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  • "The Malaysians! I could get into contact with them!"

    I turn to Kusari. "I brought you here because I have to stop this war, and I need all the help I can get. I apologize if you think this might be a waste of time, but let's face it, war isn't good for anyone.

    I then contact the Malaysian government.

    I don't understand


    • "Do that then. Set up a meeting with the Indonesians, and make it clear that we do not want conflict and that we are trying to be neutral as possible. Say that we need to know their side of the story in clear detail and that we need to know the truth."

      I turn to the AI.

      "Do your best to fact check everything. Make sure that the Indonesians aren't lying about anything."

      (Also, I'm PMing some stuff)
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      • "I don't believe I have any other questions, Ambassador. I must thank you for your time. I think I will get to work on this now."

        After some goodbyes, I turn to Summer Gleam.

        "From what I see, we have two options.

        One, we start to work on Japanese advertising now. However, I fear that someone in our advertising department may end up speaking out about this. If that happens before any information about this trade deal is released to the public, we're gonna have a bad time. I doubt that the U.S Government will trust us with sensitive information. However, I also feel this would give us a head start and allow us to advertise as soon as possible.

        The second option is to wait for information about this trade deal be released to the public. I feel that this, while being the safer option, would give us a bit of a delay in advertising. In addition, we have no idea when they will decide to make this public. This could make this delay anything from a few weeks to a few months.

        I personally am leaning towards the first option, but what do you think?"
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        • "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in Heaven."

          And so your plans advance slowly but surely.
          Despite their relatively slow pace, you are pleased to see results almost immediately. Little shifts in sorting algorithms... the code is such spaghetti that you doubt the media websites even notice. And the response is slight but ever-so-tangible. More dissatisfied people in comments sections, and you didn't even think that was possible.

          Dissatisfaction. Opposition party supporters being just that bit more vocal. Nothing revolutionary yet, but very, very promising.
          Spring tries to take a look into the Munich summit.

          "I... hm. I got kicked out almost immediately. The people there - it's all the pro-Ultimatum major leaders. Poland, Germany, Scotland, Italy, Spain... and the guy who called it, the Nordic Union's Chairman. I couldn't see much else. They've put up some real serious cybersecurity. It feels like... more than one AI, for sure. I'd actually wager that most if not all of them have an AI of their own, judging by the sheer force of the defensive measures.

          Despite that, we can deduce everyone's aims pretty well... Germany just wants a weaker France, Spain wants whatever Germany wants, Italy's just along for the ride, Scotland wants to get back at the British, the Nordics want to defuse the conflict... really, Poland's the only confusing one."

          You and Spring elect not to do something as drastic as another power outage, instead simply slowing the local computer systems. You want to delay the implementation of enhanced manual security as long as possible.

          With Stamford's help, you immediately activate backup power, and shortly after have the full power generation back online.

          Luckily, the medical teams have been hard at work. Already they've developed a simple nanite-based healing salve. It's somewhat slow-acting at the moment, but it actually allows intelligent repair of injuries without the need for actual medical teams. They're currently working on optimizing it. Nanotech's a lot easier to work with with Stamford around.

          Next, unfortunately, comes the more worrying news.
          Stamford can't find him. Nowhere to be found. Making matters worse, looking over footage of the detention cell he was in... it's utterly absurd. One minute he is in the cell, the next minute he is simply not there.

          Indonesia, Indonesia... there's certainly no shortage of scandals and incidents of corruption. Though state-controlled media keeps things tight, if you wanted, you would have no problem assembling enough dirt to cause quite a bit of unrest. Regarding the war... it's not unpopular, not particularly. Suripto's media teams have been carefully stoking the people's rage at "Philippine war crimes."

          Last but not least... meetings. Well, you're in Parliament still, and your top intel ministers are right there... you can really just call everyone together and talk it through.

          AI runs a quick scan through Beneluxian digital surveillance archives.
          Zilch, seemingly. David Verdian's a first-year university student at the University of Groningen. Academically accomplished, an upstanding person.
          The only possible irregularity? Unusually frequent contact with someone inside the borders of the Free City of Singapore, all the way across the globe.

          A fair enough analysis. Not really a problem, though. Someone's hand is at work, but whoever it is seems keen on keeping you with the French through positive encouragement. All good.

          You suspect that continuing to waver toward Germany (but never tipping too far) will keep your mysterious AI benefactor up... though it remains to be seen. This next public statement should define it for real.

          "Not a problem."
          With your guidance, AI drafts a message with layers upon layers upon layers.
          It echoes the pro-cooperative rhetoric the Germans tend to like. To the uninformed observer, it seems like a tilt toward the German faction. That being said, you and AI have also buried in little "code phrases" in the speech. References to private deals between you and Noir, the kind that say - "don't worry." You're fairly confident she's quick enough to catch on.

