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    If you are familiar with Bloons Wiki, this might also look familiar to you. Monkey Race is an RPG-esque board game for up to 10 players.

    Race 6 - Boss Arena

    Round 60
    Name Energy Special Events Tower + Upgrade Powerup
    The Mochinator 3.5/5.5 None Engineer 2/2 Available
    Kamerson 0/5 None Sniper 2/2 Available
    nctlfromtheforum 6.5/9.5 None Apprentice 2/2 Used
    CWJD 3.5/8 None Ninja 2/2 Available
    Empty Slot - - - -
    Empty Slot - - - -
    Empty Slot - - - -
    Empty Slot - - - -
    Empty Slot - - - -
    Empty Slot - - - -
    This forum game has been discontinued! But feel free to post suggestions for the next race, that is if I come back one day to rehost it.
    The Basics:
    The first round will start 24 hours after the 4th player has joined or when all 9 slots are filled, whichever happens sooner. If you do wish to join and there are less than 10 players currently playing, write "I'm joining" to this thread (in colored text, can't be one that has been used by another current player, use the A button in the advanced editor to choose) and announce your action. You will then be placed on the orange square.

    The players/monkeys can perform one action every round, via in a post or by PM. They can move, run, attack, stay or upgrade. After all players announce their next action or 24 hours have passed, I will perform all these actions simultaneously. Then the next round starts, and players can announce their next move for that round. The game ends when a player or a group of players reach the finish, and a new race will start.

    If you do choose to PM me your action, make sure the Subject is "Monkey Race" with your action as the message.

    If a player does not report an action for 3 rounds consecutively or for 5 total rounds, he/she will be disqualified. If worse case scenario, PM me your actions.

    Monkeys have energy, which can be changed with different actions and it can't exceed its maximum value. All monkeys start with 6 energy and 0/0 dart monkey.


    The player moves their monkey from its current position to one of the adjacent square, if there is no obstacle on the square (wall/grey field or bloon). This action increases monkey's energy by 0.5, unless the energy value is already at its maximum. Monkeys can only move if they have at least 1 energy, as they will be too weak to move otherwise. Players can freely move to the field where another monkey is situated. The players announce this move as MOVE, followed by a coordinate (e.g. C24, D25, etc.)


    The player moves their monkey two squares by this action. They must follow the same rules, as if they performed two separate moves, so they can't move through/to any obstacle. This action decreases monkey's energy by 1. The monkey must have at least 1 energy to be able to perform this action. Players can move through/to the field where another monkey is situated. The players announce this move as RUN C23, RUN D12, etc.


    They player performs no action and takes a rest to regenerate his energy. This action increases monkey's energy by 1.5, unless the energy value is already at its maximum. The players announce this move as STAY.


    The player attacks a bloon either on the adjacent square or a bloon within their range (each square is counted as 1 range, so to attack diagonally, the monkey needs at least 2 range). The attack can be successful or unsuccessful depending on the luck. A probability of the successful attack increases with the energy value the monkey put in and decreases with the bloon's strength. If the player succeeds, the attacked bloon is reduced by 1 layer. A zebra bloon contains just 1 white (unlike Bloons fashion), a lead bloon contains one black, a black contains 1 pink, and so on. Regardless of success or failure, the monkey loses all the energy it chose to use in its attack.

    If a bloon has lost all its layers, the monkey(s) adjacent that popped the bloon also move to the position of the popped bloon, with an increased 0.5 maximum energy. If there are no monkeys adjacent, any monkey participating in popping the bloon may pick up the powerup. However, if it lies uncollected on the ground for 5 turns or the monkey who popped it got disqualified, it can be picked up by any player, regardless of whether they popped the bloon or not.

    If the attack isn't successful the bloon stays as it is. The monkey must have at least 1 energy to be able to perform this action. For example, if a monkey has 2 popping power (pierce) and 6 energy, but chooses to spend 4 energy attacking squares C24 and C25, they announce this move as ATTACK (4) C24 C25. WARNING: If the monkey's energy drops below zero, it becomes a tired monkey.


