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Fullscreen version for games?

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  • Fullscreen version for games?

    Hey, are there fullscreen versions avaliable for any games other than SAS TD? This is the link for it:

    SAS TD doesn't lag and works pretty fast when it is in another window without anything else running there but BTD5, BTD battles and BTD city all lag more than they should so if it's possible to do the same with the other games i want to play please tell me, i really want to play bloons but want to enchance its performance plus i like that layout better.

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    You can do it with the other games, but the problem is NK doesn't like people publicly posting the SWFs.
    It's easy enough to find using inspect element.
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      Alternatively, if you want to reduce lag you can set quality to low.
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        Originally posted by The Mochinator View Post
        Alternatively, if you want to reduce lag you can set quality to low.
        Lag is reduced but not eliminated though. Sometimes the lag would be overwhelming even on the lowest setting.
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