          Seems like it hits all the bases... anything missing?

          Dr Lord Evilstein
          "It'll be a bit tough, considering... well, you know what he's like.
          Were we dealing with someone else, well..."

          After a bit of discussion, you conclude that the only really viable way to convince McCarthy is to appeal to his nationalism - offer him something that heavily benefits the Scottish position. Trade, maybe, or a research agreement. You get the distinct impression McCarthy doesn't truthfully care about the resolution itself.

          Problem is, how much are you willing to sacrifice in order to bring him back over? You know that if the deal is sweet enough, he will acquiesce. But at what cost...?

          Thankfully, there still seems to be plenty of useless debating to be had, so the Poles will have time to adjust accordingly.
          The ideal scenario is nobody changing their votes, and a perfect deadlock going all the way...

          The Skyshield, it turns out, is not much more than a typical forcefield taken up to 11, so to speak.
          The technology required to replicate it is well within your reach. Forcefields are in fact used to protect locations of extreme importance...

          Basically, the Singaporeans just pump huge amounts of power into the Skyshield when it is activated fully. They have the ability to do this thanks to their rather unique fusion power generation capabilities... that's the part that's hard to replicate.
          Furthermore, the effectiveness of forcefields in general varies inversely with the area they're spread over - makes sense, you suppose. Not much other info on the Skyshield in particular, considering Singapore's secrecy. Energy research should help unlock many of the secrets,

          And as for the "old friend"... it is a viable technology to pursue, but one that is difficult to make practical.
          Of course, there is another option. Naturally, that would be that... "AI".

          big guy
          There's a bit of exchanging of pleasant formalities and tired old diplomatic protocols.

          Then the real talking begins.
          The unspoken lot to start speaking, unsurprisingly, falls to Heisenberg. He stands, responding in his usual gravelly tones.

          "Thank you, Chairman, for your commitment to our shared ideals.
          Your proposal is an interesting one, and one I would be willing to back. The current legislation would not require extensive edits to fit it. That being said, I do believe we should still include protocols for the handover of the entire territory at some future date. If you are familiar with the historical case of Hong Kong and China, then that may serve as an analogue. Spaceports require more than the bare minimum to function. Supplies, auxiliary facilities... all of this is still inefficient while the area around stays outside the direct jurisdiction of our Union."

          Felipe is next. Unsurprisingly, he effectively rehashes what Heisenberg said. The usual Spanish policy position, although you can't help but note that he seems slightly uncomfortable.

          Affer him is First Consul Armata. Unlike previous Italian leaders, she is a shrewd and intelligent person who does more than weakly invoke images of Ancient Rome.
          Armata offers a counter-proposal - go along with your spaceports-only plan, but also compel France to surrender hydroelectric dams and ports that support the spaceports' function. Effectively, this would put all the strategically important resources in European hands, while keeping the maps nice and pretty and French. McCarthy agrees.

          Lastly... Roznowski. The true question mark.
          But to general surprise, he expresses firm support for Heisenberg's plan. He gives a concise speech backing up Heisenberg's main points more and then sits back down, all without much ceremony. Not a word of criticism. Very odd.

          With that, the positions are clear. Heisenberg... despite everything he says, his true aim is a French defeat, with the others falling in various places along the spectrum of sincerity.

          Kusari nods curtly.
          "This I can understand. But... perhaps my question is better phrased in a different way.

          How can I help? Any direct intervention would be suicidal and invite Chinese intervention. The best I can do is perhaps help push for a more thorough investigation, but even that may be something of a stretch."
          You note that the U.S. is planning to push for the same thing. Perhaps, with them both...?

          After a few rings, Prime Minister bin Suriawati picks up.
          "Your Majesty. How may Malaysia assist you today?"

          Mk 214 EX
          You give Skye the go-ahead.

          After a a bit of waiting, she sends over a few raw data packets.
          "These are the ballistic calculations from the Indonesians. I'm still working on a more direct summits but... it's a start. Have a look."

          You and the AI look the data over.
          According to the Indonesians... there's no way that an Indonesian ship fired the torpedo. They're about 95% certain it was a Philippine defense platform, and almost entirely certain no other vessels were in the area.

          The puzzling thing: the AI says there are no obvious flaws or fabrication. Yet, comparing with what Navarro sent over...
          the Filipinos are entirely certain they could not have fired the torpedo, and are equally certain that no other vessel was in the area.

          Yet they hey seem also to be truthful with the data. What does this mean?