    The player will switch to the tower it chose for the price of 3 max energy and 5 energy. All upgrades are kept. They will announce this move as SWITCH (tower they chose)


    The monkey has a chance of receiving an upgrade, with the cost of 3 energy. The more energy they have, the greater the chance is. The prerequisite value is the minimum energy needed to have a 100% chance. If they are successful, they get rewarded with +1 max energy. You can only upgrade one path and one upgrade at a time. This will be announced as UPGRADE (upgrade that they want)
    Energy Chance
    3 16%
    3.5 22%
    4 29%
    4.5 37%
    5 46%
    5.5 55%
    6 65%
    6.5 74%
    7 84%
    7.5 93%
    Energy Chance
    3 13%
    3.5 17%
    4 23%
    4.5 29%
    5 36%
    5.5 44%
    6 52%
    6.5 60%
    7 69%
    7.5 78%
    8 86%
    8.5 93%
    Energy Chance
    3 10%
    3.5 14%
    4 18%
    4.5 24%
    5 29%
    5.5 36%
    6 42%
    6.5 49%
    7 57%
    7.5 65%
    8 72%
    8.5 80%
    9 87%
    9.5 94%
    Energy Chance
    3 8%
    3.5 11%
    4 15%
    4.5 19%
    5 24%
    5.5 29%
    6 35%
    6.5 41%
    7 47%
    7.5 54%
    8 61%
    8.5 68%
    9 75%
    9.5 82%
    10 89%
    10.5 95%
    Energy Chance
    3 7%
    3.5 10%
    4 13%
    4.5 16%
    5 20%
    5.5 24%
    6 29%
    6.5 34%
    7 40%
    7.5 46%
    8 52%
    8.5 58%
    9 65%
    9.5 71%
    10 78%
    10.5 84%
    11 90%
    11.5 95%
    Energy Chance
    3 6%
    3.5 8%
    4 11%
    4.5 14%
    5 17%
    5.5 21%
    6 25%
    6.5 29%
    7 34%
    7.5 39%
    8 44%
    8.5 50%
    9 56%
    9.5 62%
    10 68%
    10.5 74%
    11 79%
    11.5 85%
    12 91%
    12.5 96%


    This costs 4 energy to use and only applies to Monkey Engineers. If the player has the Sentry upgrade, then the action will be announced as BUILD followed by a coordinate. The sentry can be placed inside walls, but only if it is adjacent to the monkey. However it cannot be placed on the same tile that is occupied by a bloon.


    Each player has a one-time use powerup that can be used with their monkey, this costs 7 energy to use and you need the prerequisite upgrades to be able to use it, see Towers. If you switch towers, this does not mean you will get another powerup. This move can be announced as POWERUP (then the coordinate(s) where you are attacking, if applicable).

    For example, POWERUP A1 A2 A3 A4 is used in the case of Apprentice or Sniper.

    These temporary upgrades have no bloon weaknesses and can pop all types of bloons, including Lead and Camo. They also have a 100% chance of successfully popping the bloon(s) in addition to infinite range, i.e. the monkey can choose where to initiate the powerup attack.

    Dart Monkey

    Your good ol' regular starting tower. Pops up to 1 layer of 1 bloon per turn.
    Weakness: Lead Bloons
    Base Range: 1 square
    Long Range Darts (1-0) [Prerequisite: 10]: More range. Can aim at bloons up to 2 squares in any horizontal/vertical direction.
    Enhanced Eyesight (2-0) [Prerequisite: 12]: Even more range. Can aim at bloons up to 3 squares in any horizontal/vertical direction (instead of 2, unless aiming diagonally). Also allows Camo detection.
    Sharp Shots (0-1) [Prerequisite: 9]: Increased pierce. Can pop up to 2 bloons in a straight line.
    Razor Sharp Shots (0-2) [Prerequisite: 12]: Pierce is increased even further, allowing for popping up to 4 bloons in a straight line.
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 2-0] "Premium" Upgrade: Splodey Darts causes a mini-explosion, reduces 1 layer of nearby bloons in a 3x3 radius

    Boomerang Thrower

    Quite a powerful tower, with an irregular popping pattern. Pops up to three bloons per turn. Usage: Aim at a bloon adjacent to monkey. Boomerang loops in a perpendicular direction and hits up to 2 more bloons. (L-shaped pattern)
    Weakness: Camo Bloons
    Base Range: 2 squares
    Multi-Target (1-0) [Prerequisite: 8]: Pierce cap increased to 4 (any L-shape), range is increased to 3.
    Glaive Thrower (2-0) [Prerequisite: 10]: Can pierce up to 5 bloons at once (in any L-shape); glaives can also aim at a diagonally-adjacent bloon. Range increased to 6.
    Red Hot 'Rangs (0-1) [Prerequisite: 9]: Can pop Lead Bloons
    Vigorous Boomerangs (0-2) [Prerequisite: 12]: Boomerang make a second loop if they haven't yet hit their pierce cap.
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 2-0] "Premium" Upgrade: Glaives from the Glaive Lord hits up to 8 adjacent bloons, popping 2 layers from each.

