

                        Evidence: Two images. Look at his units, but money stayed the same


                        • My name Wyean
                          hacker: ADOLF_FISTER
                          i was playing normal when all the sudden, he disconnected, he came back on and instead of having like the 6,5,4,3,2,1 count down. My game froze with the number 2145 and more after that he started laughing but I was frozen. I waited a few minuets and nothing happened. So I took some screenshots and left the game to come here.

                          I don't thibk the screen shot works it's from a phone

                          also it shows here that the game keeps going and very slowly but I'm frozen at this time
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                          • Hacker username: YouIsStupid

                            My username: lafifille98, doing this on behalf of Kitty Kat2794 (sister) as she is under 13.


                            (Would you also be able to please remove the loss from her record?)