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BTDVI having User Made Maps?

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  • BTDVI having User Made Maps?

    BTDIV had a Map Editor customizer. What about BTDVI having it?

    My Ideas
    Allowed Editing
    Custom Map or Game Maps
    Starting Cash
    Bloons each round

    This is a vague idea on this.
    This is like Street Fighter for the PS2 again.

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    Look, there is no way to know if this is possible or not, because we have literally no information about Bloons TD 6 [VI] as of yet, but it is not a bad idea to have... eventually. This is not the sort of thing a game like this to start out having. To be honest, I don't see such a thing happening until 2+ years from launch, if BTDVI will truly release with a lot of content to start with!

    Hey, and before you go create some other thread about BTD6, I recommend you just commenting on the idea thread already made: HERE
    There's absolutely nothing suspicious about me.. Carry on.

    How many towers can a keeper keep if a keeper can keep other keeper's towers they kept?