    Sniper Monkey

    Better against strong bloons than grouped bloons. At 0-0, it pops 2 layers, 1 bloon at a time. It has infinite range and can pop Lead Bloons.
    Weakness: None
    Base Range: Infinite
    Full Metal Jacket (1-0) [Prerequisite: 9]: Pops 3 layers at a time (from one bloon)
    Point Five Oh (2-0) [Prerequisite: 12]: Pops 5 layers at a time (from one bloon).
    Faster Firing (0-1) [Prerequisite: 9]: Has a 50% chance of aiming at a second bloon. The second bloon must also be announced, or it will not be attacked.
    Night Vision Goggles (0-2)[Prerequisite: 9]: Adds Camo Detection.
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 2-0] "Premium" Upgrade: Semi-Automatic Rifle can aim at 3 bloons at once

    Ninja Monkey

    Fast, deadly and efficient. Can run 3 squares instead of 2 for the normal cost of -1 energy. Can also detect Camo Bloons
    Weakness: Lead Bloons
    Base Range: 2 squares
    Ninja Discipline (1-0)[Prerequisite: 8]: Increased range; can aim 1 square further in any horizontal and vertical direction.
    Sharp Shurikens (2-0) [Prerequisite: 9]: Pops 2 bloons at once
    Seeking Shurikens (0-1) [Prerequisite: 10]: Shuriken has 50% chance to seek a second (random) bloon adjacent to the first (including diagonals).
    Efficient Movement (0-2) [Prerequisite: 11]: When moving (not running), the monkey gains 0.5 extra energy.
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 0-2] "Premium" Upgrade: Flash bomb will weaken bloons within a 3x3 radius.

    Monkey Apprentice

    Decent all-rounder tower with no weaknesses. To compensate, upgrades have a higher energy prerequisite. Focuses on casting powerful spells, and pops up to 2 bloons in any horizontal/vertical direction (1 layer at a time).
    Base Range: 2 squares
    Weakness: None
    Intense Magic (1-0) [Prerequisite: 10]: Maximum popping power increased to 3. Can only attack in 1 direction (horizontal/vertical)
    Lightning Bolt (2-0) [Prerequisite: 13]: Additional lightning pops 1 layer from 5 bloons; lightning has range of 6 squares
    Fireball (0-1) [Prerequisite: 10]: Final bloon has a 50% chance of losing 1 more layer.
    Monkey Sense (0-2) [Prerequisite: 11]: Range of attacks are increased by 1; can also detect Camo bloons
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 2-0] "Premium" Upgrade: Chain Lightning zaps 7 additional bloons, popping 2 layers from each bloon and removing regrowth property.

    Monkey Engineer

    Waiting around in his workshop, the engineer always comes with new, creative, and more effecient ways to deal with the Bloons. Starts off with a nail gun that shoots two bloons per shot.
    Weakness: None
    Base Range: 2 squares
    Cleansing Foam (1-0) [Prerequisite: 7]: Allows the player to attack using cleansing foam anywhere in its range, which removes camo, regen, and lead (this includes its ability to respawn). Doing so costs 4 energy.
    Sentry Deployment (2-0) [Prerequisite: 12]: Allows the player to build a sentry in place of a turn at the cost of 4 energy. The sentry can be placed anywhere in their range as long as it is either on the path or on a wall (gray square) next to the path.
    Nine-inch Nails (0-1) [Prerequisite: 9]: Now pops 4 bloons in a straight line.
    Sprockets (0-2) [Prerequisite: 10]: Using the power of more efficient engineering, the engineer and its sentries have 25% more attack strength. Range increased to 3 squares.
    [Upgrade Prerequisite: 0-2]: "Premium" Upgrade: Overclock upgrades all current sentries that the player has into super sentries, making them last twice as long. Also buffs engineer's main weapon with double attack strength for the next 10 rounds.


    The monkey engineer's minions who keep the bloons at bay. Each round for 5 rounds the sentry will attack the nearest bloon for 4 attack strength. The sentry can team attack with monkeys as well, making it a useful support tower. Does not get affected by the Adrenaline Surge blessing.
    Weakness: Lead and Camo bloons
    Popping Power: 2
    Range: 2 squares

    If a sentry pops a bloon, the owner can pick up the powerup.

