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Bloons Monkey City Idea: Land Map

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  • Bloons Monkey City Idea: Land Map

    Have you ever started a battle, just to be rushed by regen ceramics on round 14? Then ran out of time to play and gotten killed later by the SAME RUSH? Well, Here is your solution.

    The Map would be unlocked at City level 15 as a way to keep track of a tile in wilderness that you are struggling with, or want to make notes about. It would be near Track Replays in location, and show all of your "Discovered" territory in a parchment color scheme. (B/W). Clicking a square of land on it allows you to type a note about it, which will then appear upon starting the battle in the real world. You could also reference the map to see which terrain you were planning to claim, if you made a note of that.

    The map would also function as a way to plan out buildings. On it you could designate "areas" of claimed land to be where certain building are located. These areas would show up in the real world, making it easier to plan out decorations, paths, etc.

    Clicking a tile on the Map would give you the coordinates of the tile, which would show up in your real world as well if you clicked on the terrain.
    You could use these coordinates to plan territories, find a territory in the map that you saw in the real world, etc. The win and defeat screens would be modified to show the territory's coordinates as well, so you would know what to look for.

    also, I don't want to pay real money to get rid of ads but they appear every single time I claim. Anyone know how to bypass ads? They shouldn't appear every tile. Maybe every 10 tiles or so. Not like I'm gonna download any of their games. Some of the ads are in Spanish and I don't even know Spanish!
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    learn how to micro towers up and defeat the rush you noob

    It's an interesting idea, but I don't think it's necessary. I guess the decor part could be useful as an additional feature in edit mode, but other than that, nah.
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