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  • "... The leader of Germany, and head of the EU, is dead. Assassinated by his own driver. I never liked the guy, but this? Too cruel. I'll need to draft a message to send my regards to the German people. Sure, he wasn't the best leader Germany could have, and I didn't like some of his later actions, but he was a lot better than most...

    Especially the guy who replaces him. This is a bigger blow for the EU than the entire deadlock. This plus the deadlock will destroy the EU from the inside. We'll also need to investigate just how long the driver was in the hands of others, and who exactly these hands are... after some time. Doing anything but saying polite regards is going too far. But he was shot after leaving a conference in Munich? Intriguing, very intriguing... I'll need to find out what was involved in that conference.

    I trust everyone in the council... but outside makes me concerned a little. Call me paranoid. Run another check on Verdian, maybe put some trackers on him. Linking him to whatever made the Singaporean leader recoil in horror basically makes me concerned that there's now rogue AIs in play. Again... there's not much I can do to investigate our AI, so I'll just have to trust it for now.

    The south pacific war is now getting quite interesting. I've been thinking it may not have been another vessel, but a leftover from a forgotten battle. I'm sure no one would be able to detect a sea mine in that area... But it's really not my place to say. I doubt singapore has anything to do with it, and even contacting singapore may put me at odds with other nations, and unable to get more data. So, I need to leave it for now."
    Originally posted by Cave Johnson
    "All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


    • BloonofSteel
      Slandering is set aside for now... again, not like there's any shortage of material.
      Stamford searches. There's not too much you can get without hacking the Beneluxians (and you get the feeling that's not exactly a sane thing to do), but what you do find lines up with Pierre's information.

      University student, high-achieving, good record. Like he said. Frequents a political board for libertarian political ideologies.
      Frequent contacts with a couple people there... among them "Alloy5" - otherwise known as Nathan Chia. And a little bit of looking... that's a hit. That's your terrorist.

      Public statement about Heisenberg goes out. Pretty bland, but it's not as if anything grand was expected of you. That's saved for the Europeans.

      Medical tech is quite promising. The nanite salve's regenerative properties have nearly doubled in speed. In addition, they've created what they call a "scanning spell". It's not actually magic, but the nerds in charge of research have an odd sense of humor, apparently. It's a device that can essentially size up a patient and give a quick medical profile while identifying both existing and potential problems. Very useful for treatment.

      Andrew only nods, understanding the urgency.
      You contact the Americans - no response yet, but you leave the message.

      After a few minutes, Andrew has drawn up a full model on the holo of the Salawaku wreck site.
      You determine that the Salawaku was definitely hit by a torpedo, and a Philippine-designed one. It came from the Philippine side of the maritime border, that's for sure as well. By the time the torpedo hit, the Indonesians had already stopped encroaching... so the hit occurred in Indonesian waters.

      No irregularities in the explosion itself.
      You try and trace the torpedo back. It gets a bit fuzzy since you don't have perfect data, but... there isn't an obvious Philippine vessel or platform or anything that could have fired it.
      Nothing in the skies, either. In fact, the only thing remotely nearby is a civilian canoe. But... there's no way a canoe could have fired a torpedo... right?

      Dr Lord Evilstein
      A bit of news-searching...
      Nothing. Nada. Zip. Everyone's in shock, essentially. Reinhardt was shot by his own driver, in his own car. The driver had passed all the rigorous German background checks. German citizen since birth, no criminal history, no mental health issues... perfectly clean. No irregular business dealings, no economic hardships, no extremist political views. No motive whatsoever.

      But for now... the Canadians. It's... Mr. Martinson himself.
      "Hello. Prime Minister Bell?
      We would like to talk to you about a joint research opportunity, if that's all fine with you."

      You order a careful search.
      State-run media... seems clean. Headlines and stories check out with what the press teams wrote. The underground print media seems... well, you'll have to crack down on them again. But nothing much there. The rest of Europe is another story. The media there is in a feeding frenzy, lashing out wildly. And the death of Heisenberg is just adding more fuel to the fire.

      The economy is doing acceptably. Growth has been somewhat sluggish recently, but this has been true for all the main economic powers. It's just a slight slump, seemingly. And the military is in top shape as usual, with innovations constantly taking place.

