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    I Don't have any pictures, but when i got onto my btd 5 mobile it said i was in the Top 1% and gave me tokens + monkey money, i reopened the app and said i was in the top 5% and gave me the rewards [Not the agents though].
    I don't have any pictures, and i have no clue why it happened, sorry!


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      Can someone please help me. I tried to record btd5M and the record button doesn't appear. The is no settings for it and I have to redownload the app to get it back and it disappears avian. How do I fix it?


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        So I've recently been playing BTD5 steam and the Golden Bloons seem to have stopped, and I haven't seen any Boss Bloons for ages. Odyssey mode also keeps giving me an error "an Odyssey cannot be found at this time". However when I went on to my mobile, Odyssey was working fine and there was a Boss Bloon event available. Would appreciate some answers on this. Account names and levels are Coronis Rank 74 Steam, Cascoonis Rank 65 Mobile.


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          Bloonchippers don't work with Monkey Town, combined with double cash you only get 2 per pop while any other tower will give you 3, whether the bloons are pulled in from inside the radius or if the tower itself is inside the radius of the Town.
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            Glitch: Heli-Sell Crash

            How It's Done: Selling the Heli-Pilot before it lands the tower down.

            x-4 Heli Pilot
            Any tower that is not a Temple

            Seen On: Mobile
            Tested On: Mobile

            My Theory on How it Works

            The game does not know whether to place the tower on area x (starting area) or area y (Heli Pilot drop off area). The game crashes as it cannot load the right data to tell where it should go. I theorize that the tower is in TWO places at once. The game crashes after a few seconds when the Heli Pilot would have dropped the tower off. This only occurs when the Heli Pilot is holding the tower.

            Unfortunately, I cannot give you photos or videos to prove it.
            This is Street Fighter V again.


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              Every bloon popped by the 4/x Dart Monkey is counted twice on the pop counter