          ((Recieved stuff and will adjust accordingly. PM me whenever you want more info. I actually will probably respond faster on Discord, just FYI.))

          "As always, a pleasure, Mr. Merriam."

          With that taken care of, it's time for business.
          Summer, as unflappable and calm as ever, spends a moment thinking.

          "I would have to agree with you. I believe, technically speaking, we are limited in what we can do with actual money. So our ability to execute formal advertising campaigns is... basically nonexistent. But we can certainly start developing strategies and conducting social media campaigns and the like. I'll get people on it as soon as possible.

          Formally speaking, we won't be able to act until the transaction-lock laws are knocked out. But if we start prepping now, we'll be able to have full campaigns up in an instant.

          That being said, we do have to remember that Samsung is fairly firmly entrenched in Japanese markets. We'll need something explosive to muscle past the initial hurdles, or else the going will be slow for years."


          With the delegates in Basel stuck in floor debate, Europe has been mostly quiet. With everyone struggling to adapt to the confusing new circumstances. no truly decisive actions have been made yet. Though the delegates continue to complain of unexplained computer difficulties, no hand is clearly at work.

          In this silence, other countries and groups have taken the time to weigh in on the Guiana crisis.
          The Turkish State's Grand Chancellor has condemned both sides as selfish and "poor liars", supposedly out only for themselves.
          In Brazil, the young Emperor has condemned Germany for "old-style imperialism" and announced his desire to claim the Guianan spaceports for the Brazilian Empire.
          America Firsters in the USA have blasted the Chancellor, though it is not entirely clear why.


          Though still officially neutral, the Malaysian government recently began shipping supplies to Indonesia. Though purportedly all consumer goods and other innocuous materials, the international community and especially surrounding nations are suspicious. The Korean government has released an official statement accusing the Malaysians of shipping arms to their Indonesian counterparts, threatening attacks if there is not immediate transparency.

          In addition, Vietnam has come out and condemned the Malaysian pact with Indonesia, calling it a "coward's move". Though only on the level of words for the time being, this response demonstrates the potential for the war to embroil more surrounding nations...

          Gold Auros, champion of irrelevant randomness.

          I also enjoy making RPG games!


          • "... No issues with the statement. However, with Brazil's new statement... I fear he will act on his words and render the entire EU deadlock irrelevant. It may cause the sights of both sides to turn towards a common enemy in the 'this is our fight, no one interrupts', but in all honesty will probably escalate the collapse of the EU. As it stands... we'll need to be careful against their threats. Please give me an update on the strength of our military, if you know it, as I've forgotten recently with all the diplomatic warfare. We also need to ask for clarification from emperor Brazil over the exact meaning of the aforementioned statement.

            With their response, we may be able to play further into our 'new moderate' stance by sending troops to defend Guiana from the possible attack from Brazil.

            As for the Verdian issue... I get the feeling something's up in that area of the world past the south pacific war. Try to contact the Free City of Singapore under the guise of a discussion of the possible issues coming from pacific war. I'll add the communication link from outside the city to this person as a 'by the way' if discussions commence and try to decipher whether this is an issue of national security from both sides regarding a rogue AI, or just a plot by them to start investigating our nation. Either way, they'll be put on the defensive and we'll take the upper hand in any further discussions regarding the issue."
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            Originally posted by Cave Johnson
            "All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


            • "Hello sir, I don't have much time to talk. I am hoping to stop the South Pacific War. I need you to get the information through to Indonesian officials about the Saluwaku. Ballistic calculations reveal a Philippine vessel could not have sank it. Whether or not this means a false flag attack, I do not know, but it doesn't matter. Indonesian officials just need to know that there is no reason to be at war with the Philippines!"

              I then turn back to Kusari.

              "Well, with your and Frazier's political power combined, I'm sure a thorough investigation is bound to happen. But, just one political power might not do the job. That's why I need you as well as Frazier."
              CLICK THE EGGS!:

              I don't understand


              • Let's call everyone in the Parliament, and while we're at it, ((assuming RaPiD's AI sent out a contact request)), accept the foreign contact request.

                "Alright, first about the Parliament meeting; the terrorist has escaped again, and even with Stamford's help he is currently untracable. I think at this point it would be more pragmatic to focus on other matters at hand. Which I will be taking care of with Stamford's help, so let's try something else; let's try and figure out WHY the terrorist is acting the way he is."

                In the meantime, let's pile up some dirt we have on Indonesia. Except plan to use it against Indonesia AND Malaysia, because "they're siding with these guys, unforgivable".