      Speaking of innovations, the energy research teams have just succeeded in increasing fuel efficiency for fusion power, effectively. Less tritium for the same reaction... it's a start, for sure. Makes power cheaper and easier to mass-produce.

      big guy
      Nothing back from Haakon. There's... not much else to say.
      The next few hours are all spent on delicate public relations control. An official statement is written up fairly quickly, you deliver it... fairly standard business... well, as standard as it can be.

      Surprisingly, things seem to be proceeding in a relatively orderly fashion. The Germans, as reliable as ever, have numerous protocols to deal with exactly this kind of situation. Debate in Basel has been suspended (and a good thing, too)... and Lilian says that Hohenzollern's government is still willing to go through with Schleswig-Holstein.

      Still, something reeks of sheer wrongness about the entire thing.
      The timing is far too much to be a coincidence. Right in the midst of all this tension, and Heisenberg just happened to get offed right then? No way.
      And... the assassin was his driver. That would be someone who had been through a huge bevy of background checks. It's the only reason that anyone would even take a manual driver instead of a self-driving car.

      Could a spy really be that-well implanted? One could argue that it was a plot instigated by someone high up in the German government, but this seems to lack a proper motive... though it would explain how all security measures seem to have been bypassed.

      But none of these explanations fit everything. A foreign power would have the motive to take out Heisenberg, but that's a flat impossibility. A German plot could have maybe been possible, but there isn't a clear motive here. Heisenberg was quite popular, even among the opposition. There's a piece missing, for sure. How does this assassination even make sense? And if there's something to be found... where to start looking?

      You sink the most sensationalist of the news headlines - the ones flailing around and blaming random other nations for the assassination. You can't sink all the inflammatory ones since that would be... simply too obvious. But you make a few edits here, a little alteration there, and defuse the tension just a bit.

      With that... you tap into some German unsecured files.
      And... there's not a lot.

      Starting with the driver. A certain Manfred Weber. 57 years old, long-time government employee. Absolutely spotless record. Seemingly, no motive to kill whatsoever.
      You try and see if anyone's pulling his strings. A few opposition members here or there... but on the whole, there doesn't seem anyone in power who would have any reason to want Heisenberg dead. No... it seems like it was a foreign agent, somehow, but... that's impossible, isn't it?

      Spring remarks that Heisenberg's replacement is a bit odd. Axel Hohenzollern... military man, and... descended from the royal family of the Kaisers. Coincidence...? Maybe. She doesn't seem to think so.

      Summer looks at you with quiet concern, but nods.
      "I will ensure that everything runs smoothly. Hopefully, we will have campaigns in place when you return."
      You place her in charge of the operation to market to Japan, and hope for the best.

      Though it's a bit of a struggle, you press the button. Before long, Sterling's best doctors are there to assist you.
      Standard medical protocols... don't show anything. There's no obvious reason you should be having this spasm, not this bad at least.

      Eventually, they go for a more detailed scan, which shows... there's a constant electric pulse coming from your brain. That about makes sense - electricity triggers muscles in unpredictable ways.
      But it's far stronger than any electrical current the body should be able to generate.

      A fairly standard statement goes out. Diplomatic, politically appropriate, polite, yet distant. All the things it should be.
      Luckily, it seems that Basel's proceedings are on hold right now as the German government puts itself back together... a bit of stalling of the worst, at the very least. That's the good news.
      And perhaps the only good news.

      It takes a bit of digging, but you find out more about the conference.
      It was a gathering of the prominent pro-Ultimatum leaders. Germany, Nordic Union, Spain, Scotland, Italy, and Poland... last one's odd, but it is what it is.
      Nothing on the results of the meeting, but it seems to have ended well enough... Heisenberg's assassination reeks of foreign influence, but that seems flatly impossible, considering the circumstances.

      Another scan on Verdian. Same stuff, basically. You find some more personal data, and compile a profile. Still nothing bizarre.
      He does seem to frequent a strongly libertarian online forum. Nothing illegal, of course, but... odd. Makes a few posts... nothing against the government, but criticizing various European countries for their policies, up to and including the recent Dresden business. Oh, and - frequent contacts with a few people. One in Russia (how on Earth did they bypass Russian censors?) and... one in Singapore. Now that's... too much to be a coincidence.