    Bloon Type Strength
    Red 2
    Blue 4
    Green 6
    Yellow 8
    Pink 10
    White 12
    Black 14
    Lead 24
    Zebra 16
    Rainbow 22
    Regrowth Bloons

    Regrowth Bloons regenerate an extra layer every 3 rounds they have not been successfully attacked. Similarly to Bloons TD, a bloon will not regrow into a bloon more powerful than it originally was (a regrowth Pink will not regrow into a Black if it did not spawn from it).

    Lead Bloons

    Lead Bloons are immune to many attacks, such as darts and shurikens. Once they are popped, they have a 13% reappearing on the same square with the same respective features it had previously (e.g. Regen, Camo), unless a monkey is standing on the square at the time. If a monkey is moving or running through on the same round as the regeneration of the Lead Bloon, they will be blocked and prohibited from moving or running through it until it is popped.

    Weakened Bloons

    These are represented by bloons with a star on them. Regardless of the bloon type, each bloon only has 1 attack strength.

    Boss Bloons

    Four Boss Bloons have arrived in Monkey Race, and they've got some nasty tricks up their sleeve.
    Bloonarius the Inflator

    From the deep and slimpy swamps, this boss bloon will sometimes summon its minions to block players in their path when trying to move or run.

    Vortex: Deadly Master of Air

    Emerging from the skies above Monkey City, this boss bloon will emit a shockwave in a 5x5 radius that startles monkeys and sometimes tire them.

    Blastapopoulos: Demon of the Core

    Underneath the Keyhole volcano lies Vortex's distinct cousin. Periodically shoots at a fireball at the monkey with the highest energy, which prevents them attacking when other monkeys are nearby.

    The Dreadbloon: Armored Behemoth

    This boss bloon can surround any monkey with its rock armor, temporarily making it harder for it to do anything.

    Special Events:
    Every round will have a 30% chance of having a random player blessed for a duration of anywhere between 1-3 rounds. Boss Bloons can also curse a player from anywhere between 1-3 rounds. Each monkey has the same probability that it will be blessed, but the same monkey will not be blessed nor cursed twice in a row. The same monkey can be both blessed and cursed on the same turn.

    Regeneration Mutation (RegM)

    The monkey has an increased energy regeneration when it stays. They get +3 energy instead of the typical +1.5. The monkey will also never get tired.

    If the energy value falls under 0, it is increased back to 0 immediately. The monkey must still have at least 1 energy to be able to attack or run. If the monkey gets this blessing in the same time when it gets tired, then their energy is restored to 0 immediately too.

    Adrenaline Surge (AdrS)

    The monkey has an increased attacking strength by 4, so if they spend for example 6 energy, the strength is 6+4=10. During a team attack, this bonus applies only to the blessed monkey, however this bonus strength can increase the blessed monkey's team strength over the maximum value (20). So if a group of 3 monkeys with energy 6, 6 and 6 attack a bloon, the team strength for the blessed monkey is 6+6+6(+4) = 18+4 = 22.

    Extreme Conditioning (ExtC)

    A loss of energy when running is reduced by 1, so the running costs 0 energy, or -1 energy when running through bloons unsuccessfully. Also, monkeys can run, even if they have 0 energy.

    Alteration Temptation (AltT)

    You may change tower types with no cost whatsoever. This blessing lasts for 1 round only and the free tower swap can only take place while the blessing is active.

    Plateau (Pla)

    The monkey's manoeuvring ability is hindered; any action they perform will be less effective. If staying, they will regenerate half of their original energy, rounded up to the nearest integer (so 1 energy instead of 1.5, 2 instead of 3, etc). If the monkey has chosen to move, they will stay on their original square, but will not lose nor gain any energy. If the monkey is running, they will only be able to run for one square. Attacking bloons will also decrease the monkey's attacking strength by 1.

    Schizophrenia (Sch)

    The monkey's sense of direction is confused due to dizziness. If moving, running or attacking, the monkey may move in a direction or target a bloon other than the one they desired.

    Paranoia (Par)

    The monkey is incapable of attacking when there's one or more other monkeys in the same square as the affected monkey.

    Energy Leech (EneL)

    If standing next to a bloon, the monkey's energy may be drained to zero. This curse lasts for 1 round only.

    Advanced Rules:
    How the counting of the success works:

    So, the probability of success is 6:4 (6 vs. 4) where 6 values mean SUCCESS, and 4 values mean FAILURE:

    X X X X X X X X X X

    We can also describe the probability as 6/10 (6 of total 10 values mean success). Let's assign a different number to each of the values:

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    Now, a random number is generated (using in range 1-10. Values 1-6 mean SUCCESS, while values 7-10 mean FAILURE.


