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Absences, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Leavings and Returns [And NO discussion]

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    as of today, I am 5 years on this forum.
    I'm Rocketicewave on the new site, 41920 AP.
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      Just another return, after looking to new BTDBM, my extremely bad DCs, and a bunch of other crud.
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        Just some heads up since my activity is going down a lot next week, same from the one in PvZW.

        Here is the following:
        • First off, I am having exams, so my activity here is cut down to size. Unlike most of you, I am stuck at school until early June. Stressed out about those upcoming, so I need to study and try hard.
        • Next is that after school ends I am immediately going for a cruise. Since the cruise has to be done by plane to get there, it can devastate me if something happens. I should be back by June 16th or 17th, if I don't come back by around July 1st to August, I'm dead on the grave.
        • And I will not be here often after the cruise since I can only use my phone to go on the forums.
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        Status: Rank 32, AP 7115, BTD5 Rank 70, BMC GP Lv 24, BD Lv 16, BTDBM BS ~20000, BMCM Lv 33


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          Forced to go out of town again next weekend.

          May or may not play DCs at this time, but for sure I WILL make several Minecraftia Saga updates. (Mark my words Mk 214 EX )
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          Originally posted by Mathgodpi;n121448
          Hey everyone, I'm gonna write a thousand word essay lamenting about how awesome I am at BTD5 challenges while insinuating that being an expert at BTD5 is the most important thing in the world...
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            Nothing much is happening here.

            Old games aren't getting updates, new games aren't getting leaks.

            I think I need to take my time elsewhere for a while until some changes do occur in this unchanging community.

            In a few days my last suggested Daily Challenge (TheLegend27, on page 69) will either get accepted or skipped, so consider that as my parting gift if the former is the case.

            (at this point I may have been the member here who have ragequitted and re-joined the most times >_>)
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              Today marks my 3rd anniversary on the forums.

              It has been an interesting ride so far.
              Originally posted by A wise man
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                Just a heads up that I won't be active for the next 6 days due to internet problems. I will attempt to look for other connections to access these forums if possible.

                See you all soon, nctlfromtheforum
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                I heard it was Red Bloons.

                By the way, I'm nctlnumber2 or nctl on the new forums at NK.
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                  Back from cruice and my 14th birthday today.
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                  Status: Rank 32, AP 7115, BTD5 Rank 70, BMC GP Lv 24, BD Lv 16, BTDBM BS ~20000, BMCM Lv 33


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                    I'm 23 now
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