      War is war. If there's any consolation, it seems to be stalling as there's some confusion, so... there's that.


      Europe, still a dangerously unstable political battleground, remains dazed after the assassination of one of its foremost leaders. Asia and Oceania watch anxiously as fighting in the South Pacific stalls and outside parties begin conducting investigations, backed by both Bharat and the United States. The Americans lumber on as always, nervous about blustery rhetoric from the Brazilian Empire.

      Africa alone has been spared from the chaos... until now. A fundamentalist Christian movement known as the "Genesis Pact", founded by self-proclaimed prophet Asrat Iskinder, has been gaining ground in Ethiopia bit by bit. Now, followers both in and outside the city have launched a violent campaign to take the country's capital in order to "purify" it. Though riot police were quickly dispatched, the Genesis Pact has proven to be far more well-equipped and trained than anyone expected, and the death toll is climbing alarmingly rapidly.
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      • Let's contact the Benelux Prime Minister.

        "Thank you very much for your lead, we have almost definitely found our terrorist. What was it you requested from us again?"

        Also, let's scan the country for this Nathan Chia.
        I've been gone for like six months and suddenly I don't think I should reveal all of what about me changed right away.
        Anyway go check out TBKA it's pretty cool.
        Also Tinkopalypse.
        Knights of Noir is good too.


        • "A civilian canoe eh? Something tells me that someone could be using thermoptic camo to hide their ship. It falsifies the thermal signature of an object while layering optical camoflauge over, essentially making an object look a lot different.

          However, there's something that thermoptic camo can't hide..."

          Have my AI scan the water around the canoe for any disturbances in the water, wakes, and also check displacement around the canoe. Camo can't hide the fact a ship displaces water.

          Also check whether the Salawaku was warned before being sunk, and the deployment status of ships in both countries' fleets at the time of the sinking.

          Continue research.
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          • Ah, joint research? Let me guess, this is about mr. Heisenberg?
            Star wars has never had a zero-gravity scene.


            • "This is extremely disconcerting. I think this could be something possibly artificial, but I could be completely wrong in that regard."

              You briefly consider a multitude of options that could be creating the pulse. These range from the absolutely ludicrous, like aliens or government implants, to some more realistic options like it being some unintended side effect of some of the serums you've been recently taking. You personally decide in your own head that it's probably the Serum idea, and clear your head of all the more ridiculous ideas.


              • "...Damn, you're literally taking the words out of my mouth..."

                They try to dig up more info on Axel Hohenzollern, specifically the claims and the statements he's released in the past that have been forgotten by many at this point.

                "Now this can be REALLY bad. Combined with the shock of the previous Chancellor being murdered and all the accusations inevitably flying around... I think if we don't expose and remove him from power quickly, or at least make the people dissatisfied with him... We could end up with something like the Fourth Reich, which is, to say, FAR worse than anything that we have encountered so far... And come to think of it, no matter what the outcome of the Basel conference is, it's just going to fuel the more aggressive rhetoric in Germany even further... Unless there is no outcome, which means we were right after all with stalling the whole thing..."


                • I contact my AI.

                  "Valo, could you please conduct an extensive background check on Reinhardt's driver? I'm sure he wasn't a lone wolf, so if you could also check his connections to the Hohenzollern family as well as foreign governments, that would be appreciated."


                  • "AI. Further investigate both Poland for their possible involvement in the assassination, and Verdian's Russian contact, if possible. The Union isn't on friendly terms with Russia... so we can't afford to be spotted acting in Russia. Additionally, if possible, I would like to simulate the coastline to see what areas would be best for placing Polders, but this has unfortunately been put on a lower priority due to the current events."

                    Additionally, check to see when the council will next convene.
                    Originally posted by Cave Johnson
                    "All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


                    • I finally address my AI.

                      "Boris. I will require you to focus your full attention on increasing energy generation, leading towards miniaturization and smaller scale fusion generations. I shall move my teams to focusing on new methods of energy transmission. You, my friend, shall make the impossible possible. Leave it to me to make the possible practical. And together, we will make miracles happen."

                      I order the changes and head back into the Medvedev Room for briefing on the situation in Ethiopia and its likely repercussions.