                Also, turn to the foreign contact. ((Of course the following actions assume the Benelux AI has reached Stamford))

                "Hello, why are you concerned about the Pacific War?"
                I've been gone for like six months and suddenly I don't think I should reveal all of what about me changed right away.
                Anyway go check out TBKA it's pretty cool.
                Also Tinkopalypse.
                Knights of Noir is good too.


                • Mccarrie practically lives out of spite, the cost would be immense. Can you look for what's causing the computer problems? if they can get this over with faster then there's less chance that we have to resort to the swiss.
                  Star wars has never had a zero-gravity scene.


                  • "Thank you all for your input. After hearing the suggestion of the ever-insightful First Consul Armata," I nod in her direction as I mention her, "I believe that her proposal would be the best course of action. To Reinhardt's point, I would like to eventually see the territory itself become EU ground, but I think trying to get a resolution with that provision in it passed will be nigh-impossible with the deadlock occurring; I suppose it's a problem that posterity will have to solve."

                    I clap my hands and look around the circle of leaders, smiling.

                    "Unless there's any opposition, I think the Italian delegates should propose the new resolution immediately in order to break the deadlock."


                    • "Ahh, greetings, generalissimo of the Free City of Singapore. I see you live up to your reputation... so I'll get straight to the point. The worldwide introduction of Artifical Intelligence, as I presume that you have an AI, has already caused widespread global destabilization which will only intensify as people realize the capabilities that have been opened. I'm here to discuss the option of you continuing your neutrality within the war of the South Pacific, as well as becoming closer allies - being more neutral in a world of radical shifts. I'm also willing to back you militarily somewhat in order to let you keep your neutrality."
                      Originally posted by Cave Johnson
                      "All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


                      • "...Just as expected. Now, let's see here, what else..."

                        They continue executing their plans. It would obviously take a while to fully complete ((Also, IC PM))

                        "...Brrr... It's getting so damn cold here. Shouldn't the heating systems be working at full~ wait a second, I have an idea."

                        He stops to think about it, then says:

                        "...Will we be able to just sliiiightly adjust Basel's venting and climate control systems so that the air there becomes hotter and more still. Because I don't think the delegates, used to their luxurious climate adjustment systems, would be able to efficiently discuss the topics at hand with little to no fresh air... It'd be very subtle, too, as nobody really monitors those systems all that much, taking them as granted..."


                        • "I have to agree with you Summer, although I am still not sure what we should do."

                          I tap my finger on the desk while thinking, although this is more of a tick than anything beneficial.

                          "I doubt we can come out and say we could just come out and say that our products have blast processing. We need something that really appeals to the people of Japan nowadays. Of course, if we end up getting this wrong we might end up sounding like we're trying too hard. We need to figure out the current trend. That's gonna be really difficult based on how fast these trends come and go.

                          I'm going to admit, I'm a bit behind the times with culture. With it so rapidly changing, it seems difficult to plan ahead even with a bunch of people working full time.. Do you think it would be possible for an AI to be able to make the Campaign based on current trends?"


                          • "Ah, that. Yes, I would like to maintain my neutrality in this world, but I also do want to be prepared if I am unable to do so. Is there anything I can do for you should we make an alliance?"
                            I've been gone for like six months and suddenly I don't think I should reveal all of what about me changed right away.
                            Anyway go check out TBKA it's pretty cool.
                            Also Tinkopalypse.
                            Knights of Noir is good too.


                            • "... we need to test our cybersecurity system against an AI, and would like to compare our AI personally to a different world power, to get a full understanding of why an AI has been brought to us to use, and presumably every other world power. Additionally, some improvements to our fusion technology would be appreciated, and we can share ours regarding the levee/dike system in order to allow you to expand your country to the ocean. If you have anything to do with... nanotechnology, or specifically the countering of it, that may also be useful and align with my future plans.

                              Basically, my wish is for our two relatively neutral nations occasionally sharing technology and working in unison to benefit both of us, despite being in diplomatic war zones and having varying modes of country policy. An alliance is probably too grand of a word for now, but it may blossom into an alliance. Something like... a mutually beneficial non-aggression act may be a better name.

                              Additionally, there is something you might find notable. Do you know a David Verdian?"
                              Originally posted by Cave Johnson
                              "All right, I've been thinking. When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don't want your damn lemons, what am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life's manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!"


                              • "Who the..."

                                Stop myself from swearing. I'm not allowed a potty mouth when I'm this powerful.

                                "Sorry, who is David Verdian? Is there any reason I should be concerned about him?"
                                I've been gone for like six months and suddenly I don't think I should reveal all of what about me changed right away.
                                Anyway go check out TBKA it's pretty cool.
                                Also Tinkopalypse.
                                Knights of Noir is good too.