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How do I get more Hidden Treasure + Gold Rushes

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  • How do I get more Hidden Treasure + Gold Rushes

    Just do level 1 over and over again until I get lucky? What's the strat

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    Since obtaining Powerups basically comes down to luck, the best strategy is, obviously, to get more of them.

    Level 1 is the shortest level so rinsing the level over and over will get you the most Powerups in the least amount of time.

    To supplement this, use whatever Lucky Charm you have, since they also increase the droprate of 3 star Powerups.

    Endless Mine isn't gonna work well as a Powerup farm since it's a weekly event and you have to rank fairly high on the leaderboard to get 3 stars.
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      Hmm, never thought of that. That is quite clever!