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Absences, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Leavings and Returns [And NO discussion]

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    I've mellowed a bit.

    Time to be reborn and pick up the slack! There's a incogneato-shaped hole to fill and Minecraftia is being under active development!
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      Going on vacation for the next few days. Might not hear from me for a while.
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      Is Minecraft really for children?


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        Heading up to Alaska for about a week. Probably won't be active until I get back.
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          sorry, my forums were slowly hanging off schedule, and I didn't have enough free time after that. I'll be more active.
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            Back from vacation.
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            Is Minecraft really for children?


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              Rather belated, but I turned 18 on September 3, 2017, which was yesterday.
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                A week late, but it's been two years since I first joined these forums (or rather the archive ones, if you will).
                At this point my forum activity will slow down to a crawl now that Driven is out of the way, and I'm now a senior in high school so I've got quite a bit of pressure to deal with.
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                  For me, I'm going to be on less than normal within weeks. I will still be active, but I will be busy with a video game called Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition. Yes. It's a cool game, and it has everyone from Batman to Superman to someone-Man, etc.
                  This is Street Fighter V again.