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[Tower Suggestion] Jetpack Monkey

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  • [Tower Suggestion] Jetpack Monkey

    A simple house with a monkey flying around in a jetpack like a pursuit helicopter, with a dart gun shooting darts.

    Attack speed: 1 shot every 30 frames(1 second).
    Pierce: 4
    Range: 100px(from the monkey).
    Flying speed: 50px/s
    Cost: 800

    Path 1:
    Sharp darts $800
    Pierce increased to 8.

    Razor Darts $800
    Pierce increased to 16.

    Double shot $3200
    2 guns instead of one, can destroy lead, frozen, camo and all.

    Bomb Launcher $16000.
    Shoots bombs instead of darts, bombs fly faster, has 100 popping power, and destroys 5 layers on impact.

    Path 2:
    Large Engines $1000
    Speed increased to 200px/s.

    Blimp Shredder $6000
    Special modified weapons inflict times eight damage on MOABs.

    Anti Camo dust $5000
    Attack speed increased to once every 15 frames. Sprays an anticamo dust to all bloons, effecting up to 30 bloons. Un-lead and Un-zebras DDTs as well.

    Kerosene launcher $15000
    Ability: launches a bomb with a kerosene igniter that will destroy bloons in a short radius(80px), deals 100 damage(to bloons, 800 to MOABs due to second upgrade) and sets fire to all bloons within 150px radius. 90 second cooldown.
    The Monkey Apprentice is the best!

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    Awesome idea!I really think that would be an interesting monkey.(Sounds overpowered too).


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      Yeah, maybe it is a bit overpowered, should I nerf the price.
      The Monkey Apprentice is the best!


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        Attack speed?
        The bloonchipper is the best.


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          Originally posted by Ptolemy2002 View Post
          Attack speed?
          Second sentence: once every 30 frames(a second).
          The Monkey Apprentice is the best!


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            You don't EFFECT bloons, you AFFECT them.

            Anyway, seems like what a jetpack in BTD5 would normally do, although the upgrades seem like just a mix of already existing Ace/Mortar/Heli upgrades, nothing special. Not that it's bad.

            Personally I try to put as many gimmicky and 'original' upgrades into my tower ideas. You can check my signature...and see how original I made MY Archer Monkey.
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