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BTD Battles Bug Report Thread

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    Hey mate shut up if you don't know what you're talking about. The hacking system only flags people who have hacked and not "innocent people". (KRooijackers)

    Actually, an innocent player can get in the hacker pool by

    1. Playing the older versions (Ex: Current version: 3.10 Game Current Version: 4.1 Instantly Flagged as using hacks)
    2. Buying Lots o' ENERGYYYYYYYY!!!!! (About 9K, and no joke intended)
    3. Just Playing the game (Somehow, you can get flagged by just playing)
    4. Getting reported and NK seeing you as a hacker

    If you want to know if you are flagged, do this

    1. Check the Leaderboards
    A2. If it says "No Data Found" , you are flagged
    B2: If it says "Unable to Load Leaderboard Data" , you are not flagged.
    C2: If it shows the Leaderboards normally, then you are not flagged.

    I hoped this helped
    Notes: I am not criticising KRooijackers. It is just an FYI for the player.