    Luck is a strong element in this game, so you can have a perfect strategy, but the luck can be on the side of somebody else. Sorry.

    Group Attack

    If 2 or more players attack the same target, their strength is equal to the sum of the energy values that all attacking players chose to use times a multiplier, this multiplier depends on how many players are attacking from the same tile, if there are too many, the attacks will obstruct each other. For example 3 players choose to use energy 5, 4 and 6 attack a Green Bloon (not from the same tile), so their strength is 5+4+6=15 against strength 6, and the probability of the success is 15:6 (15/21 success, 6/21 failure), decimals round down. This increased probability applies to all attacking players within the group, but each player can have a different result of the battle, so some of the players may be successful while others may be unsuccessful. When one player attacks successfully, the bloon is reduced by a number of layers, based on the player's monkey and its upgrades. When multiple players attack successfully, the number of layers popped is equal to the player able to remove with the highest number of layers.
    # of players Strength Multiplier
    < 3 100%
    3 80%
    4 70%
    5 60%
    6 50%
    7 40%
    8 30%

    Sniper Monkeys have variable attacking strength depending on how far away the bloon they are targeting is:

    If next to the bloon attacked, attacking strength is 50% (multiplier applies to the sniper player only, after all values such as blessings and team attack have been accounted for)
    2 squares away, attacking strength is 80%.
    3 squares away, attacking strength is 100%.
    4 squares away, attacking strength is 115%.
    Anything further than 4 squares away is 125%.

    Moving through bloons and gates

    The player can try to move or run to or through the square that is occupied by some bloon. If some other monkey pops the bloon within the same round, the moving/running monkey successfully moves/runs to/through the square. However if the obstacle isn't removed or the gate reappears due to Bloonarius spawning a bloon in a blue square (See other features for more), the moving/running monkey must stop before it, and the energy cost is 1. If the energy falls below 0, the monkey becomes a tired monkey.

    Tired monkey

    When the monkey is tired, it can't perform any action. When the round is done, it performs the stay action, but the monkey's energy is only increased to 0.

    Other features:

    These inhibit the progress of monkeys and are a lavender color. Monkeys can only move through gates if they have successfully popped all bloons on squares of the same color as the gate.

    Resting squares

    Resting squares are signified by the energy icon on a green square, allowing monkeys to regenerate additional energy when performing STAY on that square (total amount denoted by the number on the energy).


    These are indicated by red arrows around the square. Monkeys at the crossroads can only move in one direction or the other; once they have chosen which direction they desire to move in, they cannot move back at all.

    And one more thing, please keep the discussion related to Monkey Race. Have fun!
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      I'm joining


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        I'm joining
        I'd say that it's been 4 months since I've posted on the NK Forums


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          Sign me up, I guess.
          I'm joining
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            I'll join, I guess.
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              just freezing everything can be helpful, canijoinpls
              I made a Minecraft Resource Pack!
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                Well unfortunately there's no Ice Monkey here, plus it really wouldn't make much of a difference since the bloons are already stationed on the tiles they're on.

                Updated map and players once again.
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                  i wish we could be engineers
                  I'd say that it's been 4 months since I've posted on the NK Forums


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                    so... wut?
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                      Hold that thought, for now I'll call this the beta version of the game so there might will be more. Most of this is just copied from the Bloons Wiki so...
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                        Hmm... did jluc410 change his mind? Whatever, I'll still keep his name on here until further notice.

                        UPDATE: If you want to keep your action a secret to everyone else in the race (Ninja Mode), you may PM it to me with "Monkey Race" as the subject and your action as the message.
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                          Originally posted by Junior Monkey View Post
                          Hmm... did jluc410 change his mind? Whatever, I'll still keep his name on here until further notice.

                          UPDATE: If you want to keep your action confidential (Ninja Mode), you may PM it to me with &quot;Monkey Race&quot; as the subject and your action as the message.
                          Yes, I did change my mind.
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                            Round 1 has begun!

                            You have until 08-02-2016 4:00 UTC to announce your next action (via posting below or by PM).

                            If all players announce their action sooner, then the next round can start sooner too.

                            It's not too late to join, simply write "I'm joining" to this thread and you'll be placed at the start.
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                              Well, move me to G17 in 21 hours.
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                              Originally posted by